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Susan asks…

What should I worry about when setting my sights on Computer Systems Software Engineering?

-I am a HS Junior
-I have taken and passed Honors and AP Computer Programming classes
-I am a member of the Academy of IT (for hs students)

I am *very* worried about the college and professional paths…
I keep asking myself, „What if I do not know what to do and how to do things assigned to me?“

admin answers:

Unfortunately, the paths for IT and computer programming are not as great as they use to be. After the economy rebounded from the fiasco, alot of the jobs have been outsourced to India.

Paul asks…

Is it better to have a C in a honors class or a B or A in a regular class?

I have a C in my honors social studies class. Will colleges look at that as bad? Does an A or B in a regular class look better?

admin answers:

It is my understanding that simply passing an honors class, no matter what grade you get, looks better to colleges. They do look at how difficult the classes are that you are taking. So getting a C in honors in better than a B/A in regular 🙂

Mandy asks…

Whats the difference between AP and Honors classes?

I am taking honors biology, does this mean im IN ap because we learn very advanced things. Do colleges still look at Honors classes too.

admin answers:

They are not the same.

AP classes are college-level classes. You don’t get any credit-hours for taking them, but many colleges will allow you to pass to the next classes after those, since you have already taken them.

Also, my high school ranked an A in a normal class as 4.0, an A in an honors class as 5.0, and an A in an AP class as 6.0. So there was incentive to take them since doing well would boost GPA more.

Lisa asks…

How do I pass an exam with 4 hours of sleep and no studying?

I don’t need anyone to tell me about how awful my study/sleep habits are. I just need some advice on how to pass? Also I don’t wanna cheat… so any proper advice would be awesome 🙂
Its a midterm so I cant fake sick and do it another day. Also I don’t procrastinate… I have insomnia and also there have been some family issues lately that have taken up all my time. Normally I am a really good student.

admin answers:

I made a living out of that methodology in school. Be sure to wake up 45 minutes earlier than normal, eat something…anything, and cram for 20-30 minutes. Fresh information will stick with you right before the test, as opposed to studying for a couple of hours then sleeping for 6 or 7 and hoping to do good.
Mind you, this is not the BEST advice, but I graduated with honors, so apply yourself…even if it is for only an hour a day.
Good luck.

James asks…

How can I get my point guard to pass more often?

I’m a player on a league basketball team, and I have a solid point guard. If necessary, he can take over a game, but he thinks he’s LeBron James too much. If anybody could think of a way to cure this, find a way to pass more frequently, I would appreciate it, thanks.

admin answers:

Hello hello

As a guard myself, i think i can offer you some good help with this question

Point guards do two things for a team most regularly, they pass to the open man, or they set up a play that leads to a player being open…. Those are the two most regular things a point guard does…

Now in your case, i havent seen you guys play but i can give you a few things that might help…. First is setting screens for each other… When i say for each other, i mean you and the 3 other guys on the court other than the point guard himself… Screen for your forward, screen for your shooting guard and even screen for your center… Why??… This opens up space on the court and causes mismatches… When a point guard sees you in open space it will be instinct to just pass to you and if this point guard has a good eye and recognizes a mismatch he will DEFINITELY pass to you…. Alot of the times players relax and think that the point guard will somehow find space and free them up on the court… But more times than not the rest of the team needs to help each other to free up so that the point guard has a good pass… Screening is one of those ways

Another way to get a pass is to be agressive… I dont mean agressive as in yell at the dude… I mean agressive as in cutting through the lane or posting up… Many point guards struggle with the fact that their teammates just stand around in one place…. Cut through the lane, yell that you want the ball and tense your body so that you are like an 8000 pound truck cutting through, 80% of the time, whether your point guard thinks he is Lebron or Kobe or whoever… He WILL pass the ball when he sees that sort of initiative…

Ive also told you to post up… This is extremely effective in making the point guard pass to you… The reason is that it allows the point guard to go through a thought process, once you post up you have 5 seconds where you can have your back to the basket, 5 seconds as you should know is a whole load of time in basketball, in 5 seconds you could make or break a team on the offensive play… So post up, back up into your defender, be strong, be solid and demand the ball… Once again just like in cutting through the lane, if the point guard sees this initiative and effort he will reward you time and time again….

Another thing is pass the ball to him… I know it sounds strange but when you pass the ball to a teammate and you say 1-2 or you just pass the ball it creates a bond between the two players on the court…. They develop a feel for each other and usually they will start passing to each other out of friendship… This wont always make the point guard pass to you… But more times than not, a player remembers which of their teammates passes to them and honours them with a pass of their own….

Finally i think you and your coach should consider whether this player is playing in the right position… This player might be more of a shooting guard… From what you’ve stated in the question he sounds like a Ben Gordon or Allen Iverson…. Of course ive never seen you guys play so i might be dead set wrong… But consider what other positions this guy might be able to play… Could do the team a world of good….

So anyway that is my advice to you being a point guard myself… These are the things that make me want to pass to my teammates and trust them… The last thing im going to tell you is that the more you work on your shot and your game… The more you make the shots when he passes the ball to you… And the more you make those shots, the more he trusts you… Trust is a big thing in any team sport…

Hope this helps you, good luck

Peace always

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