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Lisa asks…

Is f(x)=x^3/2 odd even or neither?

admin answers:

Two ways to find out:

Graph the equation with a graphing calculator. If it is symmetric over the y-axis it is even. If it would have been symmetric over the y-axis, except that the left side of the graph (where the x coordinates are negative) is flipped upside-down, then it is odd. If the two sides of the graph are different shapes, it is neither. But please note when you are putting the equations in the calculator that „x^3/2“ is the same as „(x^3)/2“ and not the same as „x^(3/2)“. I’m not sure which one you meant.

If f(-x) = f(x) then it is even. In other words, plug in (-x) for (x) and if you get the same thing (in this case x^3/2) then the function is even.
If f(-x) = -f(x) then it’s odd. In other words, if you plug in (-x) for (x) and you get the same function only with each term having the opposite (+/-) sign (in this case -x^3/2), then the function is negative.
If neither, then the function is neither.

Charles asks…

Bra size calculators giving different answers?

I just tried a few different bra size calculators. The answers were: 30B, 30D and 28DD. which one is right? I need to know because i’m buying bras online!

My measurements are:
Over bust: 29
Boobies: 32.5
Underbust: 25

admin answers:


Under the Bust = Band size

If your Under the Bust measurement is even. If it is odd then you can choose to go up to the next even number for you Band Size and keep the same Cup Size or go down to the next even number and add one cup size. The bra is made of out stretchy material, so it will stretch to fit you. If you find that the bra that you are wearing it to tight you can go up a down a cup and up in the band.

Cup size in inches(UK). A=1in B=2in C=3in D=4in DD=5in E=6in F=7in FF=8in G=9in GG=10in H=11in HH=12in J=13in JJ=14in K=15in KK=16in L=17in LL=18in

You would a 26F

But you could try a 28E

Chris asks…

how do betting oddds work?

for euro 2012 germany are 4/1 favourites. what does that mean?

admin answers:

It means that if you bet $1 you will win $4 + 1$(your bet).
I found for you an odds calculator.

Hope this helps you.

Robert asks…

is this equation odd, even, or neither?

in other words, is it symmetric to the y-axis, origin, or neither


admin answers:

If you graph it on a graphing calculator, you will notice it is neither.

Joseph asks…

is the given function even, odd, or neither?

please show work!

1. f(X) = 4 – X^2
2. f(x) = x(4-x^2)
3. f(x) = 4x – x^2

admin answers:

Map them on calculator and see if they are symmetrical or not. If symmetrical they are even, if not it is odd.

This is not a full proof rule but will work for your questions.

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