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Mandy asks…

Atlantis Paradise Island Day Pass?

We are going on a cruise that is stopping in Nassau for the day. We have been there twice and stayed at the Atlanits and I am completely in love with it. The last time we were there was when they were building the new aquaventure water park. I want to go there so bad being in Nassau and not going there would be torture to me.

There is a tour on our cruise that takes you there and you have a tour and then you can use the facilites for a day. It is 159.00 per person. That is a lot for three people but I mean it is worth it. I don’t want to have to go on the tour though seeing as though we have stayed there twice.
I am also considering booking a room at the comfort suites for 225.00. I have heard that Atlantis now sells day passes where you can use the slides, pools, etc they used to just offer beach acess. So if anyone knows how much this costs and how to go about doing it I would appreciate your advice on what to do. Thanks so much!

admin answers:

Day Passes are sold in the casino at the center kiosk for $105pp and based on availability. No guarantee that they will be selling passes the day you arrive.

Go with booking a room.

Carol asks…

children passing away?

maybe my questions are stronger than my faith. today in out town is the funeral of a 6 yr old boy,he drowned in a dug out on the family farm. it has hit our small town hard. my question…..why does God take the children? why do they have to die?

admin answers:

A good question indeed. Why do children die? While asking, why are people born with major disabilities? Why do people constantly suffer in this planet? Why do bad things continue to happen, even though there is suppose to be a loving God?
This all depends on your faith. Biblically, God created Adam and Eve in perfection. No diseases, no suffering, etc. They lived in a paradise, with no worries about food and drink. They were told to multiply. So all the newborns afterwards should have enjoyed this fantastic way of life. Unfortunately, because of Satans lies, they disobeyed God, got kicked out of paradaise, would have to toil hard for their fruits, Eve’s childbearing pains would increase a hundred fold, and they would „die.“ This all came to be true for them. Sure they lived to about 900 years, but they did eventually die. From that point, all their offspring would be imperfect, and be subjected to all forms of misery.
Here we are today, far from perfect. Our world system is flawed causing great hunger and suffering. Most accidents can be avoided with proper education and direction, but since this is sometimes not practiced, accidents do happen. We still die.
The Bible though shows that death is the price we pay for our great sin. Death is also a deep sleep with no memories, no feelings, no concept of time. It’s not some netherworld of suffering or delight. In Revelations, God promises a great resurrection of pretty much all those who have died. This resurrection will be in much better conditions, and with new healthy bodies. We will then have 1000 years to reach that state of perfection that God wants. Then we will be tempted by Satan again. Some will follow Satan, even in the best of conditions, and will have to be destroyed for good. The rest will then live in eternity as God had wanted it to begin with.
So why go through all this trouble. Supposedly it’s to prove to all the angels and people that God’s way is the only way. Are we at the last days, I can’t really say. Time will tell.
Another theory is reincarnation. We came to these bodies to experience life in different ways. We die, then come back later, born again in a new life. Over and over again. Kind of like the movie „the Matrix,“ were life is like a dream. If you have an accident, get a disease, or are killed, you die and go back to home base, take a break, then come back again when you’re ready. Who’s to say what’s right.

Sharon asks…

Paradise fish or one betta for a 10 gallon? More info on paradise fish please!?

I have been thinking about setting up a 10 gallon next semester. I have read and been told here that paradise fish are hardier then bettas, but I worry they would be much harder to find and may not be happy in a small tank. Paradise fish do look interesting though.

I will be moving the tank 4 times a year for 1 month over the winter and a couple of months over the summer. I will also have a week long spring break, which I may or may not be able to feed them over.

Which would be easier? Is the paradise fish an option?

