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Sandy asks…

What does i take to pass chemistry the chemistrycourss and physics?

Well I am trying to get ny pre reqs for physician assistants school and I have realized that I have chemistry and organic chemistry to pass with a high „b“ and physics as well.. never taken chemistry before or physics and I am in a&p 2 now passed a&p 1 with an 88 during the Summer at a community college. I am scared lol.. how do I pass those classes?

admin answers:

Jeez bro did you have to write like this? Anyways, passing is never a problem – it is all doable. Just listen to your lecturer and passing should never be a problem.

That’s about it!

David asks…

How long do six flags season passes last?

I am planning on getting one this sunday, Im just getting 1 season pass for myself, not any extreme season pass or whatever just a standard one at six flags over texas in arlington. I am wondering if it will last till the last day of 2011, or it will go through 2012 as well since 2011 is close to being over.

admin answers:

Since it’s so late in the „season“, Six Flags will now be selling 2012 passes, so it will be valid for the rest of this year plus all of next year. So it’s a good deal.

George asks…

Does a QB get negative passing yards for a receiver tackled behind the line of scrimmage?

A quarterback completes a pass to a receiver who catches the ball behind the line of scrimmage. The receiver then is tackled behind the line of scrimmage.
Does the quarterback get these lost yards subtracted from his total passing yards?

admin answers:

The quarterback will get negative passing yards and the receiver will get negative receiving yards….

Sharon asks…

What happens if you pass out during your glucose test?

I have a LONG history of passing out and then having seizure like symptoms when I do pass out. I have my 1 hour test tomorrow and if by chance I were to pass out would they send me to the hospital or try to treat me there?
With me and passing out the moment I feel it its too late. I always get like 3 words in before I do which warns but besides that there is no warning. Thank you for the answers!

admin answers:

If you start feeling like you’re going to pass out, tell them. Don’t wait until you do. If you tell them you feel like it, they will try and help you feel better there. If you do actually pass out, most places/doctors will call an ambulance, esp since you’re pregnant. They’d rather be on the safe side.

Jenny asks…

What is the probability that the student passes exactly one of the courses?

The probability that a student passes philosophy is 9/11 and the probability that a student passes math is 5/6. Assuming no dependence between passing or failing one course and passing or failing the other course, what is the probability that the student passes exactly one of the courses?

I already got the first part of the problem which was the probability of passing both courses: 5/6 x 9/11= 15/22

I’m just not sure about how get the answer to pass exactly one.

admin answers:

P[pass exactly one]
= P[pass philosophy] * P[fail math]
+ P[fail philosophy] * P[pass math]

= [9/11][1/6] + [2/11][5/6]
= 19/66

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