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Ken asks…

What do you have to do to be able to compete in sectional tennis tournaments for girls 16 and under divisions?

Also what is the link for where you sign up for one?

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Jenny asks…

I’m hosting a Euchre tournament. Does anyone know of a good online registration resource?

The tournament is going to be a fundraiser for a non profit organization. I’m hoping for attendees to be able to sign up by mail and online, but I’m having a hard time finding a way to do online registration.

admin answers:

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Mary asks…

Which Gundam show featured gundams that fought in a tournament?

In this show every country in the world had one Gundam represent them in some kind of tournament? I think the space colony’s fought to. I just want to know the name of the show.

admin answers:

G-Gundam! Its my favorite out of all Gundam anime’s!!!!

Here, i put a link to YouTube to a G-Gundam video so you can see if it’s the on you are talking about.


Ruth asks…

please give me the names of websites where i can get information on 1981 Wimbledon tournament?


i am conducting a research on wimbledon tournament. can you give me some information on 1981 wimbledon tournament like, the name of the qualifiers, longest and shortest matches, crowd behaviour etc. if anyone knows about such websites, their help will be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

I think finding longest matches and shortest matches in 1981 will be tough since it hasnt been monitered. The best place to start would be in wikipedia and this link to wimbledon 1981 is:
Also look at this site which has information on longest matches and shortest matches:

Betty asks…

I live in the New York City Area, I would like to play in a Chess Tournament, where should I start?

I’m unrated. Based on Chessmaster10 standards i’m about 1400-1500. I don’t know how well that reflects on a realistic rating.
I’m looking for a tournament to see how I stand, can anyone suggest anything?

admin answers:

The US Chess Federation website ( and its magazine Chess Life both list upcoming tournaments on a regular basis.

The link below gives particulars of tournaments in New York State.

Here as an example of a tournament listing and its shorthand is an Under 1600 tournament that might suit you: 5 rounds, one game a week on a Monday evening. There is a prize of $60 for the highest-placed Under-1300 player.

July 23-Aug. 20 Marshall Chess Club Monday U1600 Swiss

5SS, 30/90, SD/60. 23 W. 10th St., NYC. 212-477-3716. Open to members only. EF: $40, members $20. $$ (300 b/20): $120-70-50, U1300 $60. Reg.: 6:15-6:45. Rds.: 7 pm each Monday. Byes ok, limit two, request by round three.

All chess tournaments will display leaflets and entry forms for other chess tournaments, so finding a night when the Marshall Chess Club has an event on might be a good chance to pop in and grab a handful of leaflets to take away and read at home later.

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