Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

David asks…

what is unlocking phones??!?

okay so, i have a boost mobile phone and i don’t like there phones. So i was wondering if i could get a phone from somewhere like Verizon, att, and such, but remember i am not really sure on what unlocking phones really is . so tell me everything you no and that would be great, thank you:)

admin answers:

Only GSM phones can be unlocked. Boost isn’t a GSM network. That means you can’t use AT&T, T-Mobile or unlocked GSM phones.

You need to talk to Boost and find out what phones can be flashed to Boost. In all likelihood, Sprint phones would work.

Betty asks…

Unlocked phones……………………….?

I’m trying to make sure I understand the meaning of this term when referring to cell phones. Does unlocked mean I can use a cell phone from Verizon with AT&T? If no, please explain to me what „unlocked“ means when referring to a cell phone.

admin answers:

No. An unlocked phone is a GSM phone which can be used with another carrier’s sim card. Verizon is not a GSM carrier and its phones cannot be unlocked except for its global phones which have internal sim cards.

Sharon asks…

unlocking phones?

other than being able to use any other SIM card in your phone, what are other advantages (and disadvantages if possible) for unlocking phones?

admin answers:

Besides being able to use any GSM carrier you wish, an unlocked phone also allows you to bypass a carrier’s filth that is loaded onto all of their locked phones.

For example, in the States, if you buy a Sony Ericsson, there is an application called MusicID that allows you to record a piece of a song, connect to a database, and find out what the name and artist of the song is. However, you have to pay for it.

If you have an unlocked Sony Ericsson, you get a program called TrackID that does the exact same thing except that it’s FREE.

Similarly, if you have a locked phone and want to use GPS, you have to pay for it.

If you have an unlocked phone, you can use your phone’s GPS for FREE (though you would have to pay for the data).

Unlocked phones will ALWAYS be superior to locked phones.

Maria asks…

Can phone be unlocked?

I’m buying a K800i Pay as you go with Vodafone from (quite cheap actually at £60)

I wish to use the phone outside UK and hence will be needing to opt for another network. Can the phone be unlocked from the Vodafone network? (i’ve heard unlocking can be done in most phones and is quite cheap @ £2, but i’m not sure about this one coz i’m buying from the internet)

admin answers:

Yes the phones can be unlocked grom the carrier you are with but there is usually an unlocking charge,have you tried googling for an unlock code sometimes you can get lucky.The other place Ive seen unlock codes is on Ebay

Mandy asks…

How does an unlocked phone work?

I have verizon and I need a new phone. I really want to get an unlocked palm treo. How exactly does an unlocked phone work and how do I add it to my existing service?

admin answers:

Unlocked phones don’t work with Verizon’s service.

Unlocked phones basically means that the phone can be used with any carrier which uses SIM cards and GSM frequencies. Which Verizon doesn’t use.

They say you can use an unlocked phone, but the way they say it is in a whole different category than your usual unlocked phone.


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