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Daniel asks…

What kind of video card should i get and power supply?

hi im upgrading my comp and im thinking of getting this video card

i will be playing city of heroes on it, and i do want it to look pretty but i dont need to have everything maxed out.

also im gonna need a new power supply so which ones are good to go with that?

The computer that im upgrading is an HP pavilion a1520n

thanks for the help
thanks for the power supply help
but should i go with this video card?
Im goign to get this graphics card but now i need a power supply for it

which one should i get? I need 26a on the 12v

admin answers:

The pavilion a1520n has a 300w power supply (similiar to this ) that has a +12v capacity of 19A/228W

According to my fave PSU calc your a1520n specs:

x2 3800 / 2 x ddr / 1 x sata / 1 x dvdrw / 1 x front panel mem reader / 1 x 9500gt ~= 227W (I used 9600gt for 9500gt overclocked)

So I think your OEM 300w unit should work just fine since the +12v capacity is sufficient. From my experience, the HP/Compaq OEM power supplies are not all so bad they tend to live up to specs.

However, if you want a warm fuzzy feeling, and have the $ to spare, no harm in upgrading. I would pick a unit that has a rear 80mm exhaust sometimes those are best for these type of OEM systems since the chassis itself may interfere with a 120mm power supply unit.

SeaSonic SS-300ES 300W
$38 (+12v@288w/24A )

SeaSonic SS-350ES 350W
$47 (+12v@324w/27A )

SeaSonic SS-400ES 400W
$54 (+12v@360w/30A )

SeaSonic SS-500ES 500W
$65 (+12v@408w/34A )

So plug in whatever other upgrades you wish to get in the near future, and get one of the above based on your PSU calc total wattage. So you can re-use it in a future pc, and don’t discard the OEM hp unit it is still capable, just put it back in. One advantage of these Seasonics, they are rated for 80+ efficiency so if you run it 24×7 it’s more ‚green‘ than the HP unit, less energy wasted in heat conversion, another reason for a warm fuzzy feeling? 🙂

The reason I tend to ignore the total wattage, modern ATX v2.x units need to supply the CPU and GPU power with the +12v rails. So focus on this over the total wattage.



„I need 26a on the 12v“

That is the manufacturer recommended +12v rail combined power, it is largely higher than needed since they need to CYA how do they know what other components you have in your system? They don’t and assume a really high value. You have to consider your system as a whole. But the SS-350 unit I mentioned has +12v@27A so that will work according to them 🙂

Chris asks…

Can I install this Power Supply into this Computer?

The computer is a Presario S4020WM, old but its all I have.

The power supply died and it was this:

I have a power supply from my old computer and it is this:

Could i put the second one in my computer safely, or is it too small. I’m new to computer repair so your help is appreciated.

admin answers:

It looks like it would work. Despite it’s only a 200W psu (vs. 250W of the died supply) this is enough if you haven’t changed the original PC configuration (ram and hard drive don’t count).

Prior you pull out the defective one, note every cable you remove (most likely you have the main power connector 20/24pin, a 4pin 12V connector on the mainboard, the little 4pin connector for the floppy drive and two 4pin molex connectors for the hard drive and the CD drive).

The main power connector of the replacement psu has only a 20pin connector but this doesn’t matter even if you have a 24pin connector on the mainboard. This connector is coded so you can’t put it in the wrong way.

Good luck

Nancy asks…

Need a new Graphics Card and Power Supply…?

I currently own a Hp p6142p and the graphics card it came with (NVIDIA GeForce 9100) is just not cutting it… I can play games like Counter Strike and Far Cry no problem but when I try to play Rainbow Six Vegas or Civilization it lags beyond belief..(with Civilization, graphics and quality all have to be at lowest setting and still lags…) I usually play games on Xbox so im not very familiar with this. Here are the specs of my computer and sorry if I add anything unnecessary:

Processor: AMD Phenom x4 9650/ 2.3GHz Quad Core
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 9100 (1648Mb)
Ram: 8gb(16max)
Power supply: 300w
DirectX 11
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

I understand that with a new graphics card I am going to need a new power supply. I have chosen the GTX 460 as the new graphics card. The power supply should be about 500w? and which one will fit into my Pc? Installing these seems to be pretty simple but I dont want to order the wrong thing and have to wait to ship it back and all that fun stuff.
If anyone can answer these I will be very thankful and if you need more info on my pc just let me know!

admin answers:

This is a list of the parts used in a HP PAVILION P6142P,

The power supply is a „300-watt (Merlot C) regulated,“ which is usually a Bestec ATX-300-12Z.

The PAVILION P6142P uses a standard width micro ATX minitower case (rather than „slimline“ case), so any standard ATX power supply should fit.


Because the space inside a stock mini tower is usually limited, I would recommend not selecting a video card that’s longer than the width of the stock motherboard (9.6″ x 9.6″), at least, not until you open the case and measure. (For example, Asus makes a couple GTX 460 cards that are nearly 10″.)

This is the motherboard used in a PAVILION P6142P, HP/Compaq name Violet-GL8E AKA Pegatron M2N78-LA,

The fastest CPU the motherboard supports is a Phenom 9850 Agena, which isn’t much faster than the Phenom 9650 Agena you already have (2.5 GHz versus 2.3 GHz). So, there’s not much of a CPU upgrade available, unless you decide to swap in a newer motherboard/CPU/RAM.

