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Ruth asks…

How do you calculate winning percentages before and after the flop?

admin answers:

The best way is the rule of four and the rule of two.

On the flop calculate the number of outs you have and multiply by four (or double twice). This is the percentage chance of you hitting the card you need to win.

For example, you hold AK of hearts. The flop brings two hearts. There are nine outs (nine unseen hearts). So the odds of hitting your flush is 9×4= 36%. The actual odds are closer to 35% but for a good approximation 36% is close enough.

After the turn with one more card to come assuming you missed your heart on the turn, you still have nine outs. This time you only double the number of outs once, 9×2=18%. Again if you use a proper Hold’em calculator you will find that the real odds are 19.6%. But again 18% is pretty close to figure your odds of hitting.

This system is a very simple way of figuring your odds after the flop. I don’t think there are too many great systems of remembering odds before the flop. Experience should tell you what starting hands to play in what position. Even if there was a good short cut for calculating those odds it would vary by position and action before you. When I play I just use experience pre-flop and then pot odds together with these percentage calculations, along with my read on my opponent to dictate my post flop play.

Laura asks…

Can someone explain the difference between (-4)^2 and -4^2/ (-4)^3 and -4^3?

I’m very confused about this, also please explain with and example to the third power??? I really don’t get the difference. I know the difference between to the second and to the third, just not with the brackets… HELP!

admin answers:

If it has brackets, then you include the negative when you square.
So (-4)^2 = +8. If you dont have brackets then the negative is not squared and is left in the answer.
So -4^2 =-8

Same thing with ^3.
Brackets means include the negative but because 3 is odd, it just so happens that both answers are negative.
(-4)^3= -64 -4^3= -64

You can check this on a calculator too if you arent sure. Just make sure to include brackets if it needs them.

Sharon asks…

Is a 10 gallon tank too small for 3 rats?

They chewed through their old cage and I need a cheap new cage that they can’t chew through.
Thanks to the first person who actually answered my question instead of giving me a smart ass answer and NOT telling me what I should get instead.

admin answers:

I completely understand how you feel. I have owned rats who hardy chew and I have owned rats who chew through everything! I used to buy pet store cages but most of them are to small for rats and poorly made. I had two girls at one point who actually chewed through three different cages at a Pet Store. I brought them back and the manager gave me my money back each time. After that, I lost faith in Pet Store cages.
The best cages you can buy are Martins. They have cages specifically for rats and they are the best cages out there. My favorite is the Rat Tower for two rats (but it can fit three if you have to). The cages are very well made and designed for rats so they can’t chew through! You may think that the cages are expensive but actually are very resonable and they are very hardy and will last forever. You can’t find cages like that at the Pet Store. You may be able to find Martins cages on ebay one at half the cost. Martins cages will last so you will be saving money in the end becasue you won’t keep buying cages that don’t work.


Also, chinchilla and degus cages can work but a cheap one will most likey not be well made and hold up. Chinchillas and degus are also larger animals then rats so if you decide to get one, make sure the bars are not to far apart. Rats can sqeeze through smaller spaces then what you would think!
A tank may seem like the soloution but they do not allow proper ventilation and they will have to be giant (like over 50 gallons which will expensive then a normal rat cage). 50 gallon tanks are very expensive and a normal rat cage will be better and cheaper. Tanks are made for fish and reptiles. You wouldn’t put a lizard in a rat cage would you? A ten gallon can’t even house one rat alone so three is not a good idea. Tanks also will smell more. You can keep them in it temporarily until you find another cage but don’t let it be permanent. Always go for the largest cage you can afford. So, when you are calculating the size of a cage on the rat cage calculator site, always try to get it to fit more then 2 rats if you are getting two (it should say 3) becasue they need a lot of room.
If you are unsure about rat cages, look at this site:…

It will calculate the height, width, and depth of you cage when you type it and tell you how many rats can live in it.
Good luck and feel free to email me if you have any other questions..

Mary asks…

How can I lose weight while he gains weight?

So here’s the deal. My husband is 6’10“ and I’m 5’6″. The odd thing is we both weigh almost the same! Something’s not quite right, so I’ve decided to lose weight and he has decided to try (try!) to gain some. I am a bit overweight but by no means obese while he is quite thin but not emaciated. We’re not budgeting for gym memberships and we don’t want to spend more on food than we spend now. We’d like to work out together but we both have different exercise needs.

Anyone have any suggestions? What should we be cooking, what activities, etc?The key is that we’d like to do this together.
We don’t intend to reach our goals by „not changing anything“. We’re not budgeting for the gym because A) we want to develop physical activities we can do ‚forever‘ without draining our wallets (eg, more outdoor things) and B) we don’t really have one nearby. We’d rather get equipment for home use. I had a gym membership a couple of years ago and although it was great for my health it cost way too much to keep up long term.
And by ’not spending more on food‘ I mean I don’t want to load up the fridge/freezer with expensive „diet“ foods. We want to eat like real people and develop life-long habits, not make temporary changes. By that I mean I’m also not going totally vegetarian or taking diet pills. I appreciate your advice but I’m really looking for tips on how to do these things economically.

Also. When I say we weigh almost the same I mean we’re probably about 25 pounds different which, given our heights, doesn’t really seem like enough of a difference at all.

admin answers:

By eliminating the possibility of budgeting differently for exercise and groceries, you make it nearly impossible.

If you want to lose weight, you’re going to need to reporportion your diet. Most American’s eat 2x as much as they should. You should not eat as much as a someone nearly 7 feet (holly molly he’s tall). Also don’t eat less than 5 hrs before bed. So, porportion differently is step 1.

If you want to lose weight, you also need to burn more caleries and stimulate metabolism. These two birds can be killed with one stone called cardiovascular exercise. That’s running (on dirt if you don’t have a gym). Swimming is also good, but can be VERY strenuous for the beginner. Cardio exercise is step 2.

If you want to lose weight, a third thing (and final) will be to eliminate toxins from the diet. The best way to do that is stop smoking (if you do), decrease drinking to no more than 3 beer equivalents per week. Nearly eliminate caffiene unless it’s a slight bit from natural organic sources. Shop the perimeter of the store (veggies, fruit, meat, poultry/fish, dairy). Eliminate foods with long expiration dates because that means they are filled to the max with preservatives. Eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup ALL TOGETHER from the diet. And drink much more water to help rid the toxins. That means 1/2 your body weight in ounces. If you weight 200 lbs, you should drink 100 oz water per day (or 3 liters). Step 3 for BOTH of you is to eliminate the toxins.

If he needs to gain weight, he should try to take in more protein, build more muscle by weight-bearing exercises, eat slightly larger porportions. Continue being active.

I also cannot see how two people weighing the same weight, but one being 82 inches and one being 66 inches could result in both being within the normal BMI range. Remember that BMI is a ratio of height over weight and can be calculated easilly by visiting CDC BMI calculator.

Chris asks…

I accidentally spilled water on my TI-83 Plus calculator, is there any way to fix it?

The only button that works is the on button. In order turn it off I have to take out the batteries. Any suggestions? Thanks

admin answers:

If it is still wet, rice might work. I know that sounds odd…but I’ve accidentally gotten my cell phone wet, dropping it in a puddle…sink…etc. I just took it all apart and put it in dry instant rice and the rice absorbed the water which helped my cell phone work. Other than that I don’t know. Hope that helps!

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