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Sandra asks…

Guild Wars 2 tournaments?

How does one register a team for a tournament in Guild Wars 2? Does it cost gold, gems, or real world cash?

admin answers:

Most Tournaments are going to free to join (there’ll be methods of registering for tournaments in-game), but pre-requisites may apply for some… Our guild plans to host regular player-run Tournaments on the Sorrow’s Furnace server, so if you’re interested in such a thing, feel free to touch base. 🙂

Potentia is the name of the guild, and the site is here:

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email any time!

Hope to see you out there!

David asks…

WoW 2010 arena tournament?

Help!!!?!?!?!?!?? I register for the tournament it game me some ID code and now i dont know what to do. What server and how can i enter it????Do i need to enter the real game and see some server or something please answer quick, Thank you a lot!

admin answers:

Tournament realms aren’t up until Tuesday (tomorrow). So just wait a day, you can’t do anything with it yet. If I recall, there will just be another tab in your server list named Arena Tournament. Not sure, but I suggest going to the FAQ or posting on Arena Tournament forums.

William asks…

My first junior tournament?

I just entered my very first tennis tournament. I am kinda nervous. I have never played tennis competively. I have a private coach and she told me that It was probably a good time to start doing tournaments. What should I expect? When will I know what time my tournament is? Advice?

admin answers:

I play tournaments pretty regularly and you have to really not worry that much about the outcome because you know you will win. Break the match down into pieces…very small pieces. This strategy has helped me build a 35-2 record, impressive for even myself. What I mean by this is don’t focus on winning, or worrying about losing for that matter, the match, instead don’t even focus on winning that set, or that game, but focus on winning that point, even that one shot. After time, those add up to games, sets, and hopefully the match. That is for the match itself but for tournaments in general, just show up at the club when it says the matches start, or a little earlier, and get yourself pumped for the game. The tournament director will call everyone together, let you know of any special rules (3rd set procedures, ads, 5th set procedures) tell you who you will be playing, direct you to your court, and finally give you tennis balls before letting you go down to the courts, warm-up, and get started. Nothing to worry about, relaxing helps a lot and I wish I could have my first tournament. Best of luck!

Betty asks…

What If you get far in tournament?

If you get past qualifier yugioh rounds of world tournament and are invited to play at the tournament, what rewards do you get?

admin answers:

Well at the tournament it depends on the prizes. At tournaments like ycs ive seen laptops and stuff. But thigs like regionals to qualify for nationals ive seen 100$ boxes of yugioh packs. At nationals i know the prize is bigger than the others since i believe you get to travel all expenses paid to where the tournament is. And for local tournaments like at a store usually give you either packs or store credit to buy more cards

Donald asks…

How do tennis tournaments work?

How do tennis tournaments work? For instance, how do we know who will compete in each tournament? Is one tournament more prestigous than another? If you lose a tournament can you play at another? (ie- can Henin play in Wimbledon if she lost at the Australian open?). How do you get tickets to a tournament? And can you get tickets to see a specific match or player ?

admin answers:

Attempt to answer these very broad questions:-

1) Tennis tournaments on the men’s (ATP) and women’s (WTA) tours are generally open to the top players in the world. Taking the men’s game as an example, there are four levels of tournaments, from most to least prestigious (in terms of ranking): Grand Slams, ATP 1000 Series, ATP 500 Series and ATP 250 Series.
Players earn points from the tournaments they enter, and win more for finishing in the later stages. Winning a Grand Slam earns 2000 points, an ATP 1000 Series tournament 1000 points and so on. The more points a player has, the higher his ranking against other players is and in turn the more prestigious the position they occupy in successive tournaments.
In Grand Slams, generally, the top 128 players in the world are considered. Exceptions are ‚wild-cards‘, which are issued by the tournament to people who are outside the top 128 but deemed worthy for other reasons (i.e. Past winners, been out for a while with injury) to enter. There are also ‚qualifier spots‘, where again people of lower rank than 128 can attempt to qualify (three matches against other qualifiers) for the Slam.
The other tournaments are more straightforward – simply the best players in the world get to compete on merit. Players have an element of choice in the ATP 500 and 250 series in where to compete, because several occur at the same time.
There is always a fixed number of positions available in every tournament, and these are filled with the better players being given priority.

2) Losing a tournament does not mean one cannot enter another – but if someone keep losing early on in tournaments then their ranking will fall, and eventually they will drop outside the top level of players who automatically qualify.

3) Henin is a special case. Because she retired in 2007, she returned this season with no ranking points at all. So to qualify for tournaments, she needed the aforementioned ‚Wild Cards‘. However, after appearing in a final, and possibly needing one more wild-card for the next tournament, she will have enough points to qualify for the tournaments on merit.

4) Tickets vary from tournament to tournament. Here in the UK, Eastbourne, Queen’s and Wimbledon are all done on ballots – you put your name down and apply but you are not guaranteed tickets. There is small scope for buying returned tickets online but these are so sought after that it is almost impossible. I cannot speak for other tournaments outside the UK but I believe tournaments in Australia are easier to get into than most places in the world.
Because there is an order of play for specific days in a tournament, you can never be as precise as getting a ticket to see a certain player. You simply get a ticket for play on a certain day, and can watch all the matches played on that day.

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