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Sandra asks…

Who would win 2nd prize in a texas holdem poker tournament in this situation?

three people are all in.

person A (with king-king) has 200 chips.
person B (with ace-10) has 50 chips.
person C (with 10-4) has 100 chips.

the cards come down Q-10-Q-2-5.
person A wins but who comes second, B who had a better final hand or C who had more chips than B?

admin answers:

After the hand is done, player A’s hand reads K,K,Q,Q,10. Player B’s hand reads Q,Q,10,10,A and Player C’s hand would read Q,Q,10,10,5. Since player A would win the entire pot with his hand, second place would be awarded to player C because he had more chips at the start of the hand.

Hope this was helpful and GL at the Tables,

Edit: Leg, it matters who comes in second if they are paying out the top two players or where you would place if you were in the money. It matters who gets second if they are down to the final three players and only two get paid, because in this hand Player C would win the second place money and Player would be out on the bubble.

Betty asks…

Who wants to be part of the yahoo answers basketball tournament?

I need 64 people…………Tell me if you wanna be in it………winner is king of basketball sectoin.

admin answers:

I do……………….. I will be prez

Michael asks…

What are your predictions for the following cricket tournaments of 2009?

Which team do u think will win the following tournaments?

1]IPL 2009
2]T20 World cup 2009
3]Ashes 2009

admin answers:

1]IPL 2009 – Kings XI Punjab

2]T20 World cup 2009 – INDIA

3]Ashes 2009 – Australia

Ruth asks…

What does Billie Jean King, John McEnroe, and Jimmy Connors do today?

Billie Jean King, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors were the tennis stars of the 70s. What exactly do they do now since they are retired from tennis?

admin answers:

King- Released a book called “ Pressure is a privilege. “ in 2008. She still is active on organizing and operating WTT tournament every year. Various Humanitarian works : Involved in the Elton John Aids Foundation, Tennis clinic she had established for underprivileged children.

McEnroe – Still playing at various senior level tournaments like the Black Rock Group and several other events.
Commentating at major tournaments. Sports advertisements.

Jimbo Connors – played at WTT event previously but hadn’t seen him for a while. Training and coaching young players.
Commentating, and getting into trouble with law when he gets bored, ha ha.

‚Tis all I can provide you…

Sandy asks…

what king of Magic the Gathering deck should I build?

I’ve been playing for a couple of years now and need a change of pace with my decks. Recently, I was playing with a tri control deck consisting of island, mountain, and swamp. I have practically every card in standard so if you give me some ideas, I can probably build it! I want it to be top tier and be able to match high level decks in tournaments.

thanks for the help!

admin answers:

Then how about doing a 180 on it? Make an aggro deck! I started out with a UW control deck and after a while made an aggro Gruul deck. I suggest you do the same, it’ll be refreshing!

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