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Lizzie asks…

How would I configure a 5-team double elimination tournament?

I am putting together a small wiffleball tournament with some firends. If I have 5 teams, how should I configure the tournament so that no team has an advantage/disadvantage?

admin answers:

One of the teams would have to take a bi—-
probably just draw numbers and set up the 1-4 teams on the first two games…with the 5 team getting the bi.

There is a free website you can use for tournament brackets….
or go to
I have seen another one that doesnt require downloading a program, but I couldn’t find it.

Hope this helps!

Sandra asks…

How many way are there to organize the tournament?

If there are 15 teams to play in a tournament, 2 teams per game, in how many ways can the tournament be organized if each team is to participate in exactly 5 games against different opponents?
Good catch. It looks like there is a typo in the original problem (this is from 2005 team round of Duke math meet). Let’s change 15 to 16.

admin answers:

I believe each of the current answers‘ counts are (perhaps fundamentally) incorrect.

The number of non-isomorphic 5-regular graphs on 16 nodes is 2585136741 [note: 2585136675 is the number of connected graphs, which slightly undercounts the real number]. However, it is not necessarily the case that each of the 16! Permutations of the underlying vertexes gives rise to a new tournament. To take a simple case, imagine the cyclic graph of 16 nodes. Permuting the nodes cyclically does not give rise to a new tournament, though many of the permutations do give new tournaments. 16! * 2585136741 = 54088272863692075008000 [23 digits] is then a rather generous upper bound.

Note that this is far, far smaller than 3.566814022 E 39. It is also smaller than (15C5)(14C5)(13C5)….(5C5) = 634300081815511260205056 [24 digits] (where I’ve modified the underlying [highly flawed] method to use 16 teams).

The computation of the number of non-isomorphic 5-regular graphs on 16 nodes is apparently quite hard. That doesn’t rule out a nice combinatorial solution to the problem at hand, though. I haven’t found one, but my combinatorics and graph theory are both pretty weak.

Ruth asks…

Should there be a special Euro tournament for countries that cant play football?

I mean like a tournament where everyone is a winner, and countries like Scotland, Andorra, and Vatican City, all get a chance to play and make their people proud!

admin answers:

I think not. The harder it is for countries to get to the tournament and actually win something the sweeter the victory is, and the more it encourages hard work. It think one tournament is fine. I know it is hard for some to accept but there are winners and losers in sports. It’s like saying there should be another world cup for North American, African, and Asian countries cause only European and South American countries ever win it. But then you kill the purity of the victory when say, Nigeria or the U.S.A or Australia finally go all the way. It’s fine the way it is, if Greece has won it, everyone has a shot. Luxembourg’s or even Andorra’s day will come!! Remember there was a time when Hungary was a football superpower and Turkey was absolutely horrible.

Donald asks…

Looking for volleyball tournaments?

I have been searching for volleyball tournaments in the New England area. I have struggled finding beach and grass tournaments, especially since I am still in high school. Do you know of any clubs that put on tournaments that are not apart of a summer league. Please post direct links! Keep in mind I am in high school and I would just like to join tournaments not a summer league.

admin answers:

Where abouts in NE are you? There are beach volleyball tournaments all along the coast, depending on your state and how much you want to drive. I live in rhode island and know a lot of the organizations around the neighboring states.

RI: Newport Volleyball Club. They run tournaments in Newport, RI (Surprise!!!) on weekends. That is where I play. There are all skill levels; as a high schooler just starting beach, you should play in the lowest level they have (B). They are definitely the biggest organization for beach volleyball in NE; any given weekend we have 20-30 nets up along the beach for the tournaments. Same sex on Saturday, Coed on Sunday, for the most part. You will see some top athletes here; and some great volleyball games.

MA: Not much for beach, but they have a lot of grass tournaments. Check out BSSC on google for more information.

CT: Sandbox Beach is organization out of Mystic/New London. They run beach tournaments all year.

Maine: I don’t know the club name there, but they do run beach tournaments. Never played there though. If you are from Maine, I can ask around for more info. EDIT: They don’t run tournaments there; the high level players there organize and run their own invite only tournaments.

New Hampshire/Vermont: I don’t know much for those two states in the line of volleyball. I’m sure there is grass. A lot of people drive pretty far to get to the newport tournaments. is the national governing body for amateur beach volleyball, complete with individual player rankings (the replacement of AVPNext). Their site has a list of all the tournaments for the season across the US. New England has a strong showing in that list with something around 15 tournaments (just a guess)

Most tournaments require the $15 volleyamerica annual subscription, which is basically for insurance. Most entry fees for tournaments are $25 per player, start around 9am and go till around 4ish.

EEVB is an east coast beach volleyball club. They are very big, but travel the east coast. They will visit Newport once and New London CT once. As well as Long Island once or twice. They hold a big tournament in Florida once a year. Be a top playing in your division and you could win a trip to play in Florida.

Helen asks…

Yu-Gi-Oh tournament question?

I might enter my first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament one of these days. I was just wondering what’s the tournament’s rules. Do they play best of 3 and do they follow the advance or traditional format? I don’t think its a huge tournament.

Do you think I could win a tournament with 2 Zombie World decks and an Il Blud combined?

admin answers:

Tournaments generally run in matches that are best out of 3, in something called a „Swiss“ format, which means that just because you lose a round does not mean you are eliminated. If you lose the opening round, then in the second, you will face someone else that lost. If you win there, in the 3rd round, you’d play someone else who is 1-1 (but not one of the two you’ve played so far).

Depending on how many people have entered the tourney, the Swiss rounds will continue for about 4 rounds (smaller card store tournaments) to possibly upward of 9 or 10 (big Regional tournaments). After those rounds, there is a generally a cut to the top 8 players (decided by overall records and then tie-breakers via a scoring system that factors in the records of the people you beat and lost to [i.e., losing to someone who was 7-1 counts for more than losing to someone who was 4-4]) who then have a single elimination tournament to decide the winner.

Sounds convaluted, but it’s pretty easy to follow.

You certainly could win with a Zombie World/Il Blud theme. If you built it smartly, and you use it well. Unlike everyone wlse who will tell you to run Lightsworn or Blackwing or whatever, I believe that the decks that are played the most intelligently win, not the ones best copied from players who’ve won other tourneys.

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