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Sandy asks…

Does the Macho Brace work the same as the Power Items in Pokemon Black and White?

Is there a difference?(Power Items like Power weight,power lens etc.)

admin answers:

No. Power Items add +4 EV Points to a certain stat. Macho Brace doubles the EVs you’ve gained. For example, let’s say I have a Charizard infected with Pokerus and is holding Macho brace, I kill a Litwick, which normally gives off 1 Sp.Atk EV, but the Macho Brace doubles that so I gain 2 Sp.Atk EVs, but Charizard’s infected with Pokerus, so that doubles it again making it 4 Sp.Atk EVs. Now, let’s say Charizard was holding a Power Lens instead, which gives +4 Sp.Atk EVs. I get 1 EV, +4 EVs, making 5 EVs, and Pokerus doubles that making 10 EVs!!!!! =O!

Laura asks…

Can someone trade me a pokemon with pokerus in Black/White?

I’m sorry but I don’t have much to give. ): The best I have are one of the starter pokemon for B/W. If you’re willing, my email is Thank you!

admin answers:

You can try finding one in a Pokemon trading community forum such as

You could also try looking at „GTS Distributions“ such as this.

William asks…

If i use a lvl 100 pkmn and give a lvl 1 exp share will it earn the EV points?

you see if i gave my lvl 1 pkmn exp share and use a lvl 100 to get it started will it earn 1 Ev point on attack, cuz im raising up its att. and def. 252 each. then ill just lvl it up to 100 and do the same process with another pkmn. oh and im not using any power items or pokerus

admin answers:

It is possible to raise a Pokemon stats in Pokemon Black/White and Pokemon White 2/Black 2. I don’t know which Pokemon game you are playing but anything before generation 5, is not possible.

Susan asks…

Can anyone trade me a togepi level 10 or lower with PokeRus and/or anything with PokeRus?

I really want a togepi. and i am going to ev train everything so PokeRus would help alot

admin answers:

Are you playing Black 2/ white 2? If so, an NPC in Nimbasa will trade you one. Sadly, I dont currently have this togepi, but I do have PKRS. If you arent playing B/W or B2/W2 I cant do much though!

Mark asks…

im a pokemon breeder online and i need help?

Hi Guys/girls my name is mike and i help people online with pokemon im of which they call a breeder… i breed them a special pokemon they want with moves they can’t normally learn by leveling up which they call those egg moves as well giving the pokemon a boost in a stat which they call ivs from then if they even asked for it to be ev train ……well for those who know what ev training is and how long it takes sometimes…yous get the idea and for those who don’t its really long and boring but worth it… in other words guys i need your help asap i have ever 10 pokemon that need to be breeded in 4th gen and 5th gen… i need a cheat code to modifier the pokemon in both gens like instead of getting that charmander to get charazard please guys…. and if theres a iv modifier please also can i have that to….by the way im 14 don’t judge i like my hobby i have to use a lot of math and the breeding part i love it just not ev training to long …..thank yous all for your help
i do have a action replay sorry for not putting in there and and as well for ur answerer i know its bad but i just need a little more help

admin answers:

If you are savvy with how IVs work, you can use dittos from giant Chasm to get IVs where you want them.

To pass down IVs, equip the pokemon that will be passing the IVs down with one of the Power items (Power Lens, Power Anklet, etc), make sure it corresponds with the stat that you wish to pass down. You CAN equip both parents with a power item, but you won’t pass both down, the game will pick one of the two IVs to pass down at random. So only do one. Put an everstone on the other to get the nature the way you want it.

You don’t need an AR to sufficiently breed pokemon. I breed all of mine without the need of one.

Also, if you need pokemon, I can supply you with ones you lack, for a cost of course. By cost, I mean a trade for a pokemon of tangible value. If you want to trade, contact me at I have pretty much every pokemon there is, and I’m willing to breed any of my breedable ones to trade.

Good information to include in an email would be, your Friend Code, Pokemon you would like (barring any legendary or event pokemon), Questions about breeding if you have any at all, and times of availability (though this only applies if we’re trading).

Also, on the EV training bit. Do you have a pokemon with Pokerus, or any of the power items? Pokerus + one of the Power items is the absolute fastest way to EV train. Yielding 12 EVs in a given stat if you target something that gives 2 EVs in that stat. Vitamins also cut down on EV training time. There’s plenty of good places to get money in Pokemon black 2 and white 2. Such as the Casteliacone trick.

The Breakdown:

Pokerus doubles the EV gains of the pokemon. A power item gives +4 EVs in its respective stat even if the pokemon you KO does not yield any EVs at all for that stat. And Vitamins, when used before going on your KOing spree can give you 100 EVs to start with, almost cutting the required EVs in half.

If you use the vitamins first, you will get the most out of them, they give 10 EVs but have a 100 EV limit per stat. So that would leave you with 152 EVs remaining. With Pokerus+a Power item, a pokemon that would only yield 2 EVs will yield 12. KO twelve of those pokemon, for 144 more EVs, getting you at 244. Take off the power item and KO two more to get 8, making your pokemon have 252 EVs in that stat. Stop at 252 EVs per stat. As the three additional EVs to max it at 255 are wasted, due to the fact that for every FOUR EVs your pokemon has, it gets another point in that stat at level 100. You would get 6 more points to allocate elsewhere. Even though only four of them really count.

Let’s just say, breeding is a bit of a hobby of mine as well. And yay for information dumping.

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