Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Chris asks…

Is there a way you can used unlocked phones on sprint?

Because I dont feel like looking for the right phone every time for sprint. i just want to find a phone that i can unlock or an unlocked phone that i can use for sprint. so is there a way? I’m not sure if sprint allows using unlocked phones

admin answers:

Unlocked phones refer to GSM phones and IDEN phones.
Sprint uses CDMA, you do not unlock CDMA phones. With Sprint service, you MUST use a Sprint branded phone. CDMA phones have a ESN# that is activated. The only phones Sprint will activate are the Sprint branded phones in which case the ESN# is in the Sprint database

Linda asks…

Phone unlocking?

I have a phone with 3 and I am planning to switch contracts to O2. What I want to know is do I need to unlock the 3 mobile to put an O2 sim in it as I heard that 3 piggyback O2 services and signals etc.
Good site but doesnt quite answer my question. Any help anyone??
Also is it possible to unlock a Blackberry 8800??

admin answers:

is a good article on phone unlocking

Thomas asks…

Are cell phones from India unlocked?

Are cell phones from India unlocked? I mean if you buy one from over there and bring it over to the U.S. can you use it using any company like metro, cingular, etc? If its not unlocked, is there any place where they’ll unlock the phone for you safely?

admin answers:

Yeah they lock phones in india, it depends on where the phone came from. There are thousands of places to unlock phones. Try any independent cell phone store

Maria asks…

Cell phone question about unlocking?

Can you buy any cell phone and use it for any service as long as you unlock the phone? How do you unlock the phone, and how much more would you usually pay for it to be unlocked?

admin answers:

Typically it’s gsm phones (AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, etc) that are unlocked. The easiest way to unlock a phone is via imei unlock code. You can unlock almost any gsm phone here:

William asks…

mobile phone „3“ network unlock

i have a 3 locked phone. im sure i read somewhere that if you want your phone unlocking your network has to supply an unlock code my law (which they are allowed to charge for. i have a 3 locked phone so is this possible?

admin answers:

Some phones are code locked and some are firmware locked. Not all phones can be unlocked with a entry code – some need the firmware updating (in a shop).

There is nothing that says a network MUST supply you with the unlock code they MUST give you a PUK code which unlock the SIM (blocked operation) if you are teh genuine owner but not a code to allow you to use on ohter networks.

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