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Ken asks…

How is the champion of Caribbean World Series determined?

I noticed the Caribbean World Series started today with 4 teams. How is a champion determined? Tournament style? Round Robin? Cant find a place that determines it. Thanks.

admin answers:

The series is played over six days, featuring six games per team (two versus each opponent). The tournament’s winner is the team with the most wins after all of the games are played.

If two teams are tied for the best record after the 6-game round-robin, they play one game for the championship.

The last time this happened was in 2003, when Dominican team defeated the Puerto Rican team, after both finished with 5-1 records.

Not sure what happens if three teams go 4-2 or if all four go 3-3. It has never happened before.

Robert asks…

How Many fights do you need to compete in amateur tournaments?

How many fights do I need to compete in my city’s local golden glove tournament at my weight of 168lbs? Is there a weight class of 168lbs at the amateur level?

admin answers:

Devon ~

You don’t need any. A lot of fighters that fight in the Golden Glove Tournament the first is their first fight. You’d be in the Novice Division if you’re older than 22 you’ll be in the Senior Novice Division. Go for it man. You seem like you’re biting at the bit and ready to go. You’ll never know unless you try it. There’s nothing like being able to say „I’m a Golden Glove Champion“ everyone else can only say „I fought in the Golden Gloves.“

Good luck Devon and thanks for the question.

Jenny asks…

What’s the name of that Kung fu movie where fighters compete in a tournament?

If I remember right it’s about some white people wanting to prove the superiority of western culture so they host a tournament. There is some huge wrestler or something that is mopping the floor with everyone until some Kung fu master brings the hurt on him. I don’t know if there are older versions like it but the one I’m thinking of is fairly new. Maybe I’m just a drunk and am making this up, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s about.

admin answers:

Jet Li’s Fearless.

Jet Li stated that this would be his last Wushu style film. It is a semi fictionalized story of Huo Yuanjia, a legendary martial artist, who disgraced himself in his youth and and learned humility from a blind widow while in self imposed exile.He returned to challenge four fighters of several different styles to champion his people when they were under the rule of theBritish empire.

John asks…

how do the champions league qualifying rounds work?

for instance if arsenal beats udinese, do they automatically qualify? and do certain teams have to play more games thn other teams to qualify for the league?

basically, what is the format for the qualifying tournament?

admin answers:

The qualifying rounds are complicated, have a look at this:

technically Arsenal is in the play-off round, if they win by agreggate after the two legs they will enter the group stage

Lisa asks…

What was the fictional martial arts tournament show on the wb, saturday mornings in the 90s?

It was a weekly show; every week there would be a grand champion who would sit above the stadium and watch the „ninjas“ fight and whoever won would face the previous winner. It was kind of like mortal kombat and had back stories for each character.

admin answers:

WMAC Masters.

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