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Carol asks…

Do you see an analogy between sleep and death?

We close our eyes in sleep and immediately reopen them in morning with no perception of time passing. I submit this is analogous to death when we shall immediately reopen our eyes in the resurrection whether we have been „gone“ a day or a thousand years.
What do you think?

admin answers:

You are absolutely right. A lot of people don’t like to think of death as sleep b/c they don’t like to think that we aren’t closing our eyes and joined in paradise immediately. The thing is, the bible says the dead are sleeping until resurrection and judgment. Perhaps, it’s not even impossible that god allows us beautiful peaceful dreams while we sleep (just basing this off of those that have had near death experiences and say they see some images of paradise etc)

Linda asks…

Do pets reunite with their owners after they die?

My uncle passed away earlier this year just a few weeks ago his cat of 12 years also passed away. I thought it was nice they could be together again but then I started wondering…Will human owners be able to reunite with their animal pets or do human and animal afterlives exist in different realms that do not intersect? What are your thought? Thanks for your help!

admin answers:

This question probably enters the mind of every pet owner, especially when they lose a beloved pet companion. We have pets that have personalities and feelings, and can think and reason and give us great joy and love and happiness.

However, the Bible teaches only humans are chosen by God to go to heaven. In fact only a set number are chosen, Re 14:1-5.

Gods word teaches that the rest of mankind are promised a life on a restored Paradisaic EARTH, see Psalms 37:11 and Matthew 5:5.

So what about dead pets? Sadly the Bible is silent regarding this. However, I would like to point to this thought from 2 other Bible verses regarding that future time in the restored Paradise:

“I have come to know that you (Jehovah God) are able to do all things, and there is NO IDEA that is unattainable for you.“—Job 42:2.

You (Jehovah) are opening your hand and SATISFYING THE DESIRE of every living thing.”—Psalm 145:16.

From these verses I have gained great comfort regarding my own loss of a dearly loved pet.

Susan asks…

Have any of you lost a spouse and felt lost about what to do?

My husband, of thirty-eight years recently passed (less than a month). I have all these funds coming in from his policies and I am at a loss as to what I should do. Should I get an accountant to help me to sort this out? My husband was a CPA and never told me what I should do, in this case. I am at a loss when it comes to this and so afraid of making mistakes! Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

admin answers:

Put your money together in a secured savings account at your band, ask for help from the bank for a financial adviser. I had what would seem peanuts to many but was a lot to me. I had quite a lot of business to do, had to sell our house in the country, (paradise) and move to the city where my son and family lived. That was all pretty traumatic, but I did have support from my family. My daughter was here for a couple of weeks and together we found some investments. When everything was discovered, and when I bought the house here, and sold our house, I looked at the total, Decided how much to keep in a savings account that was totally and instantly available but makes little interest.I put half of what was left into an account which paid higher interest, but was not as readily available.I could tho access it when needed. I put the other half ina minorly speculative account with my banks adviser to remain my adviser and invest in very safe investments, just some, not all. I am still confused about it, but I know I have my house free and clear, and I have available funds, and someone who will assist me at no charge to me as that is his job as a bank employee.. As he has no dog in the fight, I feel comfortable with my choices.

God Bless you and help you. My heart is with you. June

Joseph asks…

where can i buy drake club paradise tour backstage passes?

please please please help me i’m trying to buy backstage passes please for may 17 in houston texas please any info will help thank you

admin answers:

As for the subject of getting backstage passes…..

There are FOUR WAYS to get a backstage pass. From somebody that posted this information here on Yahoo Answers in the past. That is really knowledgeable
on this subject & some editing of my NYC experience on this.

You must KNOW someone connected with the band or tour, more like a relative that works for the band/concert/promoters. Or, if you are lucky have a friend or a neighbor that has a relative that works for the band or the promoters directly. Or somebody you personally knows that
works for the band or promoters directly that has these connections.

Be a news reporter. You would have to be one connected to your local newspaper or local TV/radio news team. Also, people that are internet news bloggers very rarely get these unless they are very well know in the news industry. I have seen a few teens that get a website
and claim they are a news blogger (that just don’t cut it).
Also, the news people can’t just show up with their news crew and be let in backstage. They have to arrange this in advance. Especially these days.

A local radio station will sometime have a backstage pass or two of the concert and offer it as a promotional prize.
Either you have to be the 7th or 10th or 12th caller.
Or hope that the entry form you filled out gets picked out by the radio DJ or whoever they have in a random drawing.

Sometimes a person will have one and will sell it on EBAY online auction or Craigslist and EXPECT to pay REALLY BIG DOLLARS (like hundreds or thousands) for one.
You have to be careful when buying these from these websites. Some people I have seen that show up at a concert and pay $300.00 and more on one only to learn the backstage pass they bought is nothing but a laminated fake that security can easily spot.
Some of these backstage passes have bar codes or security strips on them, depending on the agents and promoters.
On some concerts the promoters will give a backstage pass to a person. Sometime these backstage passes are not transferable. If the person is not the name on the ID code on this backstage pass they could be in some trouble.

Those are the ONLY WAY you will get a backstage pass legally.

Thank the Lord for the copy & past option on IExplorer so I don’t have to type the above information again when people ask this question.

Ken asks…

What do DRAKE: CLUB PARADISE backstage passes look like? (picture)?

admin answers:

That is what in there terms in the industry that is a military secret.

These backstage passes are completely different from concert to concert.
Like color scheme, types of fonts used, position of pictures and icons,
types of pictures used, etc.
Also, some promoters go to the trouble of using computer data strips and bar codes.

These deter fakes passes…….I mean if you get a picture of a Drake backstage pass
it is from a previous convert…..If you try to use it to make a modified fake one for
an upcoming concert, chances are it won’t get pass the security guards at the
backstage door or the access areas.

I have seen some teens showing up and they get a hold of an old backstage pass of a
performer from a concert in another city a few weeks ago. And they think they
can just scan and photoshop a backstage pass and laminate one to a upcoming concert
only to find out the one they made does not work to the upcoming one because
the color and type does not match. Which can get them in trouble.

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