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John asks…

Is it better to buy tickets for Warped Tour online or at the venue?

I’ve never been to Warped Tour before, so I have no idea. A ticket online (after the addition of services charges and tax) is about $41. I’ve heard tickets at the door are $40, but lines can be lengthy. Tips/suggestions?

admin answers:

If you buy it the day of you’ll have to wait in two lines, the one to buy the ticket and the other to enter the venue. This could cause you to miss a band you want to see because you’ll be stuck in line. A way you can avoid the long entry line is to donate can goods to punk junk or buy a cut line pass from them for $5. So if you want to avoid all that hassle I’d say buy your ticket online, or check if there’s a ticketmaster store near you. They’re usually in Macy’s department store or F.Y.E. Stores.

Susan asks…

How would I get a back stage pass to a Cobra Starship concert?

I’m probably going to the one in Dallas this November and I would love to get a back stage pass! How do I get one? It would be even better if I didn’t have to pay extra for it.

admin answers:

If you went to you could buy them (Im not sure if they are still offering that.

If you are a crazy fan, they might pull you up on stage or bring you backstage.

You can always go & hang out by the tour bus after. (I dont know if Cobras do that, but The Academy Is… Does it.)

David asks…

If I have an Disneyland annual pass which rides can I skip at Disneyworld?

I live in OC and have an Disneyland annual pass. I am planning to go to Disney World next week. I was wondering which rides are same as Disneyland so I can skip those? for veterans that been to both parks please help!

thank you in advance!

admin answers:

There are slight variations of the similar rides between the parks – they aren’t exactly the same, but probably close enough that you could skip them. Here are some of the shared attractions:

Small World
Pirates of the Caribbean
Splash Mountain
Space Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain
Jungle Cruise
Haunted Mansion
Tea Cups
Star Tours
Toy Story Mania
Tower of Terror

There are others, and there are some that are similar but with different names/themes. But again, even these rides that are the „same“ between the parks can vary a good bit.

Helen asks…

How do i get meet and greet tickets for the new jonas brothers tour this summer?

how do i get the meet and greet tickets for the jonas brothers for their new tour that they said that they were going to have this summer??? and if you can…can u give me the website?

admin answers:

To get meet and greets, you really have to have „connections“. This means you have to know somebody who can get u in or….win a contest. You can also get them on this website right here for ridiculous amounts of money:

haha don’t give up hope, chickie! I’m a huge JB fan too, and I would do ANYTHING to meet them on the world tour! When I went to the burning up tour, all these girls were wearing meet and greet passes around their necks and I have no idea how they got them.
Oh well, for now we can just rock out from afar…=]

Sandy asks…

How do you get backstage passes to warped tour?

How do you get the backstage passes that lets you stand on the stage as the band plays and lets you back where the buses are? I know its too late for this year but I wanna try for next year’s tour.

And if your answer is to get on the street team how do i do that?

admin answers:


im gonna try to get some for next year to now thanks haha:]

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