Your Questions About Bestec Power Supply

Helen asks…

Is this a power supply problem?

Alright, so my uncle has an HP p6310f pc. Recently it had some trouble booting up, which i resolved. But now when it boots, it loads windows just fine. But, after being on for about 4-7 minutes, it shuts itself down. Sometimes the screen will say some programs are preventing shutdown, then it continues with the shut down. It does this no matter what, and the time it takes is consistent. It has a Bestec power supply, which I’ve been told aren’t really good. It’s specs are: AMD Athlon II (4 cores) @ 2.8ghz, 6 GB of DDR3 ram, and and integrated Nvidia GeForce 9100 graphics. I would like to know as he talked to some to some fellow workers and they too said it was a power supply problem. I don’t know exactly though, as I am experienced with computers, I’m no expert by any means. All answers will be appreciated, thanks.
I’m glad you mentioned that, as he does infact have „uTorrent“ installed. I’ll look into it next time I’m over there. How long would a chdsk take though? And I forgot to add, when I’m in BIOS menus, it does NOT shut down. It could sit there for hours. But as soon as it loads windows, I’ve just a few minutes before the shutdown. Thank you all for your answers.

admin answers:

If it’s shutting down cleanly, it’s not the power supply. A bad power supply would just shut the power off and crash the computer.
Read an article on creating a shut down event, and learn to remove one.
Bestec power supplies aren’t the best, but they are pretty good for OEM.
And it’s more than capable of supporting the hardware you have there. When they die it’s because someone sticks a powerhog® video card in one and expects an OEM power supply to kick out 500 watts.

David asks…

Why wont my computer turn on?

i have an HP pavilion a867c and everything seems to work fine (moniter, and printer) except for the CPU. everything is plugged in i made sure of it. but when i press the power button on my cpu, nothing happens (moniter and CPU are plugged into the same outlet). i know the power cord is fine because when i plug it in, a green light blinks indicating that the power is working. so does anyone know why my computer wont work and how to fix it? thanks for your help

admin answers:

That blinking Green light should be solid.. Not blinking.

You need another power supply… Or a motherboard. Either buy a power supply tester, or take it to a repair shop and let a professional diagnose and repair it.

But those Bestec power supply units are garbage.. So it is probably your PSU.

Charles asks…

HP Computer and their Power Supplys?

Ok, does anyone know if other power supplys will fit an HP computer or does HP make their own.
Anyone with a recent HP computer upgrade their power supply?
I have an HP Pavilion d4995t and was wondering if i could get a power supply without going through HP!

admin answers:

Oh, please don’t go through HP. They’ll just sell you another marginal Bestec 300 watt for a price that could get you a 600 watt PC Power and Cooling! There’s a scant amount of Online data on this system’s SMPS unit, so you need to pop your case and look for the phrase „ATX“ on the side of your power supply. It should have it (be ATX,) as your HP looks to be a standard mid tower.

I suggest this power supply as a cheap and reliable upgrade. I put the 380 watt variant into my HP; it fits wierd because only two screws line up, but otherwise fine in my 1630n midtower. The supply is made by SeaSonic, and is at least 80% efficient. Here’s a link:

I would like to also tell you that the supplies other people are linking you to are mostly dangerously substandard products that exemplify the worst of Taiwanese SMPS design. Expect them to be missing most of their power filtering bits, weigh very little, have 20 guage leads to the motherboard, thin housing metal, cheap caps that have short lives, an ancient ATX 1.3 design with heavy 3.3V and 5V rails, and worst of all, an inability to put out more than 2/3 of their claimed power without catastrophically failing. If you want something like those, Newegg has them for twenty bucks without rebate, but again, they’re worst than HP stock by a longshot. Google „deer power supply“ if you doubt how bad they could be.

Robert asks…

Do I need a bigger Power supply?

I just ordered an XFX Radeon HD4650 1gb video card and the minimum power supply is 400W and my power supply is 400W. Do I need a bigger one? if so where can i get one under $30?

This is my computer

admin answers:

That 400 watt power supply is Gateway part number 6506042R, which is apparently a Bestec ATX-400GW S1R. Bestec is normally kind of a crummy brand, but that one has two +12V rails, and claims to support up to 30A combined on the +12V.

Thus, the specs don’t sound too bad. Because it’s Bestec, it might not be super reliable over the long term, but I don’t think you need to immediately replace it. (In fact, that power supply probably would have supported a somewhat more powerful video card upgrade too, like a GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon 4770.)

Beyond that, if you want to know with 100% certainty what power supply you have, just open the side panel on your computer, and read the label right on the power supply.

Nancy asks…

Best graphics card to upgrade HP Pavilion m7181?

I need to upgrade the graphics card in my HP Pavilion m7181 machine from the factory fitted RV370XT

The problem is knowing what graphics cards will physically fit as the Micro ATX motherboard Motherboard manufacturer’s name: ASUS PTGD-LA has an ATX Power Connector directly in line with the PCIEX-16 slot which ‚looks‘ as if it will interfere with any cards longer than rougly 21.5cm

I don’t need the latest card and would prefer to keep the noise and power requirements down to about 300W as my powersuply is a Bestec 300W power supply with the following voltages.

+12V 19A
+5V 30A
+3.3V 28A

-12V 0.8A
+5VSB 2A
Does anyone have experience with this motherboard and if so can they confirm whether any of the following will fit and also if the power supply will cope

Nvidia 8800GT / GTS
Nvidia 8600GT / GTS
ATI 3870 / 3850
any other suggestions

Also I’ve found it quite difficult to get details on length and power consumption for graphics cards.

admin answers:

All of the 8800 are going to require a PCIe power connection straight from you power supply (which i am assuming you do not have) most of the 8600 are relatively cheap and will not require the PCIe power connection. But it is always good to check to make sure, ( i find the easiest way is just to look at the pictures of the card an see if there is one in the back) i am not as knowledgeable about ATI cards but i would think that the 3870 would have the same problem, but the 3850 would be OK but dont take my word for it.

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