Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Mark asks…

Unlocked sprint phone?

I am going to buy a spring phone on ebay. Some advertise „This phone is already UNLOCKED“ and some boost „This phone is LOCKED“ What does this mean?

admin answers:

Sprint doesnt unlock their phones … And they dont allow unlocked phones on their network it must be a Sprint branded phone

you may want to choose another phone

James asks…

Can any phone be unlocked?

I know that my phone a Sony Ericsson K800i can be unlocked for any SIM but is any phone able to be unlocked?
A phone like the Virgin Alcatel Zebra OT-V212 for example?

admin answers:

Any phone CAN be unlocked but some are more difficult than others.all phones can be hacked to

Helen asks…

what is an unlocked phone?

when ever i look for phones alot of them are unlocked like on but i dont know what unlocked phones are and would they work with tracfone.

admin answers:

Unlocked phones are phones that can be used with many different carriers. Usually you the original carrier of the phone unlocks it. Unfortunately, the only phones that work for tracfone are the ones they offer.

Sandra asks…

buying an unlocked phone on ebay?

I just want to know if you put your sim card in the unlocked phone, will it be the same plan? Just making sure!

admin answers:

GSM Carriers (Cingular and T Mobile are the biggest two). When a GSM phone is unlocked, it will work with any active sim card. So you can put an active T Mobile card or and active Cingular card and the phone will make a call. Now some features of the phone may not work, like the internet browser if the phone is not programmed to the particular carrier, nevertheless, you can make calls.

CDMA is a little different. The cell phone does not use a small sim card and the phone must be programmed to another carrier to work which generally requires that the phone be hooked to a computer that has special service software to program the phone. If you don’t have the software, and it is not readily available, CDMA phones are, for all practical purposes, locked to the carrier they are programmed to.

How can I unlock my cell phone? You can find companies that unlock cell phones on eBay and on the internet. Some companies are able to unlock the phones remotely, meaning if you send them the imei number on the phone, they send you a code to unlock the phone, others require you to send them the phone. Each model is different, so you will have to search a little. Charges range from $5.00 to $20.00 depending on the model of the phone and which company you go to.

If you are purchasing a phone on eBay, look for one that is already unlocked. I hope you found this guide helpful, if so, please click yes below. Also, check out all the phones that is offer on eBay, I can unlock almost every phone made and I generally unlock them before I sell them. I

Laura asks…

What is an unlocked phone?

I have verizon and i want a new phone but my contract isnt up. can i get an unlocked phone and transfer my stuff to it? is that how unlocked phones work?

admin answers:

An unlocked phone is a device that hasn’t been locked to a particularly service provider. With an unlocked phone, you are free to take it to any compatible network. You can either get a locked Verizon phone, or any unlocked CDMA phone. Sprint is the other major CDMA network here.

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