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Mark asks…

Why my power supply just makes a squeezing noise when i plug in the power cable and computer doesn’t turn on?

The green light on the back of the power supply comes on when the power cable is plugged. also, every time i plug in the power cable, the fan on the power supply wants to spin, but it stops. The squeezing noise remains and i push the power button – nothing comes on.

Before, it used to come on for a few seconds and then it will turn off by itself. I though it was a virus, so i restarted in safe mode to scan it. The PC stayed on for like 30 minutes and then it turned off by itself. But every since it doesn’t wants to come on. Is the power supply gone? If so, how can still the green button comes on and the squeezing noise remains?

well, I bought a power supply, and with the new power supply, nothing comes on – not even the squeezing noise

please help me out! I need my PC! thanx in advanced!

admin answers:

If we assume that the motherboard is FINE, then the original power supply needed to be replaced. However, by replacing it, and finding out that even with a new power supply the system does not power up… You have to start looking at something else being the cause. It is entirely possible that whatever caused your original power supply to die (and if it is making a noise and the fan inside does not spin, then it is a dead power supply) also killed your motherboard.

We are talking about an HP or Compaq desktop? A Bestec power supply? You cannot use the presence of the green light on the back of a Bestec power supply as a judge… As I have seen bad Bestec power supply units light that green LED the moment the power cord is plugged in, but then the LED goes out when you apply a load to it… And I’ve seen that green LED stay on constant, even when the supply tested as bad. Remember, just because part of what makes up the power supply isn’t functioning properly, doesn’t mean that when you plug it in power isn’t going into the unit. The fact that it makes a noise tells you that the power going into the unit is doing something it should not do.

If you used the computer for a long time with a bad power supply, this may have caused one or more of the capacitors on the board to blow. They look like little beer cans mounted to the motherboard. Check each one. If the top of ANY of them is puffed out (not flat) then that capacitor is blown. A motherboard can still operate for a time with a blown capacitor or two, depending on which ones blow… So it is possible that a lightning storm damaged the power supply and motherboard, and they just finally went recently… First the power supply dying and spiking, which in turn damaged to the motherboard. This is of course conjecture, since there is no way of my knowing exactly what is going on without putting both power supply units on testers.

If you have any way of testing the new power supply (hooking it up to a differerent computer?) to just make sure that it is good… That’s about the only way you have available to you to determine if your motherboard is still any good.

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Lisa asks…

Need help choosing power supply for my desktop computer.?

My computer shut down on me and I found out that my power supply is bad. I’m not sure if this is the best one to use but it is what came out of my computer. This is what is on the label….

Bestec HP P/N 5187-1098
Model: ATX-250-12Z REV.:D2
Input: 100-127V-6A, 200-240V-3A 50/60Hz BST ATX-250-12Z D

Output +12V — / 14A, -12V — / 0.8A
250W MAX. +5V — / 25A, +5VSB — / 2A peak 2.5A
+3.3V — / 18A, +5V & +3.3V 165W MAX +5V & +12V 218W MAX

Anyone have any idea if this is a good one or not? I’ve been searching online for a replacement starting with “ HP P/N 5187-1098 “ and have found price range of about $15 -$50. Which makes me wonder.

admin answers:

Try this one:

Laura asks…

Computer power supply replacement?

One morning, my PC simply wouldn’t start up. I was told that this could only be the power supply. This system (HP Media center m1050y) has, if I’m correct, a 300 W power supply. With everything this unit has to support, 300W seems underpowered. Can I replace it with something a little beefier, say 5 or 600W, or is that too „Tim the tool man“? I’m female, by the way, so even if it’s ok to get a larger Power supply, how would I know if it is compatible or am I forced to get the part from HP… it is no longer under warranty. Could sure use some help, here. If it could be something other than the power supply, what else might it be? Currently, my entire life is in a metal box in the middle of the floor flat-lining!

Appreciate any help!

admin answers:


According to this, this is a replacement power supply for the one you have:

It is only a 300 Watt psu, but the good news is that it is a standard ATX power supply and so you can easily put a 500 – 600 Watt psu into your computer. You should note that this is the older MOLEX adpater power supply – the MOLEX is the 5 pin adapter you plug into your hard disk, for example. So whatever supply you do buy, make sure it has MOLEX connectors. Since the referenced power supply above has a 20+4 pin MAINS connector (in the picture, below the box, are pictures of the connectors, the 20+4 is the furthest to the left and the IDE4Pins connector is the MOLEX type I am talkng about. In this model, they ahve both MOLEX and SATA connectors, so you may have either kind of hard disk in your computer (the IDE hard disk type is MOLEX and the SATA hard disk type is the SATA connector which is at the far right in the picture).

