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Mary asks…

computer has gone to pot, new power supply, mobo, processor don’t work.?

New processor, new mobo, new power supply. The power supply is supposed to be „atx 2.0“ but the connections are slightly different from the old power supply. Expamples: instead of a 15 pin sata power connection they’re only 12 pin. I really need help with this I’m at my wit’s end. The old power supply was a: bestec atx 300 12eb3 rev s2. I currently have a 450watt with 24 pins and the whole bit. The system wants to power up, but doesn’t go past the boot stage. just flickers „vap-vap-vap“ after being powered on. I can tell you more, I’m silghtly experienced but after more than a month I’m stumped and tired of threowing money at this thing.

admin answers:

Unless you can get an adaptor your power supply is not compatible with other components, or you pc is to old, you should know that, use the big circular filing bin and get a new pc. Compatibility runs right thru the pc not just mobo and ram

Susan asks…

Will this power supply work on my desktop?

here is my pc
emachine w3107
i need a new power supply and i’m looking at this on ebay


will it work?
or would this one work better?

here is new link
u have to pick model
which is emachine w3107

admin answers:

The First Link Dont Work Or Load For Some Reason please Post New Website

Thomas asks…

Which is better? Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3 or Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3?

This is a serious question, I want to know which is better or faster and why.
Also here is my computers specs.
250GB PATA/EIDE Hard Drive
2GB DDR Ram (2X1GB sticks)
Sony CD-R/RW Drive
MSI MS-6577 Version 4.1 Motherboard
GeForce 8400GS (PCI)
Creative SB Live! 24 Bit soundcard (PCI)
Bestec 250Watt power supply
cooler master socket 478 heatsink with 80mm fan
80 wire ribbons for hard drive and cd drive
so please tell me which one is best for my setup, thanks

admin answers:

Hello, I have owned both versions of the software, here is my recommendation…

Windows XP Pro has more security features that are good for security conscious people, it is also better for hyper threading ( making one processor appear as two logical processors to the computer, it actually helps performance!) and multiple core CPU’s or more than one CPU…

I have also noticed it trims down on some processes to reduce RAM usage, it also is more for connecting to Domains, (A feature XP home doesn’t have!)

In reality, if you get Windows 7, it’s actually way better than vista, and beats XP at file loading and transfer, (Believe me, my friend had XP pro on his computer and it took him about a minute to install mozilla firefox, but when he got 7, as soon as he pushed Next it was done!

In the end, it depends on your preference, XP pro is more powerful, but XP home is a little more user friendly!

I prefer pro 🙂

Nancy asks…

Power Supply Trouble?

I’m looking for a new graphics card, but my case is a slim, so I have to find one that is low-profile to even fit it. Well, I found out recently that my power supply is HORRIBLE and I really don’t want to worry about finding a power supply. Currently, I’m running a 250w power supply

However, I found a graphics card I’ve been wanting, and it needs a 400w power supply, but I’ve read reviews of people running it with worse power supplies than I have, and seem to run it fine

My question is, would it be fine to run the card with my current power supply? If not, can anyone link me to a card that fits into a Dell 530s?

(Link to card I am looking at is
Also, I’d buy a new PC if I could, but I’m on a low budget right now, and I just want a graphics card that can run some of the games I currently have until I can afford a new machine altogether

admin answers:

Low profile can be expensive. U have to order those from the computer manufacturer usually. Dell is notorious for making those. Or you can install a regular one but leave it out of the case. My suggestion to u is to build another computer rather than buy a new power supply from dell or anyone else as ill show you its expensive and they are crap quality.

Heres the cheapest psu i found its 80$ the other is 150$
the bestec is complete garbage. They are known to blow and take out motherboards

simply put they rip you off when they make slim lines like this so your screwed into buying just their can get a new case and board for that 80$ youd spend on a psu. Id just build a new computer as its gonna rape you financially and in terms of quality to replace that psu.

Charles asks…

Compaq Presario Power Supply?

I am upgrading the video card on my compaq and I have talked to a tech and know that I can, the problem is I have to upgrade my power supply as well, and I have no idea what I should be looking for I’ve spent about 4 or 5 hours staring at the computer looking through everything to figure it out but I am still lost. I have a compaq presario sr2013wm the current power supply that came with it is a Bestec model#: ATX-250-12z, can anyone give me any direction on what I should be looking for, because I know the compaqs are good for having smaller sized power supplies and I cant find the specs on the power supply the I am currently using I need something around a 500+ watt.

admin answers:

Get a Corsair HX520W, amazing power supply.

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