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Robert asks…

How do you set up tables,scheduling and score cards for a Euchre tournament?

We are hosting a charity euchre tournament expecting 80 to 100 players not certain the numbers.
We are needing to set up the tables,schedules and score cards and we have been selling tickets for a while but some may not play so how do you plan the tables without knowing numbers and how do you keep track of scores and rotate the players.

admin answers:

100 people with 4 per table. Have about 20-25 tables, you can take some down or set some up if more/less people arrive.

As for score cards, decide how many rounds each team will play and leave that many boxes open for either a win, or how many points they had that round. Depending on which you do can decide how you can use tournament play.

Wins: if you are doing this, set up an elimination board and have them play until you have a winner.

Points: set up a swedish table. It will look something like this:

1|__|_ _|_ _|_ _|_8 |
2|_ _|__|_ _|_ _|_ _|
3|_ _|_ _|__|_ _|_ _|
4|_ _|_ _|_ _|__|_ _|
5|10 |_ _|_ _|_ _|__|
you place a line diagonally, so that each team can’t play themselves.
You then say, ok team one played team 5 and lost 8-10. So in team one’s row, you put 8 and in team 5’s row you put 10. Whoever has the most points at the end will win.

I hope this helps you out

Thomas asks…

In an USTA Junior tournament who decides what time you play your match?

I have a tennis tournament next saturday and its a 1 hour drive to get there and I play at 8:00 am and my brother plays at 9:00 am. Im 13 and Im going to play in the 16s and my brother is 10 and he is going to play in the 12s. But what I want to know is who decides what time I play my match because It kind of seems like both of us are playing early on purpose. No one else (besides our opponents) are playing that early.

admin answers:

I don’t think it is done on purpose but I’m not sure who decides this. It’s either decided randomly by a computer (I know for sure that that’s how WHO you play is determined), or the tournament director.
Good luck in your tournament!

Carol asks…

How do you get tickets to a golf tournament?

1) How do you get tickets to a golf tournament?
2) How much do they cost on average?
3) Seating doesn’t matter does it? You can ’stand‘ anywhere you want to right?
4) Are you allowed to take photos?

admin answers:

Best place to get tickets is from the tournament website.
Price is all based on tournament and what kind of ticket you purchase.
To an extent, it’s a first come first serve type of ’seating‘ for GA tickets.
Very Rarely, sometimes on the Monday of the tournament when its the practice round, but camera’s are not allowed during the tournament except for people with press passes.

Sharon asks…

How do you set up an online tournament for xbox 360 and maybe ps2?

I was wondering what you would need to set up a large professional style online tournament for one or two games on xbox 360 and maybe one on ps2/ps3. For xbox 360, i know that everyone needs xbox live to go online. Do you know of any hosting companies that do this kind of thing? And if so, how do I tie it into xbox live so that people can jump on?

admin answers:

There are few (if any) official tournaments, but there are plenty of unnoficial ones out there, the site i use (for xbox 360) is called but you need to have a clan to play there.

John asks…

How do you go about organizing a full contact karate tournament?

Martial Arts instructor never organized a large tournament and would like to get more information on possibly throwing a full contact tournament help me out!

admin answers:

Kokoro said a lot of true things. I have run tournaments in Virginia several times. If you don;t have yourself established in a group that holds regular tournaments, it is nearly impossible to get people to come. Even for people that are well known as tournament organizers, it is difficult to pay the bills.

Here are the major problems associated:

1) Having an established name as a tournament organizer

2) Purchasing enough Liability insurance

3) Renting a location for the tournament

4) Having enough cash to pay for the awards

NOTE: a full contact tournament is even harder since Insurance companies take a dim view of full contact martial arts. The price will be very high. Also many locations don;t like to rent their space for regular tournaments. Having the event a full contact event makes it even harder to find a location.

Unless you have an established name in the full contact world, have tons of money, and are willing to bet it all knowing you could loose every penny, I suggest you forget the idea.

When I had tournaments for light contact, I put a lot of money into them. I had a partner that was well known on the tournament scene. Even so we barely made any money most times. The last tournament was a dismal failure that costs me a lot of money……. Never again!


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