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William asks…

Will a Disneyland annual pass carry on until it expires or just until end of year?

So my family is planning to purchase annual passes to Disneyland California. And they wanted to buy it this December, my question is, is there a certain expiration date in the pass, or will it last till december. I’m just curious cause we never had annual passes before.

admin answers:

Hello CarBon!

A Disneyland (DL) Annual Pass is just that–a yearly pass good for one calendar year from the date you purchase it. If you purchased your Annual Pass on December 25, 2010, you can use it to enter/re-enter DL as many days as you wanted until December 25th 2011. After that, you either buy a new Annual Pass or pay regular admission per day or by Park Hopper.

Hope this helps.

Maria asks…

What’s the difference between passing and changing lanes?

Pass traffic on the left. You may pass on the right only when:
• An open highway is clearly marked for two or more lanes of travel in your direction.
• The driver ahead of you is turning left and you do not drive off the roadway to pass. Never pass on the left if the driver is signaling a left turn.“

I live in California, and the way the driver’s guide booklet thing is wording all of this stuff about passing is making me want to rip it to shreds (don’t you think they should explain it better if they expect anyone to learn from it?).

It says not to pass on the right, but what if you have to get to the right lane?!
I’m really irritated. Please help. Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

If you are in the left lane, and need to turn right, move to the right lane first.
If you are in the right lane, and need to turn left, move to the left lane first. That’s „changing lanes“ and has nothing to do with passing.

The guide probably says stuff about not staying in the left lane when the right lane is clear, too. So you shouldn’t need to pass cars on the right – if they’re in the left lane because they’ve just passed a third car, you wait for them to move back, not slalom around the two other cars.
If you’re stuck behind some idiot who’s going 55 in a 55 zone in the left lane and won’t move even when you flash at them, you can hope the cops get them, or pass on the right and hope they don’t get you.

Here, you’re allowed to pass on the right if the road’s full of bumper-to-bumper traffic and your lane’s moving faster, or on a one-way street. Different jurisdictions have different rules.

Sandra asks…

What do you do when someone passes food the wrong direction at dinner?

When someone does not pass the food around the table correctly, it taints the food and ruins the dinner. I can’t eat food that has been passed the wrong way. It isn’t moral. Might as well throw the food away and start over completely.

The perpetrator is also no longer allowed to pass food at the table ever again, and if they try they will be excused from the table.

admin answers:

What are you doing having dishes getting passed all around the table. My naked serving boy brings my food, what are you? Peasants?

George asks…

Is there a waiting period for becoming fully licensed after passing the life and health exam?

I passed the Life and Health Exam in CT. Is there a waiting period or delay until that license becomes active, ie 15 days, 30 days, 60 days? Or am I licensed from the time I walk out the door having passed the exam?

admin answers:

Once you pass the exam, you still have to apply to be licensed. The exam is only one requirement, you also need to be fingerprinted, background check, etc.

Betty asks…

What is the difference between a play pass and season pass for 6flags?

At 6 flags they offer a season pass ($100) and a play pass ($55)
Is the only difference between the two the fact that the season pass gives you a coupon book, access to the safari, and you join something online for free?
With the play pass can i still go to 6flags ANY operating day for the rest of the 2010 season?
I go to the 6flags in Jackson, NJ

admin answers:

Yes you can go go to Six flags in Jackson NJ any operating day with the Play Pass and any other theme park operated by the Six Flags franchise. With a season pass you get unlimited visits to all six flags theme parks, in park discounts, free tickets for friends, a value book with $300 of park savings, Funatic awards( you get rewarded for visiting the park, prizes include free parking, skip the line pass,free drink, and a discount on next years season pass.) Hope this helps!

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