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Mandy asks…

Phone unlocking question?

Ok I want to get my phone unlocked and I’m just wondering if I go into my carrier will they give it to me or will I need a reason? Which kinda makes no sense because I should be allowed to have it regardless. Obviously I’m willing to pay but I’m not going to pay loads I’ve already spent tonnes with them. So my question will they give it to me. And will I need a reason.

admin answers:

Your carrier will get the phone unlocked if your contract is up with them. If not, then they’re not going to do it. If you’re still on your contract, get the phone unlocked from outside which will be even cheaper I think. If you need to get the phone factory unlocked, mail me for references.

Helen asks…

Unlocked Phone?

If I was to buy an unlocked phone from Ebay, how does that correspond if I wanted Verizon service?

admin answers:

Unlock phones takes sim cards for cingular and t-mobile ONLY. You would have to buy a verizon phone to get it activated with verizon.. If you’re lookin on ebay makes sure that its cleared for activation 😀

Sandra asks…

Unlocked phones?

What is an unlocked phone? Is it a phone that you can use with any service provider with a SIM card? Oh, and what’s a SIM card? Do I have one in my phone already? I’m asking because I have a craptastic phone from Verizon wireless and I want to upgrade to a pink ultraslim SLVR. But I can‚t buy the phone from my carrier, and even if I could, I’d need a new plan.

admin answers:

A SIM card is basically like a removable memory chip. Check out
for an explanation of the exact details.

Verizon is a CDMA (digital) network. Cingular and T-mobile are GSM. This means that you can use your phone anywhere in the world (there are technical things to this, but yeah).

Due to this, you most likely do not have a SIM card. People who travel internationally usually go with either Cingular or T-mobile, as they can use their phone.

An unlocked phone means that you can use your phone with ANY carrier that is on the GSM network ANYWHERE in the world (again, there are technical limitations, however i dont want to confuse you). For example, if you have cingular and i have t-mobile, and we both have unlocked phones, we could take out our sim cards, switch phones. Then if you were to call lets say bob with my phone and your sim card, bob will still know its you.

You need to buy unlocked phones, either from the manufacturer or off a third party website. Most carriers will not willing sell you an unlocked phone. However, these can get quite expensive because 1) you are not normally buying a plan and 2) it gives them an excuse to charge you high prices

however, if you have lets say the SLVR and you go to the UK for holiday, there are websites that will provide you with the unlock sequence for like $5 USD, or something like that. So this is much cheaper. Plus if you go to the UK and your phone is unlocked, you can get like a prepaid SIM Card and that way you will still have a local number and not get charged up the butt with international charges, plus you will still have a phone.

Thomas asks…

Unlocked cell phones?

I am trying to purchase a phone on the internet. It says „RAZR v3xx (unlocked),“ but what does it mean by „(unlocked)?“

admin answers:

Unlocked phones are for people that use GSM phones. For example Cingular (the new at&t) & T-Mobile use GSM technology for their phone service. GSM phones use a sim card, which is a tiny chip inserted into the phone. The sim card has your cell phone account info on it and makes the phone work. If you have a GSM phone you can take the sim card out put it in any other compatible GSM phone and that new phone now works with your number. Sim cards can also store all your phone book entries so they can be transfered to.

Phones are locked when you by them direct from Cingular or t-mobile and this keeps you from putting a t-mobile sim card into a cingular phone and using it until the phone is unlocked.

Other phone companies like Verizon & Sprint use CDMA technology No sim cards you cant switch phones on the fly you can only buy their phones.

Read more on this blog look for an article titled CDMA vs. GSM

Ruth asks…

Where to get cheap unlocked mobile phones?

hi, i really want to get a nokia 5800 ( the touch screen one) but its really expensive on the network i want it. do u guys no any websites that r really reliable and sell cheap unlocked phones ( not

admin answers:

Ebay there you can able to get the Unlocked Phones as well as locked phones.If you will buy a locked phone means you need to unlock the mobile for your preferenced network use.You search for unlocked mobiles in if it is possible to find the mobile with your expecting cost means you can buy unlocked mobile.Otherwise my idea is that you can better locked Nokia 5800 model mobile & unlocked the unlocking code,.In the site you can get the Unlocking code at low cost for the Nokia 5800 Express music.

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