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Robert asks…

How fast did you learn and pass your manual or automatic driving lessons?

Anyone pass in under a one year duration?

admin answers:

I am female and I started to learn in 2nd week in jan, evening lessons (dark) and I passed end of april so thats 14 weeks of 1 to 1 and a half lessons a week but i did miss a couple of weeks. Passed first time

Thomas asks…

My sister was hired by a major airline. How soon after her orientation will i be able to obtain a buddy pass?

when is a buddy pass issued? is a buddy pass free? how soon after an airline hires you will you have this privilege?
for united airlines.

admin answers:

About three days after she graduates from training her buddy passes will be issued.

Buddy passes are stand by tickets, your sister will look on SkyNet (United program) and be able to see how many people are booked for the flight.

The passes aren’t exactly free you still have to pass taxes and fees, so example one way from chicago to portland, OR would be 40$ or $80 round trip.

They take this money out of your sister’s check so make sure to pay her back.

International is even more expensive.

WORD OF ADVICE: If you want to go somewhere do it soon after your sister graduates. . . . United fires nearly 40% of all their new hire flight attendants within 6 months.

Even if the fees are expensive — you should go to the place you have always wanted to go . . . Just in case.

Tell your sister good luck — Hope this helped!

George asks…

How does online pass work on ps3 and xbox?

Do the online passes expire for certain time and needs to be renewed when wanting to play online?
Do new games or preorder games that were purchased include online pass for free?

admin answers:

Any game that has online pass cards to play online will come with it for free if you buy it NEW… You can use the card whenever you want, But only used once

Steven asks…

How do I play nuketown zombies I just bought a season pass?

I download the season pass and the zombie map when I go to play I can’t get on the nuketown map?

admin answers:

If you have a PS3 then nuketown Zombies is out in January.

If your on Xbox then providing you have the season pass and have downloaded the zombie map properly, it should be working and you should be able to play it.
When you go onto the zombie world map, press right and you should go to the nuketown map, if its not there then you have not downloaded it right and should try downloading again.

Lizzie asks…

What is accounting cycle? How the accounting transactions pass through various books of accounts before?

What is accounting cycle ? How the accounting transactions pass through various books of accounts before they get reflected in the final accounts ?

admin answers:

It probably starts with you placing an order for some goods. When the goods arrive, you need to pass a journal entry in the purchases journal to record the purchase of merchandise inventory. This will find its way subsequently into the general ledger (GL). In the course of business, you’d need to make payments to other vendors and employees. These entries will be in the cash book and subsequently into the GL. When you make a sale, you need to pass journal entries too. These will be in the sales journal which will again find their way into the GL. When your customers pay you, these are again cash book entries, again ending up in the GL. From the GL you extract your trial balance, then pass adjusting journal entries, then you’ll have your adjusted TB from which you can prepare your income statement and balance sheet. This is as brief as I can make it.

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