Your Questions About Pass To Me Pitbull

George asks…

where can i find out what the laws r reguarding pitbulls?

i have a city address but when i contact my vet & animal control they state that i am in the county.??????????? I live in wichita, ks

needing to know, the city passed a microchipping and spaying/neuturing law, need to see if this applys to me as well, but im not sure cuz i live in the county.
my dogs r fixxed just not microchipped, i dindn’t ask 4 opinions, just need to know the law, so that i may comply with them

admin answers:

You need to contact the county bi-laws department if the city does not have jurisdiction.
Good Luck and God Bless

I see the TROLLS are out giving everyone a thumbs down.
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Sandra asks…

how long does it take for a female dog to have puppies?

my dog is a boxer mixed with a pitbull.

admin answers:

The length of pregnancy (gestation) in the bitch may vary between 56 and 72 days since both early and late matings may be fertile.

Early matings require the survival of sperm with the female until ovulation and can therefore produce a longer pregnancy. Late matings are when the eggs are fertilised some time after ovulation, which can produce a shorter pregnancy. Make sure your bitch is up-to-date with her vaccinations well before the intended mating, as this will pass on passive immunity to the puppies.

Carol asks…

how can u tell when a dog is fixing to have her puppies?

See I have a pitbull and she is suppose to have her puppies sometime either this week or next. This is her 1st time and I was wondering what are some signs that she is fixing to have them?
also her puppies are a mixed breed between a husky and a lab. So i don’t know how cute they will turn out.

admin answers:

Do you know what day(s) your girl was bred? If so, count 63 days from the first mating and 63 days from the last mating. Usually, you’d begin taking her temperature on about day 57; a ’normal‘ temp should be in the 100.8 – 102.0 range. What you would want to watch for is a hard drop in the temperature down to about 98.4 or less. When this happens, your girl will *typically* deliver within 24 hours. If she carries a temperature of 98.4 or less for more than 24 hours, you need to get her to the vet immediately for an examination to see if she’s having issues that need medical attention.

Take your dog’s temperatures 3x a day when they are getting close to delivery, beginning on day 57 from the first date of breeding: 7am, 2pm, and just before you go to bed. Chart the temps so that you can see if there are any patterns because, like people, an animal’s temperature can vary at different times of the day.You don’t want to assume that a 99.3 is nearly „it“ when 99.3 might just be her time of the day to run a lower temp.

Since you’re concerned that she’s in labor now, go ahead and take her temperature. If you don’t have these necessary items, you might want to run out and get them (Digital thermometer, rubbing alcohol, K-Y jelly).

Clean a digital thermometer with alcohol, lubricate it with K-Y jelly and gently insert it into her rectum and wait for it to beep. If her temperature is 100.6 or higher, she’s not quite ready. If her temperature is 98.6 or below, you might be about to have some puppies.

Also, fix her up a whelping box. Something that is large enough for her to have plenty of room to lie down in comfortably. Put several layers of newspaper on the bottom and put an old sheet, (folded) or some old towels, or something similar, on top of the newspapers. She may want to get her babybed ready.

Have extra bedding available, including clean newspapers and something fabric because you’ll want to remove the soiled bedding after she delivers. It is important to provide a fabric type of bedding for the puppies and change it DAILY. Puppies can’t get footing on a slick surface and, if left on a slick surface, they will often end up splay legged and, sometimes, that cannot be fixed and can result in the puppy having to be euthanized.

If it is at all possible, stay up with her once you know she is about to deliver. It is very important to make sure she passes one placenta for each puppy delivered. If she does not, then you need to get her in to the vet as soon as she finishes delivering for an injection of oxitocin, and possibly antibiotics.

Take a photograph of each puppy as soon as Mama has it cleaned up, weigh it with kitchen scales and record the weight, and record the date/time of birth. If you cannot take a photograph, make a note on the side, such as „male; brown with white spots and black ears.“ This way, you can weigh the puppies weekly to determine that they are growing as they should be.

Just to let you know if she kicks her legs or something
its not an indication of labor. It could, however, be a very good indication that she’s tired of all those puppies squirming in there.

Please, please, PLEASE do NOT listen to the advice that a dog vomiting worms is normal. It is NOT normal!! If any dog, male or female, is vomiting worms, then that dog has an infestion far beyond „bad“ and it needs **immediate** veterinary care to clear the problem up.

Lastly, don’t forget that you need to start worming your puppies when they are 10 days old and every 10 days after that until they are 6 weeks old.

Remember, too, that 63 days is the ‚average‘ length of canine gestation. Smaller breeds often have theirs a little earlier; larger breeds often have theirs a little later. The overall gestational length is, i believe, 58 – 66 days, depending upon the dam.

Donna asks…

I have a pitbull that barks alot what can i do to stop her from barking?

I have a pit bull that barks at people who pass by the house , my neigbors, friends, cats and other dogs what do i do? i tryed a muzzle, spraying her with water and i took her to obiedienc class but she wont listen!..shes 7 months and hard to control what can i do?

admin answers:

MORE EXERCISE. Get that dog out and running, hard, every day.

William asks…

how much do i charge if someone wants to breed with my dog?

ok i have a 100% blue pitbull male, someone wants to use him to breed, i dont want any puppies from it but how much should i charge for them to use him?

admin answers:

Is this a reputeable breeder that wants to stud your dog, if not pass!!! There are plenty of people out there running puppy mills in which they keep the female dogs in cages and they have 2 litters are year since they are old enough to breed. They are kept in deplorable conditions, not fed properly, not enough water. They have fleas and skin conditions.

There are so many dogs that need homes, and many are put to sleep for the simple reason that they do not have a home.

Please do not consider breeding your dog for money.

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