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Betty asks…

How to unlock cell phone?

Hello I m looking for a free software to unlock cell phones and Huawei E 160 modems. Many softwares are there but only for old phones and what I m looking for is for new phones like Samsung Z400V ect……. Thanks for your help

admin answers:

There can be many ways to Unlock your phone.
As far as i know unlocking by codes is the simple and safest way.unlock using software delete some information in memory i unlock my phone using codes ,i got codes from you can unlock your phone here
I used codes to unlock my cell phone. I had my unlock code and my phone was unlocked.
You need to specify the country and network provider

Ruth asks…

gsm unlocked phone? ?

I recently purchased a gophone card. They say that i can purchase any cingular or ATT cellphone. Would the sony ericsson S500i phone that is gsm unlocked be usuable in the United State and with the gophone payment? I am unsure what gsm unlocked means?

admin answers:

GSM is the technology (uses sim cards)
Unlocked means the phone will except any carriers sim card
When looking to purchase a phone for ATT, if it is not a ATT/Cingular phone then you have to make sure the phone is unlocked and supports the GSM bands that ATT uses. ATT is GSM850/1900 so any phone you choose would have to have those bands.
The SE S500i is a quadband phone and will work almost anywhere in the world and will work fine with ATT. Here are the spec’s from the SE website, notice that it lists GSM850 and GSM1900 – Thats what you look for
If you also want to use the phone with ATT data, you will have to manually change the data settings to match the ATT medianet settings. Settings can be found on the ATT support website

Joseph asks…

pantech matrix cell phone unlocked?

I was wondering if the pantech matrix was availible for unlocked.. because if u had unlocked cant u use it on any wireless network? or can someone explain how unlocked phones work?? thanks
sry wrong topic i kno. i didnt mean to push itt…
i mean Category

if u know you can get the pantech matrix unlocked, can u tell me how much it would cost etc and where to get it etc

admin answers:

You are able to unlock the phone, however it may cost you some money to do so. Since the phone is a GSM phone, you will only be able to use it with a network that uses SIM cards. Such as AT&T and TMobile. This phone will not work with other systems that are „CDMA“ such as Sprint or Verizon.

Mary asks…

How do unlocked phones work?

I currently have T-mobile and have a 2year contract and hate my phone. The plan included 300 whenever minutes, unlimited texting, and the fave fives.

I am looking at an unlocked AT&T phone. Will all of my same features be available on it once I switch? I don’t want to purchase the phone until I know for sure.

admin answers:

When a At&t phone is unlocked, it means it can accept any sim card from any company that uses sim cards, i.e T-mobile.

When making phone calls or texting on an unlocked At&t phone you wont have any problems.

Your myfaves will still exist on your plan you just wont be able to change them through the phone. In order to change your my faves you would log in to your mytmobile account through the T-mobile website.

The main issue with using a unlocked phone from At&t is that the data service might not work.
(this really depends on the type of phone you get)

Chris asks…

Buying An Unlocked Cell Phone?

im thinking of buying an unlocked cell phone. How does this work? Do i just buy it from ebay and take it to alltel. What if the unlocked phone isnt one that alltel carries

admin answers:

An unlocked phone usually indicates a GSM phone….alltel uses a CDMA network and the two are not compatible.

If you need to unlock a gsm phone you can try here:

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