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Lisa asks…

What are your top 10 most annoying Celebrities?

I’m going to put together a tournament style bracket for most annoying celebrity. Give me a list of who you think are the most annoying celebrities. It can be more than 10 if you want.

They can include, Actors, Actresses, Sports Figures, Announcers, Hosts, etc… Anybody who is known for being viewed on Television. Have fun!

admin answers:

1.) Kim Kardashian – Why? She shouldn’t be famous. Wh*re.

2.) Paris Hilton – Why? She shouldn’t be famous either. Wh*ore.

3.) Snooki – Horrible role model and what’s sad is she is alot of kids role model’s.

4.) Wendy Williams – Sometimes Wendy annoys me horribly because she will bad talk someone and then the next thing you know, that same person will show up on her show and she will act like everything is just grand! Forgetting that she called this person a dumbazz or insulted this person like, last week!

5.) Selena Gomez – I’m not sure about her. I really think that she is an attention gain type of chick. I don’t think she’s really in love with Justin Bieber. Hell she probably wasn’t in love with the others.

6.) People on reality shows acting like highschoolers. – Shows like Jersey Shore or Basketball Wives or whatever where theres always chaos over stupid crap. What makes it worse is they are grown adults and their acted like Juniors in High School. This should be number one on my list.

7.) Arnold Sworznegger. – What the hell is wrong with him?

8.) Tiger Woods – I think he has a thing for holes.

9.) Geoge Lopez – I love Lopez Tonight. George is the man.. But really? You leave your wife after she saves your life? -_-

10.) Chris Brown – He needs help.

Oh! I left something out. Anybody who gets famous for making a sl*tty sex tape or anything like that is definitely on my „most annoying celebrity list“.

Susan asks…

Probability and number of outcome question?

You are supplied with NCAA tournament bracket. Determine how many different combinations of teams can end up in the final 4. There are 64 teams in a full bracket. How would I answer this. and how could I determine the probability of my team ending up in the final four?

admin answers:

The answers are based on the assumption that each team is equally likely to win !

for a field of 32,eg
AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP is top half
———- ———- ——– ———-
4 ways 4 ways 4ways 4ways
——————— ———————
…….. 4 ways …….. 4 ways
…………………4 ways

so 4^3 = 64 ways for 2 teams from top half

for a field of 64,
4^4 = 128 ways for each half
128^2 = 16384 ways <——-

you need to win 4 matches to end up in the final 4
reqd.probability = (1/2)^4 = 1/16

Daniel asks…

How do soccer tournaments work?

I’ve been playing EA Sports FIFA 09 and I’ve been wondering how exactly do soccer tournaments work? For example I entered a 16 team tournament and so far I’m just playing games and getting ‚points‘ which determine which place I’m in. How many games does a tournament last? I understand how other sports‘ tournaments work (a bracket) but what about soccer? Thanks.

admin answers:

There are three types of tournaments in soccer: points tournaments, knockout tournaments, and tournaments that combine the two. Leagues play (like MLS (Major League Soccer), the EPL (English Premier League), etc.) points tournaments. In points tournaments, you play each team twice (typically) once at home and once away; teams earn 3 points for a win, one point for a tie, and no points for a loss. The team with the most points at the end of the tournament wins.

Knockout tournaments are bracketed tournaments; win or go home. The U.S. Open cup is this type of tournament. Teams are assigned a bracket position and play the team they are assigned in that bracket. The team that wins moves on to the next round and the team that loses does not. The last team standing at the end wins the tournament.

Combination tournaments combine these two. Typically they will start with a group stage where teams play each other in their group (typically one game per team (team ‚a‘ plays ‚b‘, ‚c‘, and ‚d‘), and the team with the most points at the end of the group stage wins the group (again, 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and no points for a loss). The winning team, or top two teams, move on to the knock out stages where they play teams in brackets until the last team standing wins the tournament. The World Cup, the FA cup, and UEFA are all examples of these types of tournaments.

One of the major points to know that differentiate the two is that in a points tournament you can have tie games (one point for each team) while in knock out tournaments (or the knock out games in that stage of a combination tournament) cannot have ties, so you will have overtime (extra time which gives 15 minute halves), and if tied at the end of that extra time, then you go into penalty shoot outs, which means each team has 5 penalty kicks and the team with the most at the end of those five wins the match. If they are tied at the end of those five penalty kicks, then it goes to sudden death penalty kicks, which means that one team, then the other, has an opportunity to score a penalty kick, and the first one that does wins the match.

There are very few pure knock-out tournaments; most are combination, like I mentioned before, so that’s why when you play your FIFA 09 you are earning points in those games: you’re in the group stages of that tournament. Once you earn enough points to advance, then you’ll move into the knock-out stages. Be sure to win those games otherwise you will be done that year and will have to wait until the following year to play that tournament again.

Hope this helps.

Ken asks…

what newspaper can i get a ncaa final four tournament bracket in.?

they give out money if you guess the bracket matchups right all the way up to the championship. i do it every year but i forget where to get it and when.

admin answers:

You have to wait until the brackets come out but probably any newspaper around.

Richard asks…

When making selections in the NCAA tournament basketball bracket, whats the most important stat of a team?

What I look at is their guards. I think the better the guards the better team. I also like experience.

Anyone got any good websites that is great for filling out college basketball brackets?

admin answers:

I’d say rebounding. It’s the only thing you do on both ends of the court and it does 2 things:

1. Maximizes your team’s opportunities.
2. Minimizes your opponent’s opportunities.

Also, Pat Sumitt (Tennessee Lady Volunteers Coach, 8 time National Champion, including 2008) says..

„Offense sells tickets, defense wins games, rebounding wins championships.“

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