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Ken asks…

Where can me and friends play poker online?

Me and my friends chat over skype and we would like to play cards too. Are there any free non-download Texas Hold em sites that we could play on? We’d like to have a private room we could play together in. Is there anything like that?

Everywhere I’ve tried either requires money, you to download something, or has viruses.

admin answers:

Zynga .. Its free.. Even on iphone and ipad

Susan asks…

Where can I play play texas hold em for free against computer generated opponents and not real people?

It seems every site I try you have to play against real players, I prefer computer generated players.
Either download or play on line doesn’t matter as long as I don’t have to join a room with real players
I hope this isn’t too confusing

admin answers:

Go to Yahoo Games –> Cards –>Poker Superstars II. You play computer acting like the superstars. You can either play for free or get more functions and download (buy) the full feature one.


Mark asks…

Where do i find a free full version of governor of poker?

I have searched Everywhere and cannot find one. they say it is.. but you have to pay to download it. i dont want to do that.

admin answers:


1) download bitlord so that you can download this
2) install the game
3) enjoy! Its virus free cause i have the same one

Donna asks…

I want to learn how to play poker, should I learn online?

All my friends play poker, I feel like a big dummy because I don’t know how.

admin answers:

The premier training site is

If you wanna practice online for free i’d recommend pokerstars or fulltilt. Google either for the links to download. Both of these sites have very good play money facilities.

Laura asks…

Can I win money playing texas holdem?

Is there any non download free poker website that you don’t need to pay and you win money.

admin answers:

Http:// offers exactly this, free money!

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