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John asks…

How do I find Martial Arts tournaments and competitions in SouthWest Missouri?

I’ve already heard of SWAT and MASK, but I can,t find them online. I need a link.

admin answers:

Just call all the local karate schools and ask

Susan asks…

When is the NCAA D1 Wrestling tournament?

I don’t have the Big 10 Network because my parents are real cheap (lol) so one of my wrestling buds and I are planning to watch the tournament at his house. Problem is, neither of us know when the tournament is! We know it’s in March, but when?

admin answers:

According to the NCAA website, the D1 wrestling tournament will be held March 21-23 at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. Here is the link to that page:!championship_br_home

Donald asks…

How do you sign up for SC2 tournaments online?

I’m a decent sc2 player, and I want to get more practice in, without relying on ladder. So, what I’d like to do is sign up for informal tournaments that they offer online. I know there are sites like teamliquid that allow you to sign up for them, can anyone tell me how to sign up for these?
And tips on the process?
(I also have no idea how to post replays)


admin answers:


Tournaments are a great way to test the skills you’ve built laddering and meet community members.

Checking various gaming forums is the way to go. TeamLiquid as you suggested is good, but also check out tournament threads where people post links to their upcoming tourneys.

There’s a lot of tourney’s out there for all ranges of players, but of course to really compete you’d need to be Diamond or above.


Charles asks…

How do I buy tickets for the PTC 3 Snooker tournament in August in Sheffield?

Hi, I would really appreciate someone giving me a link to where I can buy these tickets. Thanks.
Or addresses or phone numbers…

admin answers:

This tourament is held at the World Snooker Academy

Carol asks…

How do you make a tournament bracket on Microsoft Office Word 2003?

Just a normal bracket for a basketball tournament.

admin answers:

Here’s exactly what you’re looking for.


I googled „Tournament brackets and Microsoft clip art“

Then I went to the link above and found it…a free download from MS.

Good luck.

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