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Linda asks…

i’m interested in getting into online poker, but im an amateur?

Can anybody recommend any good free poker websites, which would take me through the basics to begin with and can anyone elaborate on which variation of poker is the most popular?
I dont know where’s best to begin with.

admin answers:

You can play with free chips on practically any major sites… If you live in the United States your options are limited but i suggest playing on Cake Poker, or Carbon Poker because of the recent lawsuit banning PokerStars and FullTilt (2 best sites easily if you live in any other country).
Also you can start reading the strategy section on PokerListings, and watch training videos on poker basics on sites like youtube which have videos from various sites like cardrunners, bluefire, and more.

Once you have some knowledge, there is an immense amount of information you can learn from 2+2, a poker site which is mainly based off of forums and hand discussions from player to player. If you join there, i would recommend finding a list of the common poker terms, and begin to understand them. It is a sensational site, and you can put a question into the forums and as long as you mention that you are a beginner the feedback you will get will be top of the line. The people there are typically friendly, and it is a great source to develop your mental game and strategy, two keys in poker.

Shows like poker after dark (cash game episodes), high stakes poker, and the full tilt million dollar cash game show you high stakes action and how the best in the game think and are definitely worth your time while learning.

The free chip tables aren’t all that great because people often don’t take them seriously. A small deposit can get you into cheap games once you have some knowledge and you will gain a lot of experience online due to the fact you can play so many tables at once.

Michael asks…

what are some good websites to play texas holdem poker for free. no money involved?

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Robert asks…

Are there any poker websites in which there is no money involved?

I want to play simply to play, not gamble.

I saw an ad on TV for a free gambling site one time but I forgot what it was.

admin answers:

Yahoo Games has Texas Hold’em poker for fun (no real money), and even has tournaments. I presume you already are a Yahoo member if you’re posting to Answers:

As mentioned above, most major poker sites that play for real money, also have a play money option, so you do not need to deposit any money to play. Often it’s a .net site, rather than .com. Personally, I recommend, for a few reasons. First, it’s a site with a very large number of players. Second, they have a large variety of games, even mixed games, Badugi, Single Draw lowball, many tournaments, etc. Third, you may actually encounter a few play money players who take the game seriously enough to provide a bit of a challenge and a rewarding learing experience.


I’ve also checked out They have the best 3-D environment to play in, so it can be lots of fun even if you’re just into playing with play money chips. I’ve never deposited money with them, but enjoy the virtual reality experience.


Lastly, I’d say that real money poker is superior, even if you play for trivial small stakes. Try to join or organize an at home game with friends or other poker fans, and play nickel and dime. Use online sites like to help find local games… There may be other sites specifically for arranging home poker games. I’ve had a lot of fun in home games, playing with friends whom I taught the game, playing for only a tiny fraction of what I would play for in a „serious“ casino or online game. It’s just fun to toss some chips, and beat your buddies out of beer money.

James asks…

i have a really bad windows 95 computer does anyone know any websites for poker that i can play for free?

my computer only has 64 ram and a 2 gigabyte hardriveo i dont want to download anything

admin answers:


Sandra asks…

are there any websites that teaches you how to play poker for free :)?

just wanna practice, so that when i go to the casino LOL thanks

admin answers:

You can try

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