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Daniel asks…

is there anywhere on the internet where you can play video slot machines like in the casino’s for free?

not the poker machines– but the fun ones, like wolf hollow, or milk money and such

admin answers:

Try, it has free card games, slots, ect… And many other games.

Steven asks…

Why do US states feed off of their populace for „free money“ under pretense of competing with next-door states?

How stupid does one have to be to derive that state gambling operations are moral and ethical – based simply on the fact that „someone else does it“? I feel sick. US states make me sick.

„Atlantic City, N.J., which for decades held a gambling monopoly outside Nevada, was already reeling from a beatdown inflicted by neighboring competitors. Now New York…just approved slot machines for its Aqueduct racetrack. Pennsylvania has added table games like poker and blackjack to its nine slot-machine casinos — and five new casinos are planned.

„Massachusetts lawmakers approved plans July 31 for the state’s first gambling halls…

„Maine’s voters decide a casino issue in November; Ohio just approved casinos; Maryland opens its first — along the busy Interstate 95 corridor — this fall; and Delaware’s three racetrack casinos started offering table games this summer.

The consequences of saturation could be debilitating: Companies are investing billions of dollars chasing ever-smaller slices of the gambling pie while governments are banking on additional tax revenue from new casinos and gamblers‘ winnings to help run operations…

„States talk openly of poaching gamblers from their neighboring states…

„Government wants free money, and the casino industry for years has represented and provided free money to them,“ said Tom Carver, executive director of New Jersey’s Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.“

admin answers:

How much of this is just the news sensationalizing every story?

Sharon asks…

gambling, a system or no hope?

ok, although I am still a noob i have read enough to know about some gambling stuff, i.e counting cards for Blackjack, which doesn’t work well since some casinos replenish the shuffler with the old cards in a few hands which sux because they may have bad cards in there. Besides other moron players may take cards when they shouldn’t and thus changing back the odds in the casino’s favour i.e. dealer could’ve busted.

ANYWAYS… question is although poker/slot machines are supposably impossible to win even though I’ve seen tons unlock the ‚max‘ option in games and go from $20 to $450 in an instant or play big and then unlock free games which make them get over $300 or minimum to $100. Although admit the longer you play you usually lose it back.

BUT I’ve noticed if you play for a bit you at least can get a basic line win that gets you over $10 or $20 around 90 % when you play..

QUESTION: „can’t i cash in when this happens, then play another machine each time I win? If so i could play patiently on separate machines, 10 games $10 i could make $100

admin answers:

There are 4 ways to be a long term winner at gambling. Take your pick:

– Blackjack card counting. Disadvantages: Very difficult to do because of casino countermeasures; will get you banned from the casino.

– Sports betting. Disadvantage: Very difficult to overcome the juice.

– Poker (NOT video poker, real poker). Advantages: You’re playing against other players, not the house, so you can get an edge much more easily than in the previous 2 examples. Also you won’t get banned from the casino. Disadvantage: Need to put in the time and effort to get good at the game.

– Buy shares of publicly traded gaming companies in the stock market. Advantage: requires zero effort, just buy the stock and let it grow and throw off dividends. Disadvantage: Need money to invest, gaming stocks aren’t necessarily any better than any other stocks, sometimes the stock market goes down.

Sandra asks…


k im not sure if its a virus for sure or not, but i got this email..from a site classed golden casino..and ever since then iv been sending it automaticly to all my contacts, and not just once or twice but its beggining to spam there email boxes! so anyone…THANKS..the email looks like this…

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admin answers:

IF (and that’s a big IF) this pest is using similar methods to a version going around a while back, do the following steps. If they don’t apply you will know right off, as the names won’t show there. But without seeing what is on your system this is the best I can provide right now here.

Open Task Manager (press Ctrl-Alt-Delete), and under the Processes tab, click the following file if it shows, then click End Process:


And close Task Manager. Then go here and download Autoruns (download on the right side of the page), unzip that and click on Autoruns.exe to start that tool.


Once the scan loads, under the „Everything“ tab locate the following header:

HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoft WindowsCurrentVersionRun

And underneath that, see if the following is listed, and if so, right click it and select Delete:


Then right click My Computer, left click Explore, and navigate to the following file, and delete it:

C:Documents and SettingsYour-user-account-nameLocal SettingsApplication DataVTSharedGCNotifier.exe <——

As this always seemed to travel along with other malicious files and functions be sure to follow the advice already given to download, install, update and scan with Malwarebytes.

Then if you still have problems you can follow up with a request at MalwareCrypt, Bleeping Computer or any of the other free malware removal help sites to check your system out.

Robert asks…

Las Vegas Coupons?

