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Susan asks…

Are there any free online cards tournaments where I can win money?

I know there are tournaments on poker sites that if you enter a free tournament with play money, you can win a few cents if you come in the top 200, but are there any more websites like that???? Ones where you can win more…

admin answers:

I play at and they give out tons of money.

Steven asks…

im looking to play poker tournaments online that are free to enter & offer a small cash prize. what sites best?

admin answers: offers the most freeroll for cash prize tournaments than any other site
victor chandler sites download carries a virus that was picked up by my internet security when i downloaded it so just be careful
other sites to try are and but the variety is not as good a fulltilt poker

William asks…

How much tax is taken out of poker winnings?

Let’s say I profit $50,000 in a poker tournament.
Approximately how much taxes would be taken out?
I heard professional poker players have to pay self-employment tax?
So if I were a professional poker player I’d pay:
X% – Federal Tax
X% – State Tax
X% – Self-Employment Tax
X% – Other Taxes??

How much total do you think approximately?
I know it’s not a 1 correct answer because of many different scenarios but just approximately on average?

Anyone who has more information about this feel free to add your thoughts.
So say I make $40,000 from a regular job in a year and quit my job. The next year I play poker professionally and make $40,000 from poker. The same amount of taxes would be taken out for each year?

Also I seen that most the players that made the wsop final table were taxed REALLY HIGH like 40% to 50%!! The more money you win a higher PERCENTAGE of taxes they take out??

admin answers:

Fed Tax approx 28%
State Tax can vary from 5% -8% and if you live in a differnt state that can be an additional 5-8%
thats it no other tax unless you live in a different country

Daniel asks…

Where is the best place to play a poker tournament in Vegas?

I will be there Fri to Sunday and would like to play idealy on Friday. I’m looking for a tournament where they don’t jack the blinds up quickly and it becomes an all-in fest. I don’t want to pay more than $100, ideally less if possible. Thanks for the advice.

admin answers:

Here are a couple places that I have found to play and are in your money range.

1. Planet Hollywood – My favorite! I really liked playing here!!! I believe it was a 7pm game for $60 and they gave $4000 in chips.

2. Stratosphere – They have a $60 dollar game also that is every few hours. You can check their site for times.

3. Paris – They have a $65 dollar game that is every few hours also.

4. There are a couple others at the Luxor and Ceasers that are under $100 but not sure if they run on the weekends.

First thing to do when you get to Vegas, go to the first poker room you can get to and pick up on of the FREE cardplayer magizines and flip to the back. There is a list of all the tournaments at each casino in there. This will help you out plus you will have something to read on the plane flight home! Have fun!

John asks…

Is it legal to hold a poker tournament in a licensed restaurant?

I want to hold a dinner followed by a poker game is this legal

admin answers:

States are different. Its illegal in my state except theres a loophole where you can play as long as you dont gamble but if you have an „admission fee“ spent on free prizes than its legal.

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