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Thomas asks…

Do IQ tests really show how smart you are?

People have told me my whole life that I’m like a genius, because I can do long division and algebra in my head without a calculator or paper and junk, but then I take an IQ test and get a below average score. I look at the six people I live with and this terrifies me.

admin answers:

Iq shows an ability to think in a certain way, around corners more or less. Math in your head shows an ability to think in a straight line.

Higher iq doesn’t nec. Mean smarter or dumber but someone with a higher iq has better odds of being able to think in a straight line on a number of different directions than just being able to think down 1.

I’ve simplified of course, being your iq is subaverage (joke)

George asks…

Lets say you had a 550 fps .22 what yards would you zero it at where would the second zero be?

That should be a odd trajectory…

admin answers:

Use the OPBZ(Optimum Point Blank Zero) calculator
You need to input more than just 550fps..

I prefer to use a VZR(Vital Zone Radius) of 1/2in or .50
BC(Ballistic Coefficient) = 0.020 should give you a reasonable estimate, since I don’t know what pellet you’re using.
SH(Sight Height) = around 1.5in if your rifle has a scope mounted

Even though I know better. I’m going to use the numbers you gave as actual chronograph numbers. This is how you would read the OPBZ – if you sight-in at 25 yards the pellet would be 1/2in low at 5 yards, dead on at 8, 1/2in high at 17 yards, and the 1/2in low again at 29 >You would have 6.5ft-lbs at 29 yards**<
**550fps with 14gr pellets = 9.4ft-lbs muzzle energy

The calculator(s) can be extremely useful if you learn how to use them to compliment each other…

Steven asks…

Whats the chance a marine will not be sent to Iraq?

If i join the marines, what is the chance that I wont be sent to Iraq, but instead to another country?

admin answers:

Oh, great question. Let me get my calculator and plug your information into my Iraq deployment formula.

Looks like its about 27%. (rolling eyes)

What is the point in asking these questions? If you want to be a Marine, then you should be willing to go wherever they need you. Your chances of going to Iraq might be low now, but something may occur during your training that drastically changes your odds. Therefore, why ask questions and worry about things out of your control?

Richard asks…

Do I get tax refund if im paying my tuition in cash?

I’m 20 yrs old and I’m currently enrolled in college. My tuition is about $30,000 and I’m paying it by cash. I pay around $2,000 a month and around $10,000 after the program is almost over. Now, I have all the money in my savings account because I worked right after highschool and saved every penny for my benefit. I’m not able to get fafsa because my mother makes around $90,000 a year and I think its bull because my sister is about to start college and she’s also not able to get fafsa so I cannot expect my mother to pay it all because I have another sister and my father doesn’t work. My mother and I didn’t wanna take loans because we agreed to pay it together by cash but I just feel bad and I don’t think its fair because 90,000 isn’t enough for our family with two college students and a ton of bills to pay. I’ve used some of my money from my savings already and I’m doing good at school. But I saved all this money and looking at it go away just like that kinda hurts a bit lol.

Do I get money back when I file my tax next year? Or will my mother at least get money back when she files her taxes?

All advice and opinions welcome. Don’t be mean. I’m stressed. Thank you!

admin answers:

When summer vacation begins, classroom learning ends for most students. Even so, summer doesn’t have to mean a complete break from learning. Students starting summer jobs have the opportunity to learn some important life lessons. Summer jobs offer students the opportunity to learn about the working world – and taxes.
Here are six things about summer jobs that the IRS wants students to know.
1. As a new employee, you’ll need to fill out a Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. Employers use this form to figure how much federal income tax to withhold from workers’ paychecks. It is important to complete your W-4 form correctly so your employer withholds the right amount of taxes. You can use the IRS Withholding Calculator tool at to help you fill out the form.
2. If you’ll receive tips as part of your income, remember that all tips you receive are taxable. Keep a daily log to record your tips. If you receive $20 or more in cash tips in any one month, you must report your tips for that month to your employer.
3. Maybe you’ll earn money doing odd jobs this summer. If so, keep in mind that earnings you receive from self-employment are subject to income tax. Self-employment can include pay you get from jobs like baby-sitting and lawn mowing.
4. You may not earn enough money from your summer job to owe income tax, but you will probably have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. Your employer usually must withhold these taxes from your paycheck. Or, if you’re self-employed, you may have to pay self-employment taxes. Your payment of these taxes contributes to your coverage under the Social Security system.
5. If you’re in ROTC, your active duty pay, such as pay received during summer camp, is taxable. However, the food and lodging allowances you receive in advanced training are not.
6. If you’re a newspaper carrier or distributor, special rules apply to your income. Whatever your age, you are treated as self-employed for federal tax purposes if:
*. You are in the business of delivering newspapers.
*. Substantially all your pay for these services directly relates to sales rather than to the number of hours worked.
*. You work under a written contract that states the employer will not treat you as an employee for federal tax purposes.
If you do not meet these conditions and you are under age 18, then you are usually exempt from Social Security and Medicare tax.
Visit, the official IRS website, for more information about income tax withholding and employment taxes.
Use the search box at the website for the below Additional IRS Resources:
*. Your First Job
*. Tax Information for Students
*. IRS Withholding Calculator tool
*, Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
*. Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center
*. Student’s Page – High School
*. Student’s Page – Higher Education
*. Frequently Asked Questions – W 4 Allowances, Excess FICA, Students, Withholding
IRS YouTube Videos:
Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 06/01/2013

Lizzie asks…

How do I get the right fitting bra?

I don’t have the cash to get one of those fancy fittings. I just want to know how I can do this myself. I feel I’ve been wearing the wrong size for maybe ever.

admin answers:

You’ll need a soft measuring tape, and a pen and paper.

Starting from the back, hold the measuring tape taut and take the measurement around your ribcage, directly under your bust…snugly but not too tight. Keep the tape straight & parallel to the floor.
Round this measurement to the nearest inch. So, for example if you measured 33 1/4″, round up to 33″…if you measured 32 1/2″, round down to 32″. Write it down.

To get your band measurement, take the number you wrote down and add 5″ if it’s and odd number…if it’s even number 4″.

To determine your cup size, start from the back, hold the measuring tape and measure lightly all the way around the fullest part of your bust.

Again, keep the tape in a straight line parallel to the floor, so you’ll get the correct measurement.

Round this number to the nearest inch. For example if you measured 33 1/4″, round up to 33″…if you measured 32 1/2″, round down to 32″. Then write it down.

Now, that you have the band size (1st measurement), subtract it from the (2nd) measurement. Write this number down and scroll down the chart to find your cup size.

0 to1/2″ =AA cup
1/2″to 1″ = A cup
2″ = B cup
3″ = C cup
4″ = D cup
5″ = DD or E cup
6″ = DDD or F cup
7″ = G cup
8″ = H cup
9 = I cup
10″ = J cup

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