Being a woman has NOTHING to do with the ability to replace your power supply yourself, if you know how to use a phillips head screw driver and some common sense.

The important part will be to make sure you are disconnected from the wall outlet, and that you ground yourself entirely by placing the flat palm of your hand on the unpainted chassis before touching the components – this grounds any static electricity in your body and keeps you from ruining the parts. What I would do if I were you is to take some sticky tape and before you disconnect anything, write on the tape and then stick that to each connector so that you can identify what goes where. Then, compare your new power supply connectors and decide what will go where. The MAINS connector is the 20+4 and it has a small clip that keeps the connector from popping out of the socket – so you will have to depress the clip, usually with an index finger and then pull up to remove the MAINS connector from the old power supply. Once you have all the connectors disconnected, then you can simply remove the four screws on the back of the old power supply and pull the unit out of the computer. It is smart to lay the computer sideways, flat on a table, so that you are looking down on the computer when working on it. Avoid touching components like IC chips. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the chassis that can cut your hand, so be careful. Some computers are crowded and have litle room making it difficult to get your hands in there to do the work, but if you are careful and patient you should be able to do it without any problem. Make sure also, that you mark any data cables or data connectors and after putting the new power supply in and connecting everything back up that you double check the tightness of all connectors including the data ribbon or cable to your DVD or CD and your hard disk(s). If you have a floppy A drive, make sure you insert the 3 pin adapter correctly – this can be difficult to do on a lot of machines and you may need a flashlight to see what you are doing or put a desk lamp over the machine while working on it to get light in there.

Here is a 650 watt Antec on Newegg that I think would work for you:

It is a modular supply which means that you only have to use the power cables that you need and not have all the extra dangling wires cluttering things up in your chassis:

Linda asks…

Video card and Power Supply Question?

Hello, i just bought a emachines computer that came with a 250W power supply:

and i was wondering what good 512mb video cards can i get without upgrading the power supply. can u give me a list of cheap 512mb cards. Thank you very much.
oh the computer has a MCP61PM-GM motherboard. i haven’t changed it.

admin answers:

The 250 watt power supply used in an Emachines PC would generally be a Bestec ATX-250-12E, with 17A on the +12V rail. (I encourage you to open the case, and read the label right on the power supply, to find out exactly what it is.)

The lowest powered video card, which still has semi-credible performance, is a GeForce 9500GT, which draws about 35 watts. Make sure you select a GDDR3 version card, not one of the slower GDDR2 (or DDR2) versions.

Example, GIGABYTE GV-N95TD3-512I, GeForce 9500GT 512MB GDDR3, $60,

If you run the 9500GT, and it’s still not 100% stable running games, then you’ll be stuck buying a better power supply anyway.

Sharon asks…

Replacing computer power supply for a more powerful one?

My dell inspiron 545 for 2009 has a ATX bestec 300watt power supply which has died. I decided to replace it with a corsair cx430, as you can see the psu is 430 watts will adding a more powerful psu harm (basically kill) anything. I mean I have heard I could but put a 700w one in and everything will be fine. I’m not powering any PCI/E cards just as everything was before motherboard-24 pin+4pin cpu, 1 hard drive+1 DVD drive.

p.s I’m also concerned about bying form scan form trust pilot reviews you get your item (some peoples goods damaged) but my main concern is that EVERYONE has said that their customer support is appalling. (To bad there is no new egg in the UK 🙁 )


admin answers:

Well first of i wouldnt trust a cx 430w it uses capxcon capacitors inside it which are lower end chinese capacitors for the price your paying for that power supply however there are better models out there for a bit more

e.g fractal which can give better chinese by teapo which are the highest grade of chinese

more power more headroom and no it wont cause harm at all it will only draw the exact ammount needed this also gives you headroom id suggest to put less strain on power supply as much as possible though so it lasts much longer

e.g 750 ti card if you ever fancy gaming and its small enough to fit inside that case and wont cause alot of heat

note make sure fan of power supply is facing inside the case not the case roof so that it pulls hot air out the case as well as doesnt get damaged

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