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Ken asks…

does anyone know of a free poker software to download that keeps tracks of odds and stats and percentages?

does anyone know of a free poker software to download that keeps tracks of odds and stats and percentages and all the good stuff
and i dont mean by a poker site i mean something like poker-spy

admin answers: you can play with free money or pay to play small download and keeps track of oyur stats

Mark asks…

where can I download a free poker game?

admin answers:

If you want to play poker online serch for them on the internet, or try one of these:

titan poker
party poker

If you need a PC software to entertain yourself at home then go and see the crack sites. They always offer some good stuff. The problem with these games that those are not the same like playing against SOMEONE else.

Thomas asks…

What are some really good and reliable free antivirus downloads?

What are some really good and reliable free antivirus downloads? I am looking for something that will actually protect my pc. AVG for free only diagnoses the infection while it did nothing to heal it.

admin answers:

There are many actually, but i will present you 2 most reliable and effective ones, based on my opinion & experience.

♣ Avira
♣ Avast!

Avira has the best detection rate among all anti-virus program, its fast, doesn’t slow down your computer, great for scanning files / folders / drives, reliable removal, easy to use and configure… Generally, if you are downloading a lot / torrent / p2p / web Avira is the choice for you.

But if you aren’t as heavy downloader, then rather pick Avast!. Avast! Has really advanced protection on the net ( better protection when surfing ), it will find bad scripts in malicious websites and block connection with the site. Its detection rate is worse than Avira’s, if you ask me it has awfully complicated main panel and i think it generates a LOT of false positives, basically for each keygen and crack.

So :

Heavy downloaders : pick Avira
Heavy surfers : pick Avast!

They can be downloaded through :


Otherwise :

♣ Don’t visit porn / fraud / money scams / poker / serial key websites
♣ Install McAfee SiteAdvisor, it will warn you which sites are dangerous
♣ Always scan everything you download
♣ Don’t open ANY email you don’t know, it doesn’t need attachment to infect you

Hope it helped.

More about computer security & tutorials available on my site, if interested :


Sharon asks…

What is a good free poker game I can play online with a friend?

Just looking for a free and friendly poker game where I can play with a gaming buddy online, maybe where they have bots or the players aren’t „hardcore“.
(Don’t mind if its a download or browser game)
By free I mean not real gambling, just for fun..

admin answers: is probably the best. Although there are real-money options, there are tens of thousands of people who play their free games.

Michael asks…

What free music download program actually works?

I wanna download music so i can put in my mp3 player and i already tried limewire and bearshare but they dont work at all, theres never results and when theere is the file never downloads, so is there any site that actually works and what is it?

admin answers:

You don’t need one
just write this in google (song name) (.ext)

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