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Sandra asks…

Power Supply Question!?

I need to upgrade the power supply on my computer. It’s a Hp Pavilion a6400f and do not know which one to buy. Looking for an inexpensive 450-500w power supply which is compatible with my computer. Need it to install video card.

admin answers:

Hi, your OEM power supply, for comparison, can be found here it is a # 5188-2622
250-watt (max) power supply (Zinfandel), Bestec ATX-250-12V) similiar to this one and it seems to be a standard ATX type (Dimensions: 5.9 W x 3.4 H x 5.5 D – Inches)

So I would recommend you see how much power your upgraded pc will demand with a PSU calculator such as this one your specs, according to says it is an:
E2200 / 2 x ddr2 / 1 x sata / 1 x dvdrw / 1 x card reader / 3 x fan (guess) / and perhaps a GTX280 OC 🙂

I get 334W with that upgrade, so even this unit should handle it with ease

There is currently a good deal on the Antec True Power Trio TP3-430 430W
$40 w/ free shipping

it can handle a +12v combined max of 32A (or 384W) so it should be able to handle it no problem


Sharon asks…

Power Supply, Form Factor, advice?

My power supply recently went out on my compaq presario sr1350nx. I’m looking for a replacement, needless to say. The one that came with the computer is a Bestec ATX-300-12ZCDR.

I don’t necessarily want to get that exact model because the price is kinda high for such a low-wattage ps. But I know I have to keep the form factor in mind. How do I do this? Is there any hope for buying a different model?

admin answers:

Just search the key word atx power supply in web sites like newegg,
tigerdirect or ebay.


Lizzie asks…

Will this power supply replace my current one?

Short, sweet and to the point.

Will Coolmax 400W SATA&20/24pin Power Supply V-400 (

Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches ; 4.8 pounds


Bestec ATX-250-12Z-D7R (Best link I could come up with is

Dimensions: 6 x 3.5 x 5.5

All inside a juicy HP Pavillion a6400f computer… Mmm…

Thank you very much for answers and opinions!

admin answers:

If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

Does it fit the case? The power specs are good. HP uses a standard power supply.

So, I think it will work if it fits.

Laura asks…

Economic power supply for PC?

There was a thunderstorm a couple days ago, and after isolating everything from my pc, i decided its fried, anyone suggest a cheap/economic power supply replacement for an Hp pavillion 6835, the present model is a bestec power electronics corp, atx100-5, I went to newegg and tigerdirect , the prices seem low, but than again too low lol, and the reviews were not so great, any suggestions. Thank you.

Ps, does the replacement have to be max 100w like the current, or it can be higher.

admin answers:

Well you don’t need a higher watt unit just a better quality one – your OEM model is this one

So a decent replacement is this one

FSP Group FSP180-50NIV 180W MicroATX Power Supply – OEM
$24 + $10 shipping

since yours is blown out, splurge for a line-interactive UPS unit to protect your investment, this is a decent model for the price

MINUTEMAN ETR500 500VA Entrust Series Line-Interactive UPS


Charles asks…

Upgrading power supply on compaq presario SR5240AN?

I’d like to know if I Could upgrade the power supply on my
PC so that I could install an Nvidia Geforce 8600GTS.
The power supply in my PC at the moment is a Bestec,
Model: ATX-250-122, INPUT: 100-127V-6A, 200-240V-3A 50/60Hz
Length: 14cm Width: 15cm Height: 8.5.
Also what power supply would I need to buy and what are the
motherboard requirements for this card.

admin answers:

Go with a 550 watt power supply

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