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Donna asks…

What is IV/EV training on pokemon black and how do you do it?

admin answers:

Kevin (the answerer) is wrong. You CAN EV Train in Black/White. EV Training is a special training to help you make you Pokemon’s stats more than usual, or more than it would be if you just left them in the Day-Care or used Rare Candies all the way through to get them to level 100. Anyways, an EV is an Effort Value, each Pokemon gives a certain amount of Effort Values to certain stats, 4 Effort Values make the stat increase by 1. Ex, a Patrat gives of 1 EV for Attack, so if I kill 4 Patrats, I get 4 Attack EVs, and the Pokemon who participated in all 4 battles would gain +1 in the Attack stat. A Pokemon can have a total of 510 EVs, and only 255 EVs in 1 single stat, giving you a chance to fully maximize 2 stats. Also the vitamins (HP Up, Protein, Carbos, Calcuim, Zinc, Iron) give 10 EVs to the stat they boost. And the power items give 4 additional EVs to the stat they promote, Macho Brace doubles the EVs you gain in battle, and Pokerus doubles all the EVs in the end. So for example, if I let a Charizard hold a Power Lens (+4 EVs in Sp.Atk per battle) and has Pokerus, and I kill a Litwick (+1 EV in Sp.Atk), I’d get 1 EV from the Litwick, plus 4 more EVs for the Power Lens, so that makes 5 EVs. But the Pokerus doubles those 5 EVs, so for every Litwick i kill, Charizard would get a whopping 10 Sp.Atk EVs each time!

For IV Training, IVs are Individual Values, they are numbers that increase your stats, ranging from 0-31. The higher the IV, the higher the IV in each of your stats, the higher your Pokemon’s stats will be. You just pretty much have to catch or breed Pokemon continuously until you get 31 IVs in the stats you need them to be in. For more information on IVs:

For more information on EVs:

Jenny asks…

how do i trade pokemon globally using black/white 2?

i need help with this an also to know if anyone has a pokemon with pokerus to trade

admin answers:

The GTS can be accessed at any pokemon center on the upper floor by talking to the lady on the right. You need to have gotten the pal pad and have access to wi-fi.

Richard asks…

In need of the pokerus. May we trade plz?

Hey guys. Im in need of the pokerus. i have lots to offer for any pokemon with the pokerus on pokemon black or white. my fc is: 2280 3436 6335. plz leave your email so we can talk about the trade 😀 thx in advance.

admin answers:

I’ll give it to you.

Carol asks…

Does anybody have a pokémon affected by pokérus (Black/White)?

Hi everybody! I’m looking for a pokémon with pokérus. I do not have much to give in return because I’m just at the beginning of my new game but I really need one to infect my team.
Thank you so much!


admin answers:

Message me with your FC and timezone. I’ll get back to you asap.

Donald asks…

Pokerus in black and white 2?

So i was healing my pokemon at the pokecenter and the nurse told me i had pokerus but none of my pokemon have the little pink PKRS thing in the summary. Did i miss it or what’s happening

admin answers:

Did you wait for a long time before checking? Your Pokemon might have gotten cured.

Maybe it is a glitch. Do you know where the PKRS thing is written? When you go to summary, it is near the part which says the level of the Pokemon.

Maybe the nurse told you that your Pokemon had Pokerus before this time and you didn’t read what she was saying.

UPDATE: I just read this from IGN:
„After 1-4 days (at midnight), the Pokerus will no longer be contagious, but your Pokemon will still have it in their system. It may not say PKRS but it will show a small purple 🙁 in the Pokemon’s Summary Menu. To make sure you have Pokerus for a long time to infect other future pokemon, keep a pokemon with Pokerus in your PC. If it’s in there, it will remain contagious until you keep it outside of the PC for one to four days. It can vary from virus to virus.“

It could be a happy face instead of a small circle… I’m not sure

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