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Nancy asks…

What color would a fawn Boxer and Blue Pitbull’s puppies be?

What color pups would a Fawn Boxer and a Blue American Pitbull be ?
Boxer’s Mom and Dad were Fawn.
I don’t know the parents of the male pitbull.
Both Dogs Have alittle white on them.
I’m not experimenting and I have papers on my female shes AKC registered.

admin answers:

They would be mutts.
First of all, if you have an AKC registered female, why would you allow her to be bred to anything other than another AKC registered dog? In addition, fawn is a very undesireable color for breeding, as it often results in genetic skin conditions that are passed down through the line. So even if you did breed, you could end up with mutt pups that have genetic skin conditions.

That is only the beginning of your potential worries…

Carol asks…

why do people discriminate against certain breeds of dog and not others?

i have rotties and i know lots of gsd owners, i also live in a country which has banned pitbulls and i just think the media is over the top when it comes to these breeds. is it just me or do other people agree?
i’m starting to think that the breed issue is a self-replicating one, the people who want a dog for all the wrong reasons tend to pick the breeds that i mentioned because they think they are tough.

admin answers:

The real problem is that ANYONE can own ANY breed of dog and so many people do not understand dogs AND no-one has to undergo any training or education in order to own one.

If you trace any breed of dog back far enough you end up with the wolf. This is where all dogs come from. All breeds of dog have been created by humans through selective breeding for the traits and characteristics that we want. All dogs are, in essence, wolves! They are pack animals and need a hierarchy of command and control – in short they need a pack leader… An alpha male (or female) to train and control them.

Even though all dogs are wolves, they are generally not born vicious! It is the way they have been brought up. Too many people don’t become the dogs „pack leader“ (alpha male/female) and therefore don’t train and discipline them correctly. Many „household pet“ dogs actually think THEY are the pack leader and this leads to all the problems with biting and viciousness.

For this reason, lots of small dogs are vicious little snappy things but people just think that is amusing. Wrong, wrong, wrong! It is just the result of bad training/management/education of the dog and its not so amusing when its a large dog that is „snappy“ is it? A large dog, brought up in the same way as these little snappy dogs, could turn out to be one of the killers that Susan M referred to in her big list of killer dogs.

ITS NOT THE DOGS, Susan M, its the OWNERS and they way they brought the dogs up! No, they probably didn’t have the dogs „attack trained“ but in not becoming the pack leader and training the dog correctly they have, inadvertantly, caused these problems.

Most large breed of dog could, potentially, kill but what training or education do you have to have – none! A car can be a killing machine and you have to pass a driving test to be able to drive one. Yet a car only does what the driver makes it do. A dog has a mind of its own and unless people understand how a dog’s mind works there will always be these problems.

Training and educating the owners is the only solution.

Ken asks…

How come my dog starts barking and gets crazy when he sees a big dog, but not when he sees a little dog?

He doesn’t even seem to pay attention to the little dogs, but when he sees another big dog he wants to run towards it and gets crazy. He is a pitbull and he is friendly.

admin answers:

The answer is very clear.Your dog is afraid of bigger dogs so he barks towards them.If it’s a tiny dog though,he will pass by him,unless he is very hungry.

Thomas asks…

Why is my chihuahua so aggressive, she always wants to attack large dogs?

Just yesterday the gate was open and she was sitting in a chair, then these 2 pitbulls passed by and she attacked them. What happen was that one pitbull attacked her back and bit her on her arm. I ran to go get her from his jaws and he came after me when i was running inside the house. What can I do so my pet won’t be that way. She doesn’t know the consequences of her actions.

admin answers:

It’s called Small Dog Complex. Chi’s are known for this.

Steven asks…

Why does my dog do this and how can I get him to stop?

Whenever I take my dog on a walk and there are other dogs on the path, my dog goes crazy. He yelps and jumps and tries yanking his leash to the other dog. Just yesterday he did this with a pitbull and it tried chasing after my dog. How do I get my dog to stop doing this?
He’s a dachshund/lab and he’s 1.

admin answers:

When you walk him, you need to work with him on keeping his attention on you. The way to do this is to give him treats while you are walking him. The treat should be something he loves to eat like cubes of cheese, bologna, cooked chicken, etc. As soon as you see any dog approaching, get right in front of him, show him a treat, put the treat to his mouth (while you are calling him at the same time). Let the other dog pass both of you while having his attention. If your dog even turns away or starts to go for the other dog, immediately make a loud noise, and direct his attention back to you with the treat. Give him the treat only when he does this correctly. This will take time and patience on your part. It depends on your dogs personality how long this will take. Good luck.

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