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Mandy asks…

How to zoom in on print area in excel?

I’m trying to print a tournament bracket on excel. I have the spread sheet looking exactly as i want but when i go to print (on LARGE plotting paper 40in X 100in, i can only get the bracket to take up a small portion of the left hand corner (11X17ish) i want to zoom in on the bracket so it prints fit to page. I’ve cruised microsoft and YA for a solution but can’t find a similar problem. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

First select the area you want to print. Go to file -> Print Area -> Set print area.

Now go to File -> Print preview. Click the Setup tab. On the Page tab, there should be scaling options, where you can adjust the print size by 200% etc.

Maria asks…

What rank will Pittsburgh get in the NCAA Tournament?

The Big East tournament starts wednesday(today) and ends saturday. the ncaa tournament brackets are due to be picked next week. pittsburgh is 21-6 on the season.

admin answers:

I think they will get some where from a 2-4 seed. I think they will definitely make it to the Sweet 16, maybe even the Final 4.

Linda asks…

What is the best pokemon party for each version of the game?

I tried to create a tournament bracket to decide the strongest party and i am look for opinions and combinations

admin answers:

Anything with Charizard

Sandy asks…

Which team is the home team in the ncaa bracket?

I’m trying to identify which team is the home team and which is the visitors in the NCAA tournament bracket. I’ve heard the home team is the higher seed, but what if both teams are the same seed (which could happen in the later rounds)?

admin answers:

Its going to be the team with the better record. Also each region is seeded also. So their are 4 number 1 teams but there is the 1st number one seed down to the 4th number one seed. So even if two number 3 seeds meet up one will be a higher number 3 seed. So the higher seed is the home team.

Ken asks…

I’m looking to start a interactive flash website and need help, where should i go?

I have limited html and flash experience, but i want to start an interactive website, where you can vote on certain things, click on links, kind of like ESPN’s or any websites NCAA tournament bracket challenge. I have very limited funds, Where should i turn to first?
any website suggestions?
Do you think i will have to hire someone to help? if so, who?

admin answers:

I think these guys are the best choice as far as it concerns price and quality ratio: (the same guys)

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