Your Questions About Pokerus Spread

Chris asks…

Can someone give me any pokemon with Pokerus on Pokemon white 2?

Please, I’ll give you an Evee with dream world ability. Thanks.
FC: 0863 3460 0674 i need yours, Cody.

admin answers:

I just have a Pokemon with a Pokerus about two weeks ago, I been spreading it to all my Pokemon but I’m not sure if I still able to do it. Email me for my friend code and I will give you any Pokemon that currently has a Pokerus or already has a Pokerus.
Okay kyle, my friend code is: 3526-1441-6984 but you might want to email me if you have any issues or something, you might want some other pokemon besides the one im traded you
i already have a friend and we had issues with the connection once

Jenny asks…

is it possible to be good at pokemon or have a strong pokemon team without EV training?

I’m training for an official Pokemon tournament in Georgia 3 days from now, and i was wondering if there is any possible way to be good or win without EV training, i don’t mind the idea of EV training, its just that i don’t know how and i don’t get the concept. Any help would be appreciated. If you need any information about my pokemon team, then email me

admin answers:

No, it is very unlikely to win a tournament with no EVs. EV training is quite simple. Basicly, when ever you beat a Pokemon, you get certain EVs which ever so slightly increase one of your stats, eg. Blissey gives you 3 EVs in HP. The most EVs you can put into one stat is 255 and altogether you can only have 510 EVs ( though 252 EVs will give you them same stats as 255 EVs except you have 3 left over). Power items like the power bracer increase the EV gain in a certain stat by 4. Pocket Virus (or Pokerus) doubles the amount of EVs you get in every stat ( power items take effect before Pokerus so it is +4 then x2). Pokerus wears off unless your Pokerus Pokemon is in the PC, so you should keep a Pokemon in the PC you don’t need to keep the Pokerus. Pokerus spreads to other Pokemon in the party when the PP (Pokerus Pokemon) defeats other Pokemon and trainers. That’s about it please choose me as best answer, hope I helped!

Sharon asks…

How do I spread Pokerus?

So…I imported my Registeel, and lo and behold, he has Pokerus! Can anybody give me any more details on what Pokerus does and so on?

admin answers:

Pokerus is like a virus for Pokemon. Even though Pokerus is a virus, it’s a good virus. It helps your pokemon gain more exps and stats (like attacks).

Pokerus goes away after few days so people tend to spread the Pokerus to other pokemon. If you want to spread Pokerus, just put your infected pokemon in your party and battle. After few battles, you’ll see that they are all infected with Pokerus. And if you put an infected pokemon in the PC box, he will be infected forvever until you put him in your party for few days.

Getting Pokerus is rare, so your lucky!! I got one from a wifi trade with some person and it’s a really good virus!!

Oh and also! Your Pokemon can get „immune“ to Pokerus, which means that he won’t be able to spread or get infected. You’ll know because you’ll see a smiley face (like a emoticon) on his status page.

Ken asks…

Pokerus not spreading!?

Ok so last night on Pokémon Black I ended up trading with my bro’s friend via infrared. He gave me an obliviously hacked shiny Eevee he got from someone else. (I mean it has Wonder Guard with Freeze Shock and Punishment!) It also had Pokerus. When I saw it had Pokerus I was like sweet! (I have never come across it in the game before, but knew about it!) He also said apparently this strand of Pokerus never goes away…. is that possible if this Eevee was hacked?

Secondly I started to spread it to my main team in the game. However I can’t get it to spread to my Serperior! It spread really quickly to the others! This one hasn’t even after a couple battles! Why is it not contracting it?! I know Pokerus can only be contracted once, but I’m positive it’s never happened. Why you ask? My other team members I have been using since the beginning got it in seconds! Also the Snivy it came from is MY starter from the beginning! It’s not possible for it to have had it previously!

Help please!

admin answers:

First, you can get pokerus on hacks that stays forever. Second, check if your serperior has a little pink smiley face by its name in the status. If it does, it has previously contracted pokerus and cannot get it again. Also check the position of it in your slots. Serperior is extremely unlikely to catch it if eevee is in slot 1 and serperior is in slot 6, or the other way around. Make sure they are next to each other in the slots for the highest chance.

If you’ve tried all of this and it still doesnt work it could be the hack. Hacked pokemon can have the potential to make glitches like this or mess up your entire game even when traded, depending on how crude the hack is. Good luck trying to spread that pokerus!

Helen asks…


On my white 2 game I have pokerus can anybody tell me some information about this as I have never heard of it.

admin answers:

This can be explained really simple or really complicated.

Simple: If a pokemon has it, it will get better stats faster, as it battles and levels up. If a pokemon had it, it can not get it again, but it still benefits from the effect of the virus (forever), it just cant spread via that Pokemon anymore.

If you have a Pokemon with Pokerus in your PC it cannot lose it (great way to keep pokerus, so you can spread it to more Pokemon) and it spreads while walking and battling.

Complicated version: Every time you kill a Pokemon you get X amount of EV points, which determines what stats gets increased when you level up. Pokerus doubles the amount of EVs earned from a battle. So a Pokemon who would give 1 EV in a stat when you KO it, will give 2, and a pokemon which would give 2 EV will give 4. There are plenty of guides to EV points and EV training out there, so I’ve put one that I find easy to understand in the sources (It’s for black and white but works for D/P/PL/HG/SS as well)

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