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Betty asks…


I am curious about texas instrument calculators really solving algebraic equations

admin answers:

The TI-89 is capable of solving anything from geometry, algebra, and calculus. Its very easy to learn, just take a few minutes to read the manual. It costs between $140-$170, so it is a bit expensive, but helps tremendously in higher math classes where you dont have time to do a bunch of „smaller“ algebra equations.

An easy example would be to punch in:

solve(3x + 10 = 1, x)

that tells the calculator „solve 3x + 10 = 1 for x“
the result would be „x = -3“

if your math skills arent top knotch, this calculator is very recommended because you can check your answers…and you dont have to rely on the „odd numbered“ problems in the back of the book.

Hope this helped!

William asks…

i no this might sound odd but if ( my baby girl )?

was born on the 19th of december last year at 6.02 how old would she be 6 months tomorrow or 6 months 2 weeks and 5 day i think i have really confused my self trying to get down to the min and day week month

admin answers:


Nancy asks…

Is there just a plain TI-84 calculator?

I need a TI-83, TI-83 Plus, or TI-84 for a class, but I can only find TI-84 Plus, not TI-84. Is it the same? because I can get it for just a little more than a TI-83 Plus…

admin answers:

There is no such TI-84 calculator. For some odd reason, Texas Instruments decided to go from TI-83 to TI-83 Plus to TI-83 Plus Silver Edition to TI-84 Plus then TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. No regular TI-84 exists.

The main difference between the TI-83 Plus and its successor is the size of memory and graphing speed. The TI-83 Plus has a 6 MHz processor, as opposed to the TI-84 Plus’s 15 MHz (2.5 times faster). The TI-84 Plus also has 480 KB of accessible Flash ROM, as opposed to its predecessor’s accessible 163 KB.

In addition, the TI-84 Plus includes a built-in clock, USB link port (which makes it significantly easier to connect it to a computer), as well as some new commands (mostly time-based) including those involving χ² (like a Goodness-of-Fit Test), useful for statistics classes.

Of course, it’s up to you. But I’d recommend the TI-84 Plus as my two cents. Whichever one you choose, either will be proficient for many of your math classes in the future.

Chris asks…

Determine whether the function is even, odd, or neither.?

How would you determine this for y=(x^2 times cosx)- x sinx +4??

admin answers:


Look at its graph on a calculator. If a graph is symmetrical across the y axis, then the function is even. This function is even. <==ANSWER

A function is odd if it can be spun 180 degrees around the origin, and the graph is the same.

I hope that helps!! 🙂

Helen asks…

things that calculator won’t do?

i want to now whose are the things that calculator won’t do?

admin answers:

Check your spelling?

What an odd question.

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