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Lizzie asks…

My computor resets itself when the fan kicks in.?

Turn the computor on, can do anything for 15mins. Then you hear the fan come on and it switches off. Have taken it apart and hoovered out the inside of the pc. Has only started to do this for the last 5 days. When it restarts the power button starts to flash rapidly orange(normally blue). And makes a noise. The pc is 4 years old e-machines. Everything works fine, play games watch videos until you reach the 15 mins barrier. Any help greatly appriciated

admin answers:

Computers randomly resetting themselves always make a tech worry about the power supply. Compunding this is that you have an older E-machines desktop. These computers used a rather poorly designed Bestec power supply that would frequently take out hardware when it died. I suggest you go pick up a compatible small form factor FSP power supply at Newegg. Even if it isn’t the problem, it’ll buy you peace of mind for about twenty bucks.

Chris asks…

Emachines w2646 Power button on but nothing else works, No fans not anything?

A friends Grandmothers computer has had some viruses on it and she’s been wanting to get it to me to fix. I’m not really sure if viruses can cause these kinds of problems. Anyway i have it now and when you plug it in the power button is lit up (shouldn’t be till you push power) and nothing comes on. I’m not even getting the power supply fan. I’ve tried a different power supply and unpluged everything and it’s still the same story. I thought maybe it was the switch itself but i jumped the motherboard and still nothing. It would be cheaper to buy a new pc than to replace the processor or motherboard in this one and I know emachines are junk but i hate to see her have to buy a new pc because of what this crappy company calls a product. Anyway I was hoping that someone would have some other ideas as to what i could try.

admin answers:

The W & T 2000~3000 series emachines are prone to popping the power supply & taking the motherboard with it! The bestec power supplies had bad parts in them durring those series & helped give emachines a bad name. Replace the mobo & ps. Hopefully you can salvage the processor & ram if the power supply didnt go super nova on you! I’ve fixed 7 this month with the same exact problem. Word to the wise ..if you have these series of emachine change your power supply soon as possible! Good luck to ya!

Ken asks…

Replacing my pc’s power supply…?

I have an old hp computer with a Bestec atx-250-12z power supply and that power supply appears to have died. I would like to upgrade to one with 300+ watts instead of the 250. What would you reccomend?

admin answers:

250 window 98 sure it’s not 350

Robert asks…

Good pc for playing some games?

Hi, so I’m about to buy a custom built PC from some dude for $200. He says it runs smoothly and can run games. I don’t plan on playing big games (battlefield 3, skyrim, bioshock infinite). Baseically, anything that is on a consol I probably won’t play. I really want to play amnesia dark decent, and other games like that and some indie games. Mostly games thr might be exclusive to PC. My current laptop sucks so I can’t play Amnesia, but I was wondering if this Pc might be good for some gaming. Here are some specs:
Intel duo core 2.13 GHz CPU
BFG Nvidia GTX Geforce 260 GPU
MSI P965 Neo Motherboard
Bestec 250W PSU
3Gb Ram (1 2gb stick) (1 1gb stick)
LightScribe DVD Rom
Linksys Wireless-G 2.4 GHz Pci Adapter

Would this pc run some games? Is it worth $200? Any help is greatly appreciated since I don’t know much about this (like what is a GeForce?) also any tips on a good gaming oc are appreciated. And also he said that I might need to upgrade the „power supply“ from 250w to 500w because the graphic cards needs more power when running high end graphic games or else it shuts down. How would I do this? Thanks in advance and every little tip is appreciated.
Hey thanks for the answer, but what in the heck does „bottleneck“ mean? And would replacing the power supply make the Pc better?

admin answers:

Let me answer.

Every specy from your PC enough for game. But can i give you some tips.

Upgrade your PSU. 500W Pure for mnimum and max 600W Pure.
I think your PC is bottleneck.

Not Enough Power to GTX 260 GPU And Processor


Sharon asks…

im having this severe pc problem, can anyone help me out?

hi, i’ve been using this desktop for 4 years and still stable until last night.

first i got blue screens then automatic shutdowns, tried to restart thinking it’s just a ruse then a couple
minutes later it failed again and again, so i decided to open up my desktop and remove the lithium battery to reset the bios.

but instead i got worse, i can power it on but i the monitor doesn’t display anything and i noticed that the power button supposed to light on but now it doesn’t’t. i’m confused what’s the issue here

i’m not really sure what are the names of specs but i’m using a:
-nvidia 9600gt
-4gb kingston mem. card
-msi motherboard MS7505
bestec power supply 250v(i know it’s not compatible with the graphics card but i’m using it for 3 years and counting.
-seagate 140 gig hard drive
-seagate 80 gig sata drive
-sorry for the typos, im typing this on a laptop.

-i forgot, the other parts are mostly HP-Pavillion stock parts.
-while the power button and monitor doesn’t display anything, everything looks normal. just those two.

i don’t know if the problem was the motherboard, hard disk or power supply.

thanks in advance
it doesn’t get me into the bios or anything, i’m stuck, repeating to power-on, power-off and still the same.

admin answers:

You have two hard drives and a video card that needs at least a 300/400 W psu (depending on which exact card you have).
Your psu will have been running well over spec for 3 yrs.
I suggest you use this crash as an excuse to buy a 350 W + psu
Even if it doesn`t fix the problem,it certainly needs upgrading.

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