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Sandy asks…

How much does The New York City Pass cost?

Hello, I am planning to stay in NYC for 10 days, and would like to visit all that city offers, form museums, Broadway shows to botanic parks. All related topics are pretty old.

Now, about pass, I did visit their official Web site, but they are, of course, due to marketing, selling themselves, and I am trying to get other opinions, from the people that are objective.

So, how much would it cost to buy a 7-day NYC Pass, and is it true that I don’t have to buy public transportation passes because it includes it, and is it true (I think I read someone’s comment) that you can even go to Yankee game with it? I would really appreciate if someone helps me.

All the best from Croatia:)

admin answers:

The New York Pass costs are as specified on their web page and for the time period shown: The 7 day pass is $200.00 You are not going to find it any cheaper.

You cannot go to a Yankee game with it but you can take a tour of Yankee Stadium.

The New York CityPass cost is shown on the web site and for the time period shown:

The information shown on either is pretty much what you see is what you get. There isn’t that much selling themselves.

Neither one of these passes include public transportation.

For the subway and bus you will need to buy a MetroCard. There is a 7 day unlimited (valid for 7 continuous days from when it is first used) card for $29.00 ($30.00 as of 3/1/13) which is valid for only 1 person (if there are more than 1 in your group then each one would need to have one). There is also a Pay-per-ride card in which you can add value.
Http:// (MTA main page)

Also look at this site for tourist info: (this is the official NYC tourist info site)

Thomas asks…

People who have had Warped Tour VIP passes or Know about them?

okay so this year i have VIP „voucher“ pass to Warped Tour 2010 Uniondale, NY. I have about 10 bands that i want to see. the VIP pass allows me to go on the side of the bands performance and watch them do their thing but the question is… is it really that good? like is it better than being in the crowd or would i rather be in the front of the crowd than being backstage? oh and what other offers does the VIP pass offer?

admin answers:

If your voucher is from Music Saves Lives you have to be like one of the first 150 at the booth to receive a wristband to go backstage. If you aren’t one of the first 150 you don’t get backstage access but you do get a special meet and greet.

Last year I had to get up at 5 am to be one of the first people there lining up at the gates in order to race to the back with the voucher and find the Music Saves Lives tent to get the wristband. It was pretty cool to go backstage and meet all of the bands but I think I had more fun the first year I went when I didn’t have the wristband and fought the crowd. So if there’s a band you are dying to meet and willing to get up at 5 in the morning for then I’d say yeah use the voucher.

Also, the first half of Warped Tour, the security guards blocking the backstage access areas had nooo idea what they were doing. They wouldn’t let anyone go backstage even if you had the correct wristband. It wasn’t until halfway way through the day that they received clearer instructions on who is allowed backstage.

Robert asks…

How much is a premium pass upgrade in Universal Studios Hollywood in 2012?

I have four 2012 passes for Universal Studios Hollywood. How much is the upgrade to front of line tickets?

admin answers:

FOTL tickets are not an upgrade option. They are only sold to daily ticket holders. The Premium pass does give you priority boarding on the tour, but that’s it. It’s $169 total, so the upgrade price would be $89 from a „buy a day, get a year free“

Carol asks…

What are your touring plans for a day at Disneyland?

I’m planning to go on a two day trip to Disneyland Resort with three of my friends and we will be spending one day at Disneyland and one day at DCA. What are some good touring plans for both park in separate days?

admin answers:

You can actually go to and get a customized touring plan. I have no affiliation with them, other than I subscribe to their crowd calendar service. You can specify what type of group you have, and when you are going. In return, you get a touring plan.

Day 1:
If you are going any time Nov 12-Jan 6, you will want to take full advantage of the holiday festivities, including holiday parades and fireworks. The castle looks magical at night, as does the tree on Main Street. Start the day early and get a reservation for a character meal at Plaza Inn. Head over to Haunted Mansion and get an early ride on the Haunted Mansion Holiday version. While you are there, go on Pirates of the Caribbean. Work your way to Thunder Mountain, then take the „back road“ to „It’s a Small World Holiday“. From there, ride the Matterhorn, then go ride Space Mountain. After a quick ride on Astro Blasters, use the Fast Pass for Star Tours that you cleverly got when you were at Plaza Inn. At that point, you can applaud yourself, since you have hit all the biggest rides at Disneyland, except for Indiana Jones, which is currently closed for refurbishment. Utilize the rest of your day at a more liesurely pace, watching the afternoon Chirstmas Parade, and catching the evening Castle lighting and fireworks show.

Day 2: Upon your arrival by park opening time, your first order of business is to get a Fastpass for the World of Color show (at the Grizzley River Run), then hoof it over to „It’s Tough to be a Bug“ to get a fastpass for Radiator Springs Racers. I would strongly suggest starting out in Cars Land and going on all 3 new rides there. Then head over to Pacific Pier and ride California Screamin‘, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and Toy Story Midway Mania. Goofy’s Sky School is also fun. Then head over to Soarin‘ Over California via the road past Grizzley River Run. Once you do that, you’ve hit the biggest rides and can slow down. Be sure to catch the World of Color show, the Aladdin show, and the Mad T Party.

Have fun!

Daniel asks…

Why are the Tour de France riders exposed to the exhaust of motorcycles and cars – isn’t that counter intuitiv?

I mean, notice that they are being followed, passed, and riding alongside automobiles. Isn’t that posing a risk for their health, being professional cyclists?

admin answers:

No not at all. The places where the Pro Tour races are taken place do have a clean atmosphere. On the plus side, they are riding outdoors.
I’m sure the riders are more worried about the automobiles are being in the way.
But they sure don’t mind because they need their team car to coach them through the races, or transport food to the feeding stations etc.

No matter where you go, there will be cars that will pollute the air. Everyone is breathing the same air, so nobody is having a advantage or disadvantage.

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