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John asks…

What happened to MVP in wwe, and will he return?

i just started watching wrestling again, but i saw highlights and he seems like he finally got popular. but when i watched, hes gone. can someone tell me why he left, and if he’ll ever be coming back.

admin answers:

MVP wasn’t being pushed. The WWE Booking Team had MVP lose matches and make his opponents look good. MVP got tired of that and asked for his release and WWE granted it. MVP wrestles for New Japan Pro Wrestling and is very happy there. New Japan Pro Wrestling ran shows in The United States in Rahway, New Jersey, New York, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and MVP won a 3-Day Tournament and became the first IWGP Intercontinental Champion. He has since lost that champinship but has wrestled for The IWGP World Heavyweight Title and The IWGP World Junior Heavyweight Title. MVP is under Contract to New Japan Pro Wrestling and has wrestled at some Independent Wrestling Shows in The United States. MVP has not ruled out someday signing a new Contract with WWE, but not anytime soon. He is happy with New Japan Pro Wrestling. That’s what he told me the last time I talked to him.

Robert asks…

Should WWE bring back the King of the Ring as a regular PPV?

BQ: Who is the best King of the Ring Ever?

admin answers:

Of course, without a doubt they should. The King of the Ring PPV was a ppv that for most of it’s years didn’t involve the big main event stars…and simply involved wrestlers that were in the mid-card to the upper mid card, and the winner would usually become World Champion at some point down the line.

The King of the Ring was used as a way to push those mid carders up to the main event level. It was a great PPV when they did the tournament all in one night, then they did it through RAW shows and just had the sem finals and the finals on the PPV…either way it was great to me. You got to see lots of great wrestling matches in those tournaments.

Today there would be wrestlers like John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Jack Swagger, The Miz…you would have those that aren’t exactly in the main event in the tournament, and the winner usually went on to become a major star. I would love for the King of the Ring to be back, we would get some great matches considering WWE has a very good mid-card.

BQ: To me it’s either Bret Hart or Stonecold. Bret Hart is one of the best wrestlers ever, and Stonecold is arguably the biggest star in wrestling ever. Both of them benefitted from being King of the Ring…I would say Austin benefitted the most though, I would pick him as the best King of the Ring ever. Plus he’s my favorite of all time…so a little bit of biased is in that pick.

Mandy asks…

How do they choose the all-tournament team at the JO Nationals for volleyball?

admin answers:

There is an all-tournament committee that selects individual players.

Basically, the committee makes selections with input from coaches, college scouts, and referees.

Players are honored for…
-court leadership
-demonstration of good sportsmanship
-general attitude and conduct both on and off the court
-basic skills and all-around ability

Those selected shall come primarily from “Gold Flight” teams.

The MVP may or may not be selected from the first place team.

All-Tournament and Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards will be given in divisions: 18, 17, 16, 15, Open, National and American divisions.

Fourteen players in each division will be named to the All-Tournament Team. In addition, a MVP will be awarded. Team selection is made without regard to player position.

Any player who has received behavioral sanctions from a referee, the Event Arbitrator or other USA Volleyball authorities during the current JOVC event WILL NOT be considered for All-Tournament Team selection.

Donald asks…

Who is the all time best basketball player?

i used to think MJ
but now I have to give Shaq and Lebron some props
whatta you think?

admin answers:

-2 NCAA consecutive championships (leading his college team to a 55 game undefeated winning streak including winning consecutive NCAA championships his junior and senior years with the team’s regular season leading scorer on the team suspended from the NCAA tournament including the team’s leading scorer also suspended for the Final Four his senior year)
-1 Gold Medal in basketball in the Summer Olympics
-11 NBA championships including 8 consecutive NBA championships which by far is a record never approached before or will ever be approached again

14 major championships in a 14 year period

-5 NBA MVP awards

Not bad for a 13 year NBA career.

One of just two NBA players in NBA history to win a NCAA championship in his last year in college and then to win a NBA championship his rookie year in the NBA and be named the NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

It is hard to argue with success.