We are new to Vegas and gambling. We have only been there once to get married (didn’t do much gambling that time – only slots and video poker) and didn’t know things like signing up for „player’s cards“, etc. We are going back in March and I recently purchased a coupon book. My question is what does „$5 matchplay“ mean? (I am assuming they match your bet or something?) Also what is „2x points“, or „free ace“? Anywhere where I can learn what all these terms mean? How do you go about using these perks? Thanks!
Joseph…get a life. Anyhoo, I bought this:

It has a lot of coupons that are good until the end of 2007, I just don’t understand 1/2 of them!
Wow Jack…you are amazingly helpful. I already made reservations at Main Street Station a few months back (they are now booked for the week we are going – spring break!) Do you think they will still honor the coupon? Thanks

admin answers:

Welcome fellow LVA’er. You’re going to love the POV…

Lets start with the hotel coupons. With some of them you have to find out what the hotels room rate is for the days you’re interested in, you pay that rate for one night the next night is free. Some of the hotels have set rate(listed on coupon) for the first night, then the second night is free. Sam’s Town and the LV Hilton just offer a flat rate per night(Sunday/Thursday). A really good deal is the one from Main Street Staion they offer first night at the casino rate of $35 second night free, you might check on this if you’re interested in more nights, in the past MSS has allowed you to book more nights at the casino rate of $35 or $50 Friday/Saturday.

The Buffet coupons are a pretty straight up deal of buy one get one free. One of the best is the Fremont>Seafood Buffet Tue/Fri/Sun those were the nights, check to make sure they have not changed. MSS has a very good buffet, Orleans is a good one…

The dining coupons – each has its own rules so read them – you gotta try that free, Slots A Fun hotdog LOL it’s HUGE.

Drinks – same as dining, read the rules.

Shows – The Mac King coupon is a good one, but if you don’t already have a Harrah’s „total reward“ slot club card they will give you 2 free tickets just for signing up(only have one of you sign up) that way next year you can do the same with the other(first time sign up). Mac King is a great show, the best afternoon show in LV by a mile. American Superstars at the Stratosphere is a good one. If you want an old time Vegas type show go and see Jubilee or Folies Bergere.

Clubs – Studio 54 and Tangerine are more upscale, wear your chaps if you go to Gilley’s, last time I was there they had a bull ride haha..

Rides – the Stratosphere and Eiffel tower both have increcible views. Manhattan Express is worth doing one time I guess, to say you did it, same for Speed. Madame Tussauds is really pretty cool compared to other wax museums I have been to.

The Gaming/Gambling coupons
these are the heart of the POV IMHO
on the „match play“ coupons you have the idea, yes, on a $5 match play you bet $5 along with the coupon if you win the casino pays you $10. Same if it’s a $10 coupon, bet $10 if you win they pay you $20. There are 2 $25 coupons in this years book. Win or Lose the match play coupon is good for one play only.> The best is the „Free play“ coupons, tough to beat free money – The only one that is a pain is the one at Binion’s they make you wait a couple of days before they add it to your account, but, if you’re only going to be in LV a couple of days, use do it anyway the $10 will still be there when you come back for your next visit. I stay in LV for 2 weeks at a time so it’s no big deal for me, I stop by the first day, then play the $10 later(cashed out $68 on a multi line .05 JW machine in December) . The one at the Hard Rock is great, sign up at the slot club, they give you a special card to insert in the machine. I only ended up with $5 on this one(oh well) I played for quite a while. The one at the El Cortez is a new one, what the heck, eat at Robert’s Steak House($25 coupon) and use the $10 free play.

The way the free ace works is, Blackjack>the coupon acts as your first card and that card is an ace, this gives the player a huge advantage.

The 2X – 3X – 5X slot club points – take the coupon to the slot club booth when you sign up – for that 24 hour period the number of points that you earn – they will multiply by 2/3/5 times – keep in mind that a 24 hour period for the casino is midnight to midnight.

On the Sahara $50 for $40 deal, they give you $50 in chips for a $40 buy in, the thing is you must lose those chips. Sounds odd but it is a pretty good deal. I usually play roulette when I do this one and bet the first 2 colums and red.. NO, it’s not as good a play as playing blackjack(perfect strategy) but it’s kind of fun and I have been lucky and come out of the deal with the $50, $105 once, I have only used this one maybe 3-4 times. How it works is they give you 10 of these special $5 chips, when you lose the dealer takes them, when you win they pay you with the usual red $5 chips.

Funbooks – Turn these coupons in at the Slot club. The Stratosphere funbook is a good one, in the past it has contained match play coupons, and 2-4-1 coupon for American Superstars.

I almost forgot the best one: Make sure you take advantage of the Palms $50 coupon, this one is too good to pass on. Coupon #100

Later: I would call back and ask, IMHO, they probably will, but there is no way to know without asking. Also, if you’re a player MSS is the best about comps, I have never paid for a meal there. Ask one of the slot club hosts, Gloria or Brenda or anyone of the „boothlings“ LOL, they are incredible helpful…Same goes for when you go to check out, based on your play they may comp your stay. Just to let you know I play 5-6K per day through a .25c VP machine. They don’t care if you win or lose it’s how much you cycle through the machine.

I just talked with MSS reservations and they said that yes they would honor the coupon , if your stay falls Sunday through Thursday, The promo code given on the back of the coupon is wrong, it should read MLVA07 not MLVA06 .

At MSS you get a scratch off card when you hit a 4OAK or better, it’s usually not much $2/$3/$5 but once a year or so someone hits $5,000 , what the heck it’s fun.

Thank you for the feedback, it’s nice to know when you make someones day.

Some „comp“ basics
1-know what games to play
2-know how to play them
3-know how to manage your bankroll
4-play where you’re appreciated
5-DON’T CHASE COMPS!! > play within yourself

Feel free to e-mail me with any Q through yahoo answers, it’s anonymous.

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