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Jenny asks…

Does anyone need the Pokerus for Pokemon Black 2 or White 2?

I’m looking to fill up my pal pad, and what better way then to share the pokerus! I was lucky enough to get it, so I’m willing to share it with anyone who wants or needs it because I know how hard it is to get it! If you would like to trade me or battle me or something just send a reply, I’m always happy to add more people. I tried my luck on forums but no one replied so I thought I’d give this a try. =)
Name: KD
FC: 4471 1731 5869

admin answers:

Yo i’ll add u. U add me. John-3310-3841-1758. If you join youll find alot of trainers there too im helzerlegend on that site btw.

Ken asks…

healed my pokemon at a pokemon center, said my pokemon had pokerus, never said which one, why wont it show it?

in pokemon black and white 1

admin answers:

It’s one of the six Pokemon in your Party, however, there’s a high chance that it will spread to all of your Party Pokemon. The infected Pokemon will have the status of Pokerus when it goes into battle, so you know which ones are infected and not. Note, however, that Pokerus isn’t a permanent disease, and will become unable to spread to other Pokemon after 48 hours, (unless you keep it in the PC.) Pokerus, despite its name, is actually a very helpful Pokemon disease as it doubles the amount of Effort Values, (EVs) your Pokemon would normally get from battle. An example of this is, a Seedot gives one EV in Defense every time you defeat one in battle, however, if your Pokemon has or had Pokerus before, then you get twice the amount of EVs (in this case two,) than you normally would. Pokerus also stacks with EV giving items, (such as the Power Belt.) If your Pokemon has a Power Belt equipped, it gains four additional EVs in Defense, and if your Pokemon has Pokerus, then it doubles the amount with the Power Belt equipped, (meaning you would get ten EVs in Defense for every Seedot you defeat.) Also note that a Pokemon that has been infected with the disease will keep it forever, but unless you put it in a PC, it will be unable to pass it to other Pokemon after 48 hours, so it is recommended you box your infected Pokemon so it can infect your other Pokemon. (This disease is especially useful if you battle competitively.)

Maria asks…

Pokerus on Pokemon Black and White 2?

Is there anyone who’s willing to trade just long enough for me to infect my pokemon with the virus? The odds of finding a pokemon in the wild with it are ridiculously low! If so just leave your email so we can schedule a time. Thanks!

admin answers:

Go to Gamefaqs (link below) and make a topic. Someone there will give you a random pokerus for free.

Donna asks…

how to know if my pokemon has pokerus in black/white?

my friend gave me a charizard and it has a little purple smiley face in the bottom right does this mean my pokemon now has pokerus? i remember the pokecenter saying something about it, but i quickly skimmed through text without reading it
sorry, i meant to say a little purple frowny face

admin answers:

I am a Pokemon freak and the answer to this question is pretty easy. In Pokemon Black or White, if your pokemon has the letters PKRS next to the level of your pokemon, (on the summary page of the pokemon) that means your pokemon currently has pokerus. Also, the letters PKRS will have a purple rectangle around them. If your pokemon HAD pokerus but it passed, a purple smiley face will be above whatever item your pokemon is holding (if any) on the summary page.

Other info about pokerus:

The pokemon center person will tell you if your pokemon has pokerus. Pokerus usually tends to disappear in one to four days. Pokerus spreads. If your pokemon currently has pokerus, put it in your party with other pokemon you have that need training. This is because (like I said) pokerus spreads, and the other pokemon inside your party are likely to get pokerus as well. It won’t spread however if you but it in a PC box. Also, if you put a pokemon with pokerus inside a PC box, the pokemon with pokerus won’t lose it’s pokerus. Hope this is helpful, and sorry for using the word pokerus too many times.

William asks…

how do i trade in pokemon black and white 2 through wi-fi?

i want to find out how EXACTLY to trade online on my 3ds in pokemon white2 to because i am only use to doing the trade where you put your ds’s together, is there a certain code to contact other players and do i have a ID code or something?? i have no idea. i if you help me i will give the 1st person who ansers you one of your choice: cobalion, heatran, volcorona, cresselia, mespirit, uxe, azelf, regigigas, registeel, or regirock, archen, (btw regirock and steel have pokerus). i do not mind what you give me in return so hopefully you will cooperate 🙂

admin answers:

First you need to exchange pal pad friend codes with someone.
Then you both go to the wi-fi Union room at a Pokemon Centre.
When you’re both in, you’ll be able to see each other. You can then trade, battle, etc.

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