I keep finding different things on paradise fish sites, do you have any good ones?

admin answers:

Heya! Perfect question as i have had bettas in the passed and currently own two female paradises. The differences i noticed were that my paradises are much more hardy and confident fish than the betta. Yet you have a smaller tank so a betta may better be suited. Ill give you the ups and downs which i can see with this situation. Your Betta if you choose that, is going to be happy in the tank as it will have more than enough room to go about its business. And i think they are generally easier to keep than paradises so thats a plus. The only problem is Bettas are much more sensative than paradises and moving them about alot is gonna freak it out. I find that my paradises are extremely chilled as far as fish go, e.g i feed them by hand and wen im cleaning the tank or moving water they dont care they will happily go about as if im not there. My betta hid in the corner and didnt live very long? Paradises like to have a bit of room and a few tank mates. Bettas like to be alone. I think in the long run you’ll get more from a paradise but the size of ur tank is concerning (they are fin nippers by the way dont mix them with guppys) but your betta will give you less hassel if you can resist adding tank mates. So theres ups and downs on both sides. And last point. Ive found paradises to be a common and cheap fish to buy.

Jenny asks…

Paradise Kiss?

Alright, just started reading Paradise Kiss and I was wondering if anyone could explain it to me.

admin answers:

A book about fashion designers just didn’t sound interesting enough to grab my attention in the sea of new series being unleased on the market, and then several of the books in the series briefly went out of print. Now that TokyoPop is bringing new printings of the series to out, I decided to give it another try and it turns out everyone else was right: I should have been reading this ages ago.

Yukari’s a typical Japanese student, studying to pass the entrance exams to a high-class college. Then she runs into four students from the fashion department of Yazawa Arts, and they have an offer for her to become a model for their new clothing line. At first Yukari does everything in her power to say no, but the allure of the „Paradise Kiss“ clothes is there… Or is it the allure of one of the designers? Perhaps a bit of both?

The first volume of Paradise Kiss has one of the most realistic „transformation“ scenes I’ve read in quite a while, there’s no doubt about that. Yukari’s the sort of person in the first chapter who wouldn’t give the members of Paradise Kiss the time of day, but it’s very much to Ai Yazawa’s credit that she was not only able to make Yukari sticking around believable, but that she’s able to take Yukari through such an eye opening set of events so effortlessly. What could have felt forced and trite as Yukari begins to get to know the four designers instead just comes across naturally, with events driven by the characters themselves and unfolding in a simple and naturalistic way. Yazawa writes a lot about love and desire and emotion in Paradise Kiss, and she does so perfectly. By the end of the first volume, Yukari’s in a very different place and I found myself really happy to see it, as well as dying to read the next installment.
Yazawa’s art is a very delicate, graceful creation. It uses very thin, almost microscopic lines to carefully create the characters, using as little ink as possible to piece the features together. It’s a beautiful look, and one that’s different from the majority of books coming across the sea from Japan these days. There are places where you feel almost like you’re catching just brief glimpses of these characters as they pause for a split second, letting the viewer catch them, before drifting away and out of sight. It’s strange because in other hands this sort of approach could have made the characters look stiff and posed, but there’s always a sense of motion and movement in Yazawa’s art. And of course, Paradise Kiss is a book about style, and that’s definitely on display here. From foppish jacket sleeves to elaborate braided hair, everything is designed to look special and unique. I don’t know if Yazawa merely used a lot of fashion reference material to create the look of Paradise Kiss or if it all came out of her head, but either way the characters really do look like they belong in the fashion industry, keeping the credibility of the story alive.

This is a really nice series, and I’m now understanding why there was so much talk about it. It’s not really at all what one would expect, with a book about fashion designers really being about desire and what one wants to do versus what one should do. With the plot advancing so quickly in just one volume, I really am eager to see just what will happen in volumes two through five. Don’t make the same mistake I did and miss out on Paradise Kiss a second time.

Sandy asks…

Burnout Paradise Party Pack?

I heard that this added offline multiplayer. Does it include split-screen or is it just „pass the controller“ modes?

admin answers:

It is pass the controller, can be ALOT of fun.

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