The recommended power supply for a GeForce GTX 460 is 450 watts or larger, with at least 24A combined available on the +12V rails, with two 6-pin PCI-E power connectors.


Any good quality power supply 500 watts or larger should be more than adequate.

These parts look okay. The MSI card is the standard length for a GTX 460 (8.25″ long), and the Antec power supply looks pretty good for $60 (made by Delta, 34A on the +12V).

Antec Earthwatts EA500, $60,

MSI N460GTX-M2D1GD5/OC, $180,

Linda asks…

Can sombody find out the Watt power supply for my PC? I don’t know how to. Please?

The name of my PC is SR1900NX
Motherboard name: P5RC-LE
1.43 GB of Memory RAM
Thanks for your help

admin answers:

HP Compaq Presario SR1900NX

It uses a Bestec 300W (that’s 300 watts) ATX power supply with a 19A 12V rail.

HP-Compaq p/n 5188-2625 replace with ATX12V-HP300BT.
Application notes:
(1) Bestec ATX-300-12Z CDR Compaq OEM part.
(2) Compaq Presario models SR2038X, SR1900NX SR1700Z CTO, SR1703LS, SR1717LS, SR1720LS, SR1730T CTO, SR1730Z CTO, SR1800NX, SR1817CL, SR1820NX, SR1830NX, SR1834NX, SR1838NX, SR1850NX, SR1900Z CTO, SR1901LS, SR1903LS, SR1911X, SR1913WM, SR1917CL, SR1917LS, SR1918LS, SR1920LA, SR1920LS, SR1920NX, SR1922X, SR1923WM, SR1924NX, SR1930KR, SR1930NX, SR1930T CTO, SR1930Z CTO, SR1931KR, SR1934NX, SR1936X, SR1950NX, SR1954NX, SR2000Z CTO, SR2001LS, SR2001NX, SR2003LS, SR2005LS, SR2006NX, SR2011WM, SR2015LS, SR2017LS, SR2018LS, SR2020LS, SR2030T CTO, SR2030Z CTO, SR2044NX, SR2050NX, SR1803WM.
Here’s the power supply.
If you needed this info for a graphics card, the best cards you can safely use with this power supply would be cards that draw 50W or less. You have a pci-express x16 slot, so a geforce 9500GT (50W) or a radeon HD 4650 (48W) are your best options unless you upgrade the power supply. Of these two cards the 4650 is better.
If you decide to upgrade your power supply, the ATX form factor is very common so finding an upgrade will be easy.

Mark asks…

Im looking to upgrade my pc power supply, will there be any problems?

so I want a new graphics card, but it looks like my powersupply is only 160 watts?! The card needs 400, so if i just get a 450 watt power supply, with everything work ok? Or will it cause parts of my pc to explode?


Thank you for all your help. It is a dell inspiron 531. I only want a new graphics card because my old one broke and Im using the integrated one. I have just bought a hd camcorder, and it does not play very well at all. Looks about 1fps!

admin answers:

*** Update ***

Ok, if you have the regular Inspiron 531 tower (not the 531s, which is a skinny slimline) then you can install a standard 400-450 watt ATX power supply. Although you shouldn’t need to- Dell’s regular towers come standard with 300 watt power supplies. Open the case and read the label on your psu. Sometimes the specs listed online confuse the slimline and regular tower models- I’ve never seen a regular tower with a 160W psu.

You don’t need an expensive graphics card, something like a Radeon HD 6450 or GeForce GT 520 is plenty for everyday work and watching videos- much better than integrated video.


If you have the slimline Inspiron 531s, those same cards would work but you’d need a power supply upgrade first. Here’s a power supply for the 531s:

Since it’s only 250 watts, you might choose an even lower power consumption card like the Radeon HD 5450 (although the HD 6450 and GT 520 are confirmed to work fine)

You only need a 450W power supply if you’re looking to install cards like a Radeon HD 5750, GeForce GTS 450 or higher. Even the Radeon HD 5670 and GeForce GT 440 work fine on Dell’s stock 300W psu.

I agree- with a 160W power supply it sounds like you have a slimline or small form factor computer- those often cannot be upgraded very far because the power supplies are proprietary rather than standard ATX.

However the posters saying you need a huge power supply are completely wrong. When you see a graphics card requirement which states a 450W power supply, it doesn’t mean the card takes 450W all by itself! It means your WHOLE SYSTEM needs a 450W power supply to safely run with that card installed. It’s true that power supplies are only stable up to 80% of their advertised wattage, but that’s taken into account already.

Also, some cards (especially low-cost ATI/AMD cards) publish wattage requirements which are much higher than the cards actually need. For example, the Radeon HD 5570, 6570, 5670 and 6670 run fine on 300W power supplies, they don’t really need 400W. The Radeon HD 6450, 5450 and GeForce GT 520 all run fine on 250 watt power supplies.

Anyway… With any slimline your psu upgrade options will be VERY limited (and usually more expensive, too). Post the exact model number of your computer and we might be able to suggest specific replacements that will fit.

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