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Carol asks…

How can I train up for a tennis tournament when it rains and I cant go out and hit?

There aren’t indoor courts nearby, but what are some things I can do at home or inside somewhere to train up for a tournament I have this weekend. It’s raining today and tomorrow so therefore I dont have today or tomorrow to practice. Please help!

admin answers:

Are you sure that there are no indoor tennis facilities of any kind within 30-40 miles of your home?

Look at this way. All the other kids are in the same situation as you are.

Another possibility would be to find a racket-ball club and hit volleys against the wall of a racket-ball court:
Keep the ball up in the air for 50 hits, never touching the floor. Try it with just your FH volley, just your BH volley, and mixed up, with the ball right in front of you. Work your way up to 50 by starting with 10, then 20, etc little by little until you can do 50 every time. Short & Simple [block or] punch volleys!! Yaw!!

Learn to volley well, and be comfortable up at the net, and you’ll beat most of today’s female players. A strong serve is a good thing too, of course 🙂

Bring a jump rope to the racket-ball court and jump rope. That will give you a good workout in a *short* time.

Sportsmanship might not be #1, but it’s way ahead of whatever is in 2nd place 🙂

Good luck in your tournament, hope all the matches go on when they’re supposed to [no rain].

Donna asks…

How can I prepare for my fencing tournament?

I have the biggest fencing tournament of the year coming up in less than 2 weeks. It is the state tourny of my senior year. I am wondering how I can mentally and physically prepare myself in the next week and a half. What should I think?

Also is tehre a way to increase my parry and lunge speed?

admin answers:

You do not want to make major changes to your training in the last ten days before the competition. You should continue working hard for the next few days, then taper of on the intensity of your workouts so that you are fresh for the tournament. During that time concentrate on technique and executing your game plan.

There is little that you can do a week and a half to increase your speed, other than to concentrate on form. In the off season, you can increase your lunge speed through a combination of strength work (especially deadlifts and squats) and plyometrics (to increase power). The speed with which you parry will be improved primarily through drilling.

On the mental side of the game, you need to find what helps you to enter each match relaxed but focused. For some that is visualization. See yourself executing your techniques withing the match. Imagine yourself winning. For others, music helps to place them ‚in the zone.‘
I can’t really tell you what will work for you, but I would try one or both of the above. Remember, it is all about focus.

Good luck in the championships.

Michael asks…

How do I get serious sponors for a basketball tournament?

Its an Urban Basketball tournament for young adults ranging from 16-25 yrs of age. The tournament will consists of 64 teams a total of 640 players .

admin answers:

Make it worth their while. Show them the market group they will benefit from by advertising at your tournament. If they don’t think that they will have a customer draw, they won’t spend any money. If you are advertising wax paper at a basketball tournament then you won’t sell anything. Figure out your demographic, and sell to them.

Mandy asks…

How do you fight the champions at the pokemon world tournament in black 2?

I already fought the other regions tournaments and I know the champions have there own tournament
so how do i unlock that tournament? Also I have the japenese version so just tell me the option like the 5th or something.

admin answers:

After completing each of the touranments focused on a particular region (like Kanto or Unova), another option should open up that lets you battle a mix of gym leaders (so that you might fight Blaine first, but then fight Volkner next). You have to beat this tournament a total of 10 times to unlock the Champions tournament. Does this help at all?

Sandra asks…

What do you think about the NCAA’s proposal to extend the basketball tournament?

If they did extend the tourney, we wouldn’t see a national champion until Halloween. The tournament extension would allow even smaller colleges to make it into the tournament. Which, in my opinion, is not really good because they would most likely get stomped by one of the top seeds.

admin answers:

THe bubble teams arent good as it is. If they extended it, wed be talkin about USC, Iowa St., Seton Hall, even No. Carolina.

If it aint broke, dont fix it! The tournament is fine the way it is

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