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Jenny asks…

What will be the next comet to pass earth and when?

In honor of the Geminids Meteor Shower, im wondering what will the next comet be that we can see? Does anyone know an approximate date? I hear in 2010 but is there any narrowed-down date yet?

admin answers:

Naked eye comets are rare–the McNaught one was remarkable.
Most comets that are that bright are surprises–no predictions about them. Comet Lulin was another.
Periodic comets like Halley that are naked eye are even more rare. Most periodic ones are faint, and you need a medium telescope to spot them.
Here are some expected ones.
You will notice that the brightest of that list is mag 9. You would be lucky to see one as more than a faint fuzzy spot in large binoculars or a small to medium telescope.
Http:// lists a few nice prospects.

Carol asks…

Is there hardcore proof that Marijuana kills brain cells?

I made a $50 bet with my mother-in-law that marijuana does not kill brain cells and that it is just a myth. I myself smoked the grass heavily when I was in high school and passed all my classes with A’s and B’s and managed to get a 3.5 GPA. Also, I managed to pass honors calculus with an A and B+ both semesters. It’s hard to believe it is believed to kill brain cells but I believe I did pretty damn good under the influence with it. I was looking around online for a while and found evidence that it doesn’t and evidence that it does. Both articles where I found out „claimed“ to be written by doctors so it is a tough call to believe each of the articles. Any help with strong proof is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! I also don’t smoke anymore but I just don’t want to lose to her! Haha

admin answers:

Here is a website, that is filled with facts, not propaganda.


I hope this helps.

Michael asks…

What should I know before joining a terrorist organization?

I want to join the US Army……..I am 18 and do not really give a flying cr*p about school even if I passed with top honors before.

What should I know about before joining the US Army?

admin answers:

That you don’t meet their standards.

Mary asks…

How do i know its a Hons degree?

How do i know if my bachelor’s degree is honours or not? when i applied the course, the details wrote Bachelor (Hons) and on my certificate, theres only Degree of Bachelor in XXXX. but there at the bottom its with ‚Pass with honours‘, is that a Honours degree?

admin answers:

That certainly looks like honours. Why else would it be there? My honors are indicated in the same place. Congratulations.

Daniel asks…

What is the purpose of Republicans passing there votes?

Most of the states in the union cast there votes for John Mccain, but many of them passed up there opportunity to vote. Why pass up there right and American duty to vote? What are they standing for? I don’t want to hear from any liberals, I could care less what they think. Thanks!

admin answers:

They are passing so they can give the honor of clinching the nomination to McCain’s home state of Arizona.

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