I would call Bill Russell’s NBA record of 11 NBA championships including 8 NBA championships in a row along with his two NCAA championships his junior and senior years in college to be the best player in the history of basketball.

These 11 NBA championships Bill Russell champ9ionship teams were won during the primes of such players as center Wilt Chamberlain (4 MVPs) where Russell had 7 playoff series victories for Russell versus 1 playoff series loss against Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor (the protype for Dr J and Michael Jordan) where Russell had a 7 playoff series victories versus no playoff series losses against Elgin Baylor(Elgin Baylor has the NBA Finals scoring record for a game with 61 points, and Elgin Baylor has the highest NBA Finals scoring average in both a NBA Finals and in any NBA seven game playoff series with a scoring average of 40.6 points per game in a seven game NBA Finals series), Jerry „Mr. Clutch“ West where Russell had a 6 playoff series victories versus no playoff series losses against Jerry West (5 Elgin Baylor/Jerry West and 1 Wilt Chamberlain/Jerry West), and forward/center Bob Pettit (12 time All NBA team in Pettit’s 12 NBA season career, 2 MVPs) where Russell had 3 playoff series victories against one playoff series loss against Pettit. All 11 of Bill Russell’s NBA chamionships went through in their primes either center Wilt Chamberlain, forward Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, and forward/center Bob Pettit in either the Division Finals (now called Conference Finals) or the NBA Finals not to mention Bill Russell’s 3 playoff series victories with no playoff series losses over Oscar Robertson (1 NBA MVP) and Robertson’s teammate in center Jerry Lucas and Bill Russell’s 2 playoff series victories with no playoff series losses over center Willis Reed and including Russell’s 6 playoff series victories against the Lakers led Elgin Baylor and Jerry West with no playoff series losses and Russell’s 1 playoff series victory against the Lakers led Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West. Bill Russell only played center Wes Unseld in the regular season and never met him in the playoffs.

Bill Russell’s 5 NBA regular season MVP awards were won during the primes of the careers of center Wilt Chamberlain’s 4 MVP awards, forward/center Bob Petit’s 2 MVP awards, Oscar Robertson’s 1 MVP award, center Wes Unseld’s 1 MVP award, and center Willis Reed’s 1 MVP award.

Bill Russell’s 11 NBA rings and 2 NCAA championships

Bill Russell’s 11 NBA rings were won during the primes of NBA centers in the Hall of Fame including center Wilt Chamberlain, center Willis Reed, center Wes Unseld, forward/center Bob Pettit, center Zelmo Beatty, center Nate Thurmond, and center Jerry Lucas along with winning during the primes of Hall of Famers in Elgin Baylor and Jerry West and Oscar Robertson just to name a few.

Steven asks…

What are some good platformer games for nes/gba/gb/gbc/snes?

My favorite types of games are the ones that are just raw run and jump style games like the mario games and the donkey kong country/land series. I don’t really like games like metal slug and megaman where it’s more about shooting/fighting. I’m kinda looking for some lesser known titles since I’ve played pretty much all of the popular ones. What are some good ones?

admin answers:

Maybe you can try these games

Twilight Wars
Twilight Wars is a multiplayer online combat shooting game which interweaves countless epic battles. Choose your camp‘ strengthen your convictions‘ stand by your comrades in battle‘ and leave blood and glory on the battlefield.

Uber Strike
In this virtual world skill and speed is everything. Players must kill or splat as many opponents as possible in an intense shooting competition. Jump off high-rising platforms, swim, run, and hide to prevent others from taking you out. Chat with friends. Participate in clan tournaments. Customize your character with a wide variety of weapons and protective gear. Join the list of MVP shooters in UberStrike.

Paradise Painball 3D
Paradise Paintball 3D is a fast paced multiplayer FPS which mixes all the fun of paintball with counter-strike style shooter action. In single player mode, and before players join your game, targets will pop up around you, try to shoot them as quickly as possible – beware it gets harder as time progresses.

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