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Lisa asks…

What school subjects would you need to pass to be an actress?

I want to be an actress when I grow up, and I want to know what are the school subjects you need to pass to be an actress? The only problem I have in school is math and science, I am trying really hard to pass them. So if science and math is the school subjects, then I will have to try more to pass thoses classes, I am in the 8 grade.(September I will be going to grade 8)
Please Help Me
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

admin answers:

Well kid, here’s the straight poop: You don’t need to pass any subjects to be an actress. The truth is, many famous actresses didn’t finish high school and did poorly in school. (There are some notable exceptions of successful actors who graduated university with honors.) A great actor or actress however, needs to study their craft seriously and work at it hard…. That means acting school, workshops, taking lousy parts, having the look that a director or producers is seeking at the time ….. It’s a very , very hard life and most people in the theatre are not rich and famous, they struggle their entire lives , but love what they do. That doesn’t mean however, that you shouldn’t try hard at school and do as well as you possibly can. Every kid wants to be an actress… Rich, famous and loved by millions…… But as the chances of you succeeding are very, very slim…… It would be a good idea to do well in school, so that you have options………

And it might be that when you grow up, you might want to do something else besides fulfill the ambitions of the 8th grader from 2007….. Doing well in school will let you do that.

Joseph asks…

what is the requirement for getting admission to cambridge for a course in MS in Mechanical Engg or equivalent?

I am passing with honors from my university and has appeared for toefl (score:112), but i want to pursue my higher studies, so what kind of requirement entry they prefer.

admin answers:

Cambridge doesn’t offer that degree

Betty asks…

Is my freshmen schedule a good start for an ivy legue school?

I’m a freshman and I really want to go to an Ivy League school. Does my schedule look good to start off

Biology honors
English 1 honors
World history honors
Spanish 1 and 2
Chemistry honors
Physics honors
Pre-calc honors
AP phycology
AP human geography
AP macroeconomics
AP microeconomics

I passed algebra 1 honors, geometry honors, and algebra 2 honors with A’s. Also starting this summer I will be doing full time dual enrollment at FAU while still doing AP classes online. I’m in 4 different clubs and VP of one of them and my goal is to make 500 community service hours this year. Is this a good start to work my way into getting into a ivy legue school

admin answers:

4 FLVS classes is kinda a lot and since they’re all AP they have a finish date of April 30th so there’s no finishing it in the summer. While joining clubs and doing 500 hours of community service you will be overworked. As a freshman you’re taking biology, chemistry, and physics at the same time?
Also I think you have to be a junior for dual enrollment.
Dude you could probably graduate in two years time.

I mean if you like sleep deprivation go for it.

Ruth asks…

How can i pass my driving test first time?

I have my driving test next week and i was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to pass. Its my first driving test and i am hoping i can pass it 1st time.

admin answers:

Treat the examiner like a honoured guest. Listen to what he/she asks you to do and if not sure ask them to repeat it. Drive as you’ve been taught and remember all the answers you’ve been revising.

David asks…

How does receiving the congressional medal of honor work?

Like I know first you are contacted by a high ranking official, later on the president, but who gives your information so you can receive the medal. Like who says I think this person deserves the medal of honor. I’m thirteen and want to join the military I want to know how can I get the congressional medal of honor without passing away but helping my country and saving wounded comrades or helping in any so way to receive the medal. Please answer intelligently.

admin answers:

First, you need to turn off the video games and realize war is not as „cool“ as it is portrayed by call of duty and all that crap. Someday, if and when you join the military and serve for a little while, you might come to understand that it would truly be an honor to wear such a medal, but the pain, heartache and sacrifices that go in to being presented it can be too much to bare. There are personal demons that these awardees deal with on a daily basis that no one wants to have. President Truman said during a presentation that he would rather have the Medal of Honor than be president. That is how special it is.

I have quite a few medals and ribbons and know I will probably never see any valor medals but know that just doing my job for as long as they will let me is an honor enough.

Don’t let me get you down though. If you want to serve we would be happy to have you, Just keep your head up, stay in shape, do good in school, and stay away from drugs.

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