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Ken asks…

What are some middle names for Jason?

I have a son David Justin.I am expecting twins.If I have two girls the names are going to be Marie Elizabeth and Andrea Lisa.The first names are after friends that passed.The middle names honor family.They are not changing.If two boys one of them will be Miles Timothy.Miles is also after a friend who passed.Timothy honors family as well.

For the other possible boy name I like Jason Patrick.But I want some other ideas for middle names for Jason as well.

Also we do not use nicknames.

admin answers:

Jason Patrick is really nice, I love it!

Jason Alexander
Jason Anthony
Jason Michael
Jason Gabriel
Jason Finn
Jason Gage
Jason Connor

Donald asks…

What are the differences between AP and Honor’s class in high school?

I want to know the differences. And I have another question, how many more GPA will I get if I get A in AP/Honor’s class? Appreciate for your help!

admin answers:

Ap classes get you college credit. While honers only makes you look good on your college transcrips.

If you took honers classes you woould get this reaction from the college staff, „Oh I see you took honer classes, very impressive. Welcome to ____ university!“

While if you took AP classes you get this reaction, „Oh wow, you already took this class at college level I see? Well now you have enough credits to pass through your freshman year college, welcome sophomore to ____ university!“

Ruth asks…

What does passing royal music examinations do?

I passed the royal music examination for level 8, and i was wondering what i am able to write on my transcript about it?

I’ve heard rumors that passing this test makes you a certified music teacher? (highly doubt it…)


admin answers:

Grade 8 is a great milestone, and you should be really proud…
A music teacher it does not make however.
You could start teaching with perhaps a grade 10, but if you are serious about the instrument and being a good help, you should have your ARCT, or degree. You are not far away though!
Make sure that you attain the music history/theory/aural skill requirements that accompany this level of musicality.

Not sure what you are asking regarding the transcript? Do you mean how would you put it on your resume?
RCM Grade 8 (instrument) certification, (honors? If you have it?) and the date

Lizzie asks…

Should there be tougher task for candidates running for any office to have to pass before entering the race?

Most of them have never done anything nobel in their lives. Im just being honest. They’re priorities are someplace else other than leadership. In honor of the people that put them there. It has become a business arrangement between them and the highest bidder. Here. Or anywhere around the world. Im just now seeing America Again for the very first time. Sometimes I wake up and think im dreaming.

admin answers:

All candidates should have to pass a test regarding the duties and limited powers of the office they seek. They should also have to state the source of the power of that office.

Chris asks…

How can i get Honors in medical school?

Like honors that you get from classes. What are the classes and how do you get that honor.

admin answers:

It depends on the Medical School. Some med schools are just pass/fail, while others give honors if you do well on exams (achieving a much higher grade than the median).

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