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Maria asks…

If the Mega Millions „mega balls“ numbers range from 1-46 why are the odds to match it listed at 1:75?

If you bought 46 tickets all with a different mega ball for each one, you would surely win 1 of those wouldn’t you? Doesn’t that equate to 1:46 odds?!

admin answers:

Excellent question!

I was asking the same question when writing the script for the odds calculator of my web site

I presume the reason is : if you have all the 175M combinations, say, each written on a piece of paper, and if you are asked to pick one of them, then the odds that your number could match 0-of-5 + Ball is 1 in 75.

In other words, 1.33% of all the possible combinations match only the Mega Ball of the winning number.

Paul asks…

HELP! My calculator isn’t working.. what is ln(1/2) divided by 2421!!?

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help

admin answers:

How have you posted this question ? The odds are that you are sitting in front of a bloody great calculator.

If you are using Windows, try Programs/Accessories/Calculator, then when it opens, choose View→Scientific. Voila! And no more excuses!

(And do you really mean divide (ln ½) by 2421, or is it meant to be ln(½ / 2421)? It does make a difference!)

William asks…

grand national winnings?

Hi, this may sound like a stupid question but i put £1 each way on comply or die and it came second, odds were 14/1. i know its not a lot but how much have i won?

admin answers:

Hi there – you will get back a total of £4.50. I have put the link to the betting odds calculator i used to get the answers below.

Congrats on your win 🙂

Charles asks…

texas hold em odds question?

If you have two high cards and you believe your opponent has a low pocket pair. What are the chances you will make a pair on the turn or river? give in percentage and ratio please

admin answers:

Sorry, the above is wrong, especially the detail regarding number of other opponents, which cannot affect our calculation unless we know what cards they hold!

In any case, I’m interpreting your question to mean you have unpaired high cards after the flop, as in this situation:

Opponent:……55 (but not really known to us)
Board:………..4 7 T (three suits)

In this case, you know 5 of the cards, but I’ll pretend you also know your opponents cards… In that case, there are 45 unknown cards, and 6 outs to make a pair. 6/45 to make a pair on turn (13.33%). If you miss pairing the turn, then 6/44 to make a pair on river (13.64%).

That’s a 39/45 * 38/44 chance that you will *not* pair, which comes to 74.85%. Subtract from 1, and there’s a 25.15% that you will make at least one pair. That’s 3 to 1 against.

That doesn’t mean you’ll win 25.15%. There are other ways for you to improve (e.g. A 7 and a T counterfeit opponent’s pair and your kicker wins), and there are ways for you to improve and still lose (most obvious is when opponent catches set).

If you want precise odds to win, you’d need to plug in all details of what is known into a program like the Card Player Texas Hold’em Calculator. For example, if you know that no flush is possible in the above example, your odds are actually 26.46% to win, with no chance to tie. Your extra outs to improve are worth slightly more than your opponents outs to make a set. Still very close to 3 to 1 against.

Jenny asks…

How much is 4 out of 6 on the fla lottery??

the stupid fla lottery website is having tech. difficulties

admin answers:

Are you asking how much the payout for that particular draw is or the odds?

If it is the payouts for this past Saturday, 4 out of 6 paid $76.00.

When the web sit is down or slow to post, you can call the Florida State Lottery at : (850) 487-7777 and press 1 for draw results including wining numbers and payouts. 2 families are very happy this weekend. Congrats on your winning!

If it is the odds, there is a great online lottery calculator that can help you out:

If Wikipedia is right, then you have a choice of numbers one thru 53 to choose and no bonus ball. If that is the case, then the odds are:
6 1 in 22957480
5 1 in 81410
4 1 in 1416
3 1 in 71
2 1 in 9
1 1 in 2
0 1 in 2

Hope this helps!

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