Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

James asks…

How to unlock a phone?

First of all, what are the benefits of an unlocked phone? How do you unlock it?

admin answers:

Benefits of an unlocked phone,
* Unlocked phones give consumers more control of plans, pricing, and services and make carriers work for you.

* Unlocked phones give consumers the freedom to move your SIM card from device to device without signing another carrier contract. This means consumers can easily switch to a different phone whenever they want. This gives them more freedom if their device breaks or is damaged, or if they want to upgrade.

* Some unlocked phones are sold directly by the manufacturer, not from the carrier. Sometimes carriers like to alter the phone to fit certain requirements. These locked phones can have alternative carrier software, or have missing pieces of the hardware, such as WiFi or GPS. Unlocked phones sold directly by the manufacturer are un-altered by the carrier, and don’t have any altered software or missing hardware.

How to unlock a Phone:
There are many ways to unlock a phone. Some of them are,
* Software unlocking
* Flashing
* Unlocking using unlock code etc.,
The best and safest way to unlock a mobile is to unlock using unlock code. Unlock codes can be got from the network service provider. In any case if the network provider doesn’t provide the unlock code, The unlock code can be got from any third party service. There are many online sites providing unlock codes. One such online site is This site provides accurate unlock codes for most of the international brand mobile phones and supported international GSM networks. Unlock codes provided here are accurate and affordable. Unlocking process is also very simple. They provide step by step guidance on unlocking process.

Sharon asks…

Wat is an unlocked phone?

im buying a phone from a web site and the phone im buy is the mottoz3 and it says motto z3-unlocked and see this phone came out on t mobile and i used to have it and i still have t mobile will i be able to put my sim card in this “unlocked phone

admin answers:

An unlocked phone put simply is a phone that can be used by most other network providers that rely on SIM Card tech….Verizon being the exception because they are infact gay. It should work just make sure if your using tzones for your current phone (i.e. Looking at your statement online on my tmobile) then you switch it to the correct phone.

Michael asks…

Getting a 3 contract phone unlocked?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone can help me.

My brother recently moved to australia (from ireland). He has an Iphone and is on a Three bill contract with them for the next 6 months. (was on a 24 month contract)

He needs to get his phone unlocked so that he can use it in australia, it is very important to him and to buy another one in australia is around $1000!

As a going away gift, i offered to pay his bill for the remainder of his contract for the next 6 months so he doesnt have to worry about it. My brother rang 3 and explained this and asked them if they would unlock his phone and he would pay the €130 unlocking fee.
However they told him that the only way they would unlock his phone is if he paid the remainder or his contact €450 upfront.
Unfortunately I do not have that lump sum to pay it off, i can only afford to pay it off monthly.

Can anyone advise me on what I can do? Or if 3 are even allowed to do this? It seems very unfair considering the amount of people who are loyal customers to them and then forced to move aboad due to recession….

I appreciate any and all help, thanks…

Oh and also, he tried to get it unlocked in phone unlocking shops in australia but they told him that 3 was the one network provider they couldnt crack…

Going mad for him now out there without his phone!


admin answers:

3 I think are saying they will unlock the phone but after

All network I understand can unlock a contract phone AT the end of the contract and paying €450 actually ends the contract

€130 is rather high and you should try another phone shop,
Basically the shop you tried appears NOT to have the „relevant code“ , my understanding is that ALL iPhones can now be unlocked.

It is legal to unlock, the only problem is if the phone is damaged in the unlocking process, it is NOT covered by warranty

There are web based jail breakers / unlockers but do do the research in that you have a real address telephone number contact details BEFORE parting with money.

Any site which just gives you a contact us and you complete a form is best to be avoided if that is the only contact

I do NOT use web based myself but there are many who do an excellent job
My understanding is that ALL iPhones can now be unlocked, irrespective of the network

There are web based jail breakers / unlockers but do do the research in that you have a real address telephone number contact details BEFORE parting with money IN CASE YOU MISSED IT

Nancy asks…

How do you unlock a cell phone?

i have metro pcs and have a really crappy expensive phone.
how do i get a phones from a difrent company,
but still keep metro pcs.

cuz my friend has a sidekick 3
but has at&t.

how do i unlock a diffrent phone?!

admin answers:

Which phone? Unlocking methods differ from phone to phone.

You can’t use a Sidekick with Metropcs. Different technologies.

I don’t think it’s even necessary to unlock a phone from a different provider to use it on Metropcs‘ network. Metropcs has a policy that they will activate any phone just so long as it’s compatible with their network. So, if you give them any CDMA phone they will reprogram it for use on their network.

Donald asks…

Unlock CDMA Cell Phones?

Where can I get my CDMA cell phone unlocked so that I can use it on a CDMA network while I am in Mexico?
CDMA carriers in Mexico such as IUSACELL or UNEFON.
My phone is an old LG VX8600 from Verizon and it does not use a SIM card.
Any websites or somethin that offers this service?

admin answers:

CDMA phones cannot be unlocked. In order to use the phone with a Mexican CDMA carrier, the phone would have to be flashed. This would be permanent and the phone could not be used with Verizon ever